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  1. ah I see they where yours Slightly out of my comfort range, so I didn't bother or I would have gone for them last night I also had cache maintenance and setting to do today and tomorrow and not an infinite fuel budget. I did wonder if you were talking about the same ones when you opened the thread yesterday I know what you mean about the fuel budget, gotta keep it in perspective! Im sure I will do a day trip in your direction sometime soon. Need to clear up all the Gowenhouse ones near me first. lol. Mark
  2. uh oh I 've been busted. So has it helped you go out and get FTF on the three of them today? Mark
  3. I think my record is 8. But then I dont rush, plenty of other stuff to see as you walk along.
  4. We are still waiting! Is it going to be release soon?
  5. Ive had 3 tb's on the go unfortunately the first released was kidnapped to the US and never put in a cache over there. The second wanted to travel from Bristol the Birmingham, its been to Cornwall, sat in a cache for 5 months and is now on its way back, thanks very much to Plymplodders for moving it back on so far. My final TB is making its way up north, steadily and slowly. Might have to release another 2 shortly.
  6. Total of 185, excluding my 3. Of the 185, 34 are Gowenhouse caches, and 20 are Wombles. Ive done 120 of these in 10 months, leaving 65 to be done in 2006 with a couple of day trips, weekends away and a trip to Norway planned so plenty to be getting on with! Might even venture across the water to Wales.
  7. Thanks Guys, plenty of ideas there. Mark
  8. Does anybody know the best place to get some small magnets to fit inside a 35 mm film cannister? Im planning a micro cache. Thanks very much Mark
  9. There are some additional notes added now on the sale page, as follows On 29-Dec-05 at 23:10:35 GMT, seller added the following information: As i have said in my description i purchased these at a car boot sale, therefore are my property to sell. I have no personal interest in geocaching so who ever wants to buy them can bid. I do not know any further details on these items. please bid.
  10. Just off the M4/M5 Interchange is Savages Wood (GCRGDZ) in Bradley Stoke. Very easy to find, just park at Tescos on Bradley Stoke Way and its the otherside between Bradley Stoke Road and the M5. Mark
  11. Don't tell your friend when you are placing a cache, that way they will get a genuine FTF. I have a couple of good friends in Edinburgh, but we never tell each other when a new cache is being done, so that any of us have the opportunity to get the FTF. I think I might try this appraoch in the new year. Thanks!
  12. Most of the caches I do involve a round trip of 30 miles or so, therefore usually I go caching with a mate and we make a day of it and try to clear 6-10 all at once. When hes not about Ive got a few DNF straglers that pop up or become re-enabled in the local area to keep me busy. Mark
  13. I think I know what caches your referring too here. I go caching on a regular basis with a mate, we did discuss being FTFs on each others caches to check co-ords etc but ended up agreeing it looks suspicious to everybody else and also its part of the overall game to be FTF. So we have an agreement that after a few others have visited we can visit each others caches and double check co-ords, clues etc. What I found most irritating recently was a number of caches were placed in close proximity all including Geocoins. Instead of the FTF person doing a geocoin swap between the caches (and thus leaving one or two for the next person) him and his mate took the lot, leaving all the caches clean of coins on day one. Mark
  14. Highlights? Discovering Caching Discovering a caching buddy Placing my own cache and not getting the co-ords wrong 100 caches since March Lowlights? The loss of Slam Patrol TB Doing Tomb Raider Returns (GCNXKJ), in jeans on the hottest day of the year and spending 20 mins sat in a beautiful village with the diesel running to give us air con! Not quite cleared all caches from Bristol or Bath. (hmm 5 days left... I wonder!)
  15. I thnk we are having two conversations here, my pictures refer to Lenas' toy box, if you want to go and visit that then best of luck (its a stinker) however the white jeep wasnt in that and I believe that Dr Scotland has it in his possession at the moment following a successful visit to a cache in Wick earlier today.
  16. Its in a really close cache to my house, one Ive already visited but I cant get out of work until the weekend when it will be long gone. ahhhhhhh! MIght have to do my first night cache.
  17. I gave up looking for micros and multis at first, just did traditional caches to get confidence & understand where caches are typically hidden. Keep going you will soon walk to a cache site and go straight to where you would hide a cache and probably find it. Mark
  18. Ive just set up a glow in the dark cache (GCR25H) and when considering what to stock in it for a brief moment I did consider glow in the dark condoms. However I did decide better of it seeing as the visitors were likely to be with children.
  19. Hi Guys, Thanks very much for your replies, I'll have a look at the metroguide. Much appreciated. Mark
  20. Im fairly new to this forum so Im sorry if this question has already been raised and answered previously but Im having a problem with my Legend base maps. Ive noticed that when Im travelling down motorways my GPS track is always about 50m out from the base map, it looks like Im travelling in the field next to the motorway rather than the road itself. Also I went caching alongside the river Avon some week ago and according to my GPS I was walking in the middle of the river the whole afternoon. Features I manually upload or insert appear to be in the right place, like cache boxes because the co-ords are always very close but its the base map that seems to be 'out'. I cant seem to find anyway of uploading a new base map or fixes / updates to my GPS. Can anybody advise on how I can correct this problem please. Thanks. Mark
  21. Glad you pointed that one out, it was on my hit list for this year, wouldnt have given the co-ords a second look until I was on route with my co driver, as its so close to me.
  22. I dont think this has been mentioned yet, apologies if it has but Ive also found baby wet wipes very useful if you find a particularly mucky cache and need to clean your hands before eating something! Also how long would you reasonably expect a muggled cache to remain disabled whilst the owners replace the box? 3 months, 6 months?
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