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  1. Oh yes, well worth a weekend visit, although I doubt you will have enough time to do all the local caches, some good cache setters as well in that area, Blorenges, Flying Boots immediately come to mind. I can recommend Wye Valley Ghost Train as my favourite. Now where shall I go this weekend ......
  2. In my opinion you need to follow the same rules and regulations as you do for normal activities there should be no problem. Common sense prevails where if your doing a cache that could also be a hike, you include all the safety activities you would for a hike. Similarly with caches near water and urban caches. If your asked to do some caching outside of the programme, for example, then you may have to open up the invite to the whole troop and also another leader or two to support. I wouldnt go alone with one or a few scouts. I would support a page on the scoutbase website with basic information etc. Also I think its a little bit easier with Explorer scouts rather than younger scouts.
  3. Im sorry to say that myself and Hugh Jampton searched thoroughly for this one at the back end of 05 and nobody had found the cache or the bug since. Hadescavemans' caches were very well hidden and it is possible that this cache and bug are still there. Have you spoken to him about whether he went out and collected this cache after it was archived it?
  4. This same thing happened a few months ago for 2 or 3 days as well.
  5. About time! Theyve been hanging around the 291 mark for months now. Wel Done Kevin and family, 400 by Xmas?
  6. It would be good if you pulled up the map and it showed the additionals and parking areas etc all on the same map, certainly would make it easier with planning.
  7. Congrats from me as well, it was really nice to do the event cache with you. I will be in touch shortly so we can go caching on a future Sunday (Im currently up to my eyeballs in anagrams ) Mark
  8. Ive been back to Everything and Anything (GCHJP2) 4 times! Its a lovely place.
  9. OH! well Done VK, Damsel and not forgetting the hounds.
  10. Is there something wrong my end, or is the site down at the moment? I cant see to get it to display any of the stats from any months.
  11. As one of the last visitors to attempt a number of this cachers' caches IMO the action taken by admin was justified, the cacher brought on the admin action to archive by posting and accusing another cacher in public by name and not replying to a request for further information. The particular cache that caused the problem I checked with the cacher that the cache was in place before visiting and separately emailed him afterwards to explain where I searched. I never had the courtesy of a reply for the second email. Looking at the bigger picture we are all responsible for maintaining our caches, and the majority of us do without question but in this case almost all the caches owned by this owner had reported problems on logs, from missing caches, water logged, & coordinates way off, all which were left unmaintained for many months afterwards. Its shame because some of the caches were in cracking places.
  12. My icon is now showing! Thanks for your hard work on this Dave. Mark
  13. Ive also noticed on two separate occasions in the last week that Ive not had email alerts for caches on my watchlist and 2 have not arrived since logged 'found' 3rd June for two of my own caches. Anybody else noticed this?
  14. I agree with Dave Womble and SP, as a previous visitor to this superb cache it would be a shame to see it archived after one muggling attempt. I would put something back in its place, maybe a simple tupperware container and consider alternatives if it was muggled again. One of mine was muggled earlier this week, luckily the whole thing was unopened and thrown 20 foot away from the cache placement, a kind cacher found it and replaced it for me. I think if its gets muggled again I will consider an alternative placement - or maybe switching it into a micro with final coordinates in it for the main cache - which I would hide somewhere more remote. Cheers Mark
  15. Its a right birch I searched for a cache yesterday - GPS was recording me 0-212 feet away when I was standing still, had to look for that pile of cacher twigs or rocks.
  16. Good Grief, thats quite a selection! Within 10 pages - 6 coins, 1 of which is resident in a 5/5 night cache with two other coins, one is in a virtual ready for an caching event, leaving 2 to be easily picked up. A single yellow jeep was picked up yesterday and there are no other jeeps in the area. Mark
  17. Do you have a really good example of a cache with waypoints added so we can all see how to do this in the best way?
  18. I agree with qichina on this. I tend to only take when I have a suitable replacement, so I dont leave the cache empty, especially with revisits. Otherwise I just take the item out and put it back in. My exception is when an item is in a cache thats not visited often and I would probably liberate it to a more popular cache. However I was recently caught out with this, I found a coin in a very popular cache that I knew would be visited within a few days, I didnt have anything to replace it with so I just logged the coin only to find that the owner deleted my log because I hadnt moved the coin on immediately. Some you win, some you loose but I intend to stick to this policy.
  19. Thanks for the coin, had to fight the postman to get it delivered but they managed it in the end - bless. Lovely coin, will release it soon. Thanks
  20. Eh? Should explain, I have a muggle mate, Northern Mike, swears blind you can get anything at Morrisons and nobody should go anywhere else for their shopping. He will be mightily impressed that there is a Yorkshire geocoin and I think I need to get one.
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