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  1. Hi


    We are off to Cyprus in 3 weeks and I am looking forward to doing some caching. Please if anyone has been there can you tell me which maps you used? Mapsource doesn't cover Cyprus so I can't download maps to my Legend CX. Getting the cache info is no problem through PQs etc but driving to a nearby location may be!



    I am going over in a few months.Contact local cachers Brandisour they will help.

  2. ;):lol: Well done mate!!! Must have cost you a b----y fortune in mobile calls though to get there.......... ;)

    :laughing: What' all this phone call milarkey !! Have just checked my RECEIVED calls and with a few exceptions your all there !! Stuey change your post mate or i will have even more grief from Davyboy. Quote "Oh ! I am glad you are there mate we are stuck on one on Dartmoor !! :D:D:)


    Thanks to all.

  3. The main reason for this <snip> is that we intend to take on the "Underworld" series


    The Underworld 8 Bonus cache hasn't been found for over 12 months. If anyone is over 15 stone and is thinking of attempting it, I'd suggest a diet between now and June, hehe :D


    :) can`t we just dig a bigger hole dieting seems rather extreme :D


    :) I think we would have to involve dynamite!

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