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  1. Yes there are lots of big dams but there are also lots of active volcanoes in the northwest and we have already had the most dangerous one on the last Geocoin. Is the point to represent both sides of the State or promote tourism?
  2. What mapping software do you have loaded? As I recall the accuracy circle is linked to the mapping software that is loaded in the unit. The base map is not very accurate and the circle is large to reflect this inaccuracy. With MG or CS loaded the unit should respond the way you think it should.
  3. Grand Coulee yes. It is without question a Washington State icon. St Helens, on the other hand, is more of a Northwest phenomenon. Also, without the Grand Coulee Dam, much of Eastern Washington would not be the productive land that it is and the light bills for Western WA would be twice what they are now. St Helens is interesting post card stuff but the Grand Coulee is important as well as interesting.
  4. It's FIND > WAYPOINTS > MENU > DELETE > Delete Options
  5. LOL...when I was married, and before she passed, we used to catch our WD sleeping like this all the time. We'd wake up in the morning to find her between us with her head on one of our pillows... As for your illness, and your mom's worrying...I'm glad both of you are better now. I hope to meet you all someday. BTW, Hi from one of the new kids. Oh gosh! Are they all alike? We can move Chloe to one side of the bed but she always ends up between us in the morning. AND YES, with her head on a pillow! Mr. WD thinks that Chloe thinks she isn't a dog! I would love to meet you too someday Allonon. Some say you are the "new kid on the block". Which block do you live on? We are North Seattle.
  6. Thanks Everyone! Yes Cathy, I gave her the belly rub. Actually... she tends to rollover on her back in the morning so I can do just that. That is if I can reach under the tons of blankets she's hiding under!
  7. TOO CUTE SCOOTER! I think you Mama loves ya!
  8. Congrats GG! I haven't met you yet G.G. I hope our paths cross someday! Congrats to you! That's alot of caching
  9. What about the Space Needle and Grand Coulee dam. Two very significant East West landmarks.
  10. So Mr. WD (MR) is still caching away. I'm still cold. What else is new? Can't you see my avatar? All snuggled in my bed. For those of you that don't know.... I (Chloe, the real WD) had a bout with a cancerous tumor this winter. They removed it and I still have a clean bill of health! My poor Mom (Mrs. WD) about lost her mind while I was sick So I just knew I had to get better! Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts sent our way! Spring caching ahead!
  11. You're definitely looking for me... Wo is allanon?
  12. Where are all the GREAT SEATTLE CACHERS these days?
  13. DNF? I thought it was found....
  14. Yes. Leave the logs as they are. It’s the puzzle that makes it a cool cache and the added clue pretty much renders the distance issue a moot point.
  15. I am still a little puzzled here. If you have to solve the puzzle to get the final coords in the first place how would a suggested adjustment to the puzzle answer constitute a spoiler? Suggested adjustments are given all the time and in this case it was only a distance and direction. What am I missing? BTW that is a neat puzzle!
  16. The cache coords are now in the park. This morning they were in a backyard.
  17. What the heck is this all about??????
  18. Woof... a lot of odometers clicked over today! Congrats to all from Chloe the Wienerdog and her domestics!!
  19. Congrats on another high seas adventure and 2200 L&R!
  20. Nice going John!!! Congrats on 2K
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