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  1. Some people have notifications set up on their phone so the moment it's published their phone buzzes them in and they can get the coords, too. Had that happen with my cache Don't HESSitate GCYEMF and I think the FTF log sums it up : Ughhhh! I was PLACING a cache here when the notification came across my mobile email! No kidding on hesitation! new record on FTF... under 2 minutes of publish And as far as finding caches with owner when hidden, we've had a few of those out in a big preserve when hiking and geocaching together. If one of the group hides a new hide they do it on their own. Then they give the coords to the others who still have to find it but they don't have to make another trip out and hike ten miles to get to it. But we don't enter a log on the cache page until someone else finds it so they can claim the FTF. Just being courtious and FTF's are nice but so are smilies.
  2. Our MAP60CSx is affectionatly known as "Mr. Garmin", with the same inflection and tone as ""Gee Mr. Science, should we stop, drop and roll now?"". But we try not to call him names to his face as he does tend to get all jumpy and pay us back by sending us in circles through untold miles of palmettos and gator infected swamps
  3. The only surplus store in the local area said the other day they are totally out of ammo cans and are not expecting any in any time soon. They said some line of BS about their supplier is starting to shread them down to be recycled and they couldn't get more... Huh???? Anyone else hear anything like this? But started shopping online full time, save about 75% on cost (even with shipping) and get the things in 3-4 days.
  4. I was thinking it was the holder for the new extended life battery for the Garmin Colorado 400 so it will last as long as the 60CSx
  5. I like the crate and I think you just about have enough room for a tent and a sleeping bag in there, too, just in case it was a really long hike to get there Good luck!
  6. During one of our caching runs back in early 2005 along a hiking trail in a nearby state park we ran across a small tree growing in the middle of a rotted old stump. We were pretty new and actually lost the manual to our old eTrax and when we went back we found it on the ground near this site. It kind of seemed like a sign and we really liked the tree so we check on it whenever we were back hiking there. This was a year later. But then a few months ago we went back to get finds on a handful of new caches that were hidden there and as we were searching for a new one we realized that it was near our tree. Turns out the cache was actually hidden IN the stump of our old tree (which has grown a lot since then)! I don't have a picture of the current condition with me but we definitely snapped a few (but didn't add them to the cache gallery as that would totally give it away).
  7. Seeing as you're in ND and assuming this will be placed exposed to the weather, it's going to have a tough life. If the wood is not pressure treated or protected in some way, the sealing should occur from the outside rather then the inside. If you're going to weather tight the inside then at the least, treat the outside with Thompson's Water Sealer or something like that. Untreated the wood will rot and grow mildew and it will take away from the cool look of the box. My recommendation would be to measure the inside of the box and search around for a BIG Tupperware style storage container that would fit inside the crate. The crate would protect the container from physical damage from the elements (and critters in the elements) and the Tupperware would protect the contents from water. Even Wally-World carries a ton of stuff like that. The plastic container might not be made 100% water tight but it would be much easier making the internal container water tight then a wooden crate Not sure of the security of unique caches up there but you may consider stainless cabling the crate to a tree or something and securing the container inside the crate to keep your hard work from wandering off with the first person who thinks it might make a neat tool chest for their pickup
  8. Agreed... I have been using a T/X for a couple years without a hitch. I got a nice belt clip holder with a magnetic flap and I can whip it fast off and on to my belt without looking. My only complaint was the case didn't cover the stylus hole and I was worried it would slide out since it was loose. But that all changed when I dropped it trying to put it on my belt. The only damage was a slight dent in the corner of the T/X but it was where the stylus goes in so now I have to use a little force to get the stylus in and out... cool! And I use GSAK and CacheMate and have been very happy, especially since I am now getting my databases organized. I have a different GSAK database for my owned caches that includes all stages of my multis and everything, and I have a different set of upload parameters so they only show up as waypoints and not geocaches. Then differenr databases for different local areas we cache in. A quick PQ update, pull it in to GSAK, upload to GPSr and then export to CacheMate file and into the Palm DB and we're ready to go. Mutliple DB's in the Palm and like switching between them, searching by GC code or name, I like it. Whatever works for ya!
