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  1. Congrats, to LucyandRickie on 3800!
  2. Oh that Lily Pad! From WD to another WD Congrats on 1K!! []
  3. But Ms. WD, what if your good buddy MGTS comes too? I found the perfect pair of shoes for her! Yeah, she would love those. AND she is not my good buddie. She just likes to follow me around for some reason. I hope she doesn't come, she gets on my nerves. Actually... I kind of like those shoes myself!
  4. The reason we chose Ramada because they had a Microwave and Fridge in the room. On our recent trip to Wenatchee that came in handy. Always cold beer and pop at night and cold milk in the morning for cereal. It was also alot easier to make sandwiches for the day. If staying an extra day we just popped dinner in the mircowave. Mr. WD likes the Wi-Fi.... he stays up all night playing with the laptop. I have to drag him out of bed in the morning! I can't wait, this is going to be fun!
  5. Too funny! That's a cute idea Crminal. Maybe I can find a 50% off table on bunny ears since Easter is over! Yeah... man's (and woman's) best friends....DOGS and BEER
  6. testing quote another test!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ramada Inn. They have WiFi and wienerdogs are welcome!
  8. 9:00 AM???? Where's the nearest Starbucks? I am usually tucked away at 9:00 AM! Ms. WD! Is BHMP bringing Latte's from Cafe Lavro? It's Sight - Oh!
  9. Thanks for pointing that out Allanon. I didn't go through all the posts. Well, it's suppose to be sunny and 62 degrees Sat. The cars can heat up quite quickly even at those temps. Unless there is some shady place to park.
  10. Not sure if we can make this.... but have been thinking about it. Then today I was looking at the cache attributes and it says "NO DOGS"! Is this a fact or is there something I did not see?
  11. I have been a bad girl! I have not been paying attention to my Caching-Bud Prying Pandora's milestones. I was with her on 2000. But didn't recognize a couple more, so therefore I didn't post a congrats. Nobody EVER knew. Poor thing! So: Congrats on 2100 Prying Pandora! Congrats on 2200 Prying Pandora! AND just to make sure I don't forget..... Congrats on 2299 yesterday Prying Pandora!
  12. Why a newbie? Not that there is anything wrong with the new cachers by far. I just don't understand where she is coming from. Some of us would gladly talk to her. Like my good friend Lucy . Just kidding sweetie! Seeing if you are paying attention to the forums? I guess I can expect a noogie for this statement!
  13. Cool... I know you must be a local. I have no idea who you are, but maybe that is best! It will be fun to wonder and guess! Thanks for helping us out!
  14. See Prying Pandora's log a few posts above this. It's down South but that seems to be the most organized event for this weekend. We live up North... not to far to go for this event!
  15. Things happen to fast to keep up... 1.6kc to you hydnsek!!
  16. 2kc (kilocongrats) K-7 on two thousand! All the MS numbers are fun but 2K is just a little more fun!
  17. Oh dear! Well you know I (Ms. Wienerdog) have been around for awhile. Geocaching is constantly evolving. There are so many different personalities. I am not pretending to be a saint. I have been angry at people in the past and spouted out bad things on the forums. I try to remain calm and have been a good girl for a few years! But just a few weeks ago I let it out on someone and had to make apologies. I should know better. A couple of you always sign off in "peace". I think that word is so powerful. I guess seeing all the changes in geocaching I (and my husband too) just try to go with the flow. Yes there are some obscure personalities out there, but so what! Doesn't that make life more colorful? But we must try not to degrade them in any way. Yes, I have met most of the TUS group. I can call them by their first names! They are really a nice bunch of people. I have had to turn to them for help with some of their puzzle caches and I have to say they respond instantly and with friendliness and help. They want you to find their caches. And the ones I've met are downright sweet! I can't see them doing anything physically abusive to a person or their property. They are just trying to have fun! Shark, oh my! You know Mr. WD and I like you. You have fixed up our caches and have come up with some great ideas for us. We still must get together with your "Dog" idea. I never liked the silliness a couple years ago when people were critisizing you for your grammer. I thought it was so funny when you came back with that Grammer Cache! We could give a crap how you spell or write. You are a hard working man and dedicated father. You try your best to put out caches for us to find and enjoy. And we will keep looking for those. I just hate to see this division. It's just a darn waste of time and energy. I'm not trying to be a saint here. Those that know me would say... 'We know you can never be a saint Ms. WD, whatcha you talkin about girl?!" I guess since we are so into geocaching, we may live in a dream world of everyone getting along. But you know.. if we try to (maybe some of can't unerstand each other) BUT we can accept each other for our shortcomings!!! Then things will go much smoother. Let's just all grow up and go out and find some caches. Alright already!!!???? PS. My writing this will probably be overlooked if all of you choose to bitch and fight with one another. If that's the case .....so be it! We are still going to look for your caches, dang it!
  18. Beautiful Easter avatar Pandora. Just lovely. Congrats. H.C. on 2400. You know... I have been feeling bad because the day you hit 2000 I started to post my congrats. but the Groundspeak went into shutdown mode at that time. My congrats never got recorded. After the message I thought I would go back and try later. Then you know how it goes... the hours slip by. So I just want to post my congrats for that milestone here. That was quite a feat! Also L, don't know when I'm going to see you next... but I grabbed your certificate for those yummy cookes out of Contraband Cache yesterday!
  19. Wow SO many milestones! Congrats Tolemaus and Grossi! D and M!
  20. Basically, I have no time in my life for GCing anymore. JCAR was right. AD So what was it that "jcar was right about"?
  21. Conrats. to BHMP and Schulesjoe on their recent milestones!
  22. Thanks everyone! But let's not forget our best buds Lucyand rickie who reached 3700 in some far off place! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo!
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