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  1. Well done Tim.Keep it up with the foamy stuff.
  2. Tim, i have only done 2 and was thinking about the rest,but then i decided i would rather stick pins in my eyes !!
  3. Well done to Windrush on reaching 1000 Well done Rob and margaret
  4. I am going over in a few months.Contact local cachers Brandisour they will help.
  5. What' all this phone call milarkey !! Have just checked my RECEIVED calls and with a few exceptions your all there !! Stuey change your post mate or i will have even more grief from Davyboy. Quote "Oh ! I am glad you are there mate we are stuck on one on Dartmoor !! Thanks to all.
  6. well done mate.Don't look over your shoulder,I'm right behind you !!
  7. Davy Boy is the whizz on this one.Drop him a line.
  8. Well done Di and John.It's a pity he has held you back for so long Di !! Terry
  9. Congrats Pete and gang on reaching 2 grand.That's a big number !
  10. Get well soon Jill.Jim will not be able to find the caches on his own !! Terry
  11. Well done Dave. I bet you have covered some miles driving to all those caches !!
  12. Simply Paul has probably got it about right.If you look at the example you gave it looks as though the coin was available for previews so to speak and has now been placed in a cache.
  13. The Underworld 8 Bonus cache hasn't been found for over 12 months. If anyone is over 15 stone and is thinking of attempting it, I'd suggest a diet between now and June, hehe can`t we just dig a bigger hole dieting seems rather extreme I think we would have to involve dynamite!
  14. Thanks to everyone and i mean everyone for the congrats.My apologies for the delay but i have only just found the forum
  15. Quite happy to help anybody in the Torbay area.When i started the local cachers were very helpful to me.Contact me via my profile on Geo.com
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