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  1. Can a non-premium member find a personal lab cache?
  2. That's a great way to do it! I found an awesome series like that (Star Trek) where there were 8 Traditional Caches and each contained a card with a ship and a number. After you found them all you answered the questions to match the numbers with letters to get the final coords. Check it out here: http://coord.info/GC39DF2
  3. You activate it just as you would any other Trackable, but there actually isn't a way to prevent people from grabbing it. When people see it they will just log it as "Discovered". If you want to document the location, log a visit to each cache you find. The person who sees it won't be able to though. Hope this helps.
  4. Yeah, the person who logged it made their account yesterday and hasn't logged any caches. It's possible, but...
  5. Since my great drawing fell one page behind I bring it to the front again, so everybody can see it again Your personal Team Yanagi geocoin? EDIT: scificollector beat me to it by a minute! LOL
  6. Your profile says you've never logged a cache....?
  7. Also, what's the maximum cache limit? Right now I have 500 to it and it seems fine. Is this ok?
  8. Hi! I'd be interested to hear how you've got on with your new purchase! Thanks We just bought a third because the price was so good.....I've used a ton of GPS and IPhones in the field and it just doesn't get any better than the 62S. Do you use a screen protector? I got a 62stc for Christmas, and I've read that the screen scratches easy. Is this true? So far I have been blown away! I found a cache the first time using it yesterday. It was much better than a Delorme PN-30 or an iPad 2.
  9. Will there be a souvenir for the 5,000th day for a cache find/event attended?
  10. Welcome! Do you have the Into App (Free) or the Regular App (10$)? There should be a way to log a "Did Not Find" (DNF for short) by changing the log option. Also, you could try going to the official website (www.geocaching.com) and logging it there.
  11. The FTF isn't restricted to PM's, but the Notifications make it easier. If you REALLY want to get an FTF, just do a cache search when you wake up every morning and look for the new ones, like I used to do.
  12. Also take a look here for a more detailed explanation: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=184
  13. Yes, there is! It's only available to premium members. Take a look at this page: http://www.geocaching.com/about/premium.aspx#anchorNotify
  14. Lemonade Mix container, Duck Tape (Shaped to hold log), Empty Glue Stick container (Made to look like a snail on the outside).
  15. What browser are you using? If it's IE 7 or lower, Geocaching.com no longer supports it. Try updating to IE 11 or using a different browser.
  16. Okay, another question - if I were to get the 62s With City Navigator and Topo US 100k, can you combine (layer?) the two maps to put on the unit?
  17. Thanks! I haven't ordered one, but I am interested. It seems like a lot of people like theirs on here.
  18. In your opinion, Is the basemap on the 62s good enough to use for caching/hiking/navigating? Or would it be better to get Topo maps along with it?
  19. What version of Internet Explorer are you using? If it's IE 7, Geocaching.com no longer supports it:
  20. Maybe you could write a note on the cache page saying something like: Please don't attempt this cache after dark.
  21. Here's another, in Groundspeak colors.
  22. Here is one of mine, more coming: The half circle could be plain metal.
  23. I just use GIMP. I take an existing icon, black out the artwork in the middle (leaving the rounded corners), and draw my own artwork in the middle. Thanks! Idea coming up....
  24. Quick question - is there a special program for making those Attribute ideas or do you just use something like Microsoft paint? I have an idea for the wifi one.
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