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  1. Hey LB and Pepper! Have fun girls. Looking forward to seeing Pepper soon! It sounds like it's cool down there....but is the sun shining? Will we see LB with a nice Christmas tan? Edit: I can't spell tonight. Too much Christmas shopping today!
  2. Very nice avatar! We should change ours. It's been the same since we started. But dang... that's how Chloe looks every morning.... all snuggled in the covers BETWEEN us! PS. I hope there will be another event this summer so we can enjoy your pleasant company again!
  3. Hi Team Noltex! Gosh... you guys know first hand about some of the more difficult puzzles on Anderson Island. Have any of ever checked out Sir2u's puzles there? What mind-benders! It took me days and days to get through those!
  4. Team Maccabbee... See my post on the Greater Seattle Cachers thread. It was a lovely cache with a lot of information I didn't know about the "Jewish Holiday" Thanks again for the help and the cache! Now there are two T-Bugs in there so you people better get out and grab them! Donna WD PS. The puzzle was great. Not any more difficult that the ones I was working this week. You were so kind to give direction.s Once I had some hints.. I had fun finding those final coords. Hey... you can't help it if you are smart and can put together a good puzzle!
  5. Team Maccabee.. We truly enjoyed doing this cache today: Northend Jewish Holiday Cache Happy Hanukka! Thanks for the puzzle and the hide!
  6. OH MAN That's snow Angel stuff. (Unless, of course, like my back yard, there are doggie mines everywhere ) Well my back has a clean pool as of today! I can say for sure there is no pretty white stuff in my neck of woods. Pepper Gads.. I've love to be swimmin right now. My backs killing me from sitting in the house. Watching my grandson all day, then trying to work all these puzzle caches the TUS gang has put out! Plus trying to design circuit boards. Am I over my limit??? My brain cells hurt! Now there must be a frog emoticon that's swimmin. Is your pool warm Pepper? I need a vacation!
  7. Hey Texas! You are so lucky to have one of your natives return. Pepper spent some time up here in Washington State and I must say she was one of the greatest assets to geocaching that we had seen in a long time! We sure do miss her. I don't think she will be returning soon. What a loss! Have a good time Pepper... and remember... we love and miss you greatly!
  8. yumitori! We haven't seen you in ages! Where have you been? Still in Montana I guess! Are you going to try to make it to the B'Ham cache machine?
  9. I was out shopping today and just happened to drive by the final for Miss Doc Nellie's cache Unmarried Numbers. Guess who I spotted???????? I know that was you Nellie! Ms. WD
  10. We CAN'T forget you Pepper! Congrats from Ms WD! Looking forward to January!
  11. Of course we do! We love Laurie! Congrats to you!
  12. Oops! dup post. MR WD beat me to it!
  13. Hey, congrats to Jcar and Grossi on 900 at night and to Pepper and BHMP on 3K and 400. The numbers are really flying by.
  14. Nolantor the Roam-in-ator! We always look forward to your caches. They take so long that it is a good excuse to stop and have lunch with each other to see what hints we may extract! That place in the "U" district wasn't so bad. Where will we meet in 'Downtown Seattle'???
  15. I'm lookin sat the date on this one Nollie!
  16. Hey.... we are getting diizzy! Every time we try to find this cache... it is.... excuse me while I lay on the ground for a minute.............. There..... disabled. Tube Dizzy
  17. So Pandora my friend............. Where have you hid those fancy ammo. boxes you recently painted?
  18. well hello all you Greater Seattle Cachers, it's been awhile. We have enjoyed the tremendous amount of caches placed the past year. The puzzles... tubulars.... evil hides... urban mircos.... you name it. Geocaching continues to expand and there is something in it for everyone. We have had a blast this year... and Chloe the WD, is strong and healthy. She continues her pursuit to sniff out hides. Actually I think she now gets the scent of other geocachers. Humm.. it's a dog's world!
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