  9. My example was the final was 6.5 miles away from stage 1. But it was a great multi and the final was a great bit of camo. Might try it. There is a local puzzle cache Poney Music GC1BR3J placed over a month ago and so far I am the only one who's solved it (it's well deserving of it's 4 star difficulty rating) Not saying you have to but by the same account you could just find another place as it appears someone else had already snagged that one. My disagreement on disclosing anything is exampled with a puzzle cache I have been working on for a couple weeks. The puzzle will require you to figure out every digit of the coords. If I *HAVE* to place the final within 1/10th mile of the posted coords then people can pretty much skip the # positions of the puzzle and only solve the last digit or maybe the last 2 at the most : N ##° ##.#?? W ##° ##.#?? Personally I'd like the option to put the posted coords in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico if I wanted. Its solicitation. Even thought they sponsor Groundspeak, to meantion anything that sounds even remotely commericial in any posting is against the guidelines.Okay, this one I definitely have to side with you on. We have a Grand Cherokee and a Liberty and where I bought mine I placed a cache named "Jeep Jeep" GCVVPW. The word "Jeep" appears in the text ten times. No issues with having that posted and I have almost 100 finds on it. In fact if you do a search there are 305 caches published with the word JEEP in the title. They may consider these grandfathered in as when rules change (even the 1/10th mile rule) things placed prior to that rule are generally let be.
  10. I understand this is relaxing a little, but until it's 100% settled you need to go with the flow. 100% DISAGREE!!! You think a reviewer is EVER going to tell ANYONE where a hidden stage of a cache is???? NO WAY!!!! If you are hiding a cache near a multi or puzzle cache then you should complete the nearby cache. I've had to do that dozens of times and had several of mine placed and had to move them for that reason. It's incentive for you to find caches near where you're trying to hide them. If you want to scope out a spot then I am sure sending your proposed coords to the reviewer first would work as they could tell you if the spot is clear, but I doubt they'd even tell you WHICH cache the interferring spot is interferring with. I had a cache spot that wasn't allowed because of that exact reason and the first stage of that multi was about 6-1/2 miles away. It was up to me to figure out what cache it "might" be and then go find it. Part of the adventure! No tresspassing means no tresspassing and unless the sign stipulates who doesn't have to follow it then it means everyone. I hid a cache at my work near a small lake and some picnic tables. It was pointed out to me later there was a rotted old no tresspassing sign at the entrance to the parking area and even though it's my company and I know the sign was put there to keep people out of the parking lot (we have people change their oil and work on their cars here, big parking lot) and we'd never call the law in unless someone was committing a crime, I still HAD to move it outside the sign boundaries. If a sign exists the cache gets archived. No wiggle room with that. The guidelines state to use common sense and they also state they "shouldn't be placed in a cache" is does not say you can't do it. Use your head. Many little kids cache with their parents and they love to open the containers. You want your kid grabbing a knife or something else dangerous out??? As is stated "use common sense".... puh-lease. For the vast majority of us they are reasonable and not a double standard. What was the reason given for not being able to mention your Jeep?
  11. Respectful cachers who notice things like no tresspassing signs, dangerous conditions or caches hidden outside the guidelines normally do contact the owner and/or reviewer to try to protect the future of geocaching and the safety of the geocachers hunting the cache. Yeah, we're all kinda mini-reviewers, we just try to handle it diplomatically and light heartedly as this is fun.... for most of us.
  12. Revolt away! (I think in geocaching the term "revolt" means "quit the game and find something else to do with your recreational time"). As far as the caches you listed every one of them should be archived IMHO and the deceitful cachers banned. The hides all sound off limits, against the guidelines and dangerous. And even the one that got archived, if there is even one no tresspassing sign, it's off limits even it was the first cache ever hidden. Sounds to me like that reviewer has their hands full and needs to crack down a little more. Problem isn't too many rules, problem seems to be too many people in your area feel they're above the ones that exist which seem to allow the nearly 600,000 caches already hidden. I would use the term "revolting" but more in the context of disgust at the situation there then as in a social uprising against oppression.
  13. $500 tresspassing ticket? Wow, MN is tough. Here in Florida if you're tresspassing, unless you are displaying actions that appear to be committing (or about to commit) a crime then all they can do is ask you to leave. If you refuse they haul you in but there's no tresspassing ticket they hand out. But I agree, the guidelines are there for a reason, not because they sounded neat. And we have had land management groups (county parks & rec, etc) start cracking down on geocaching activities because of people placing hides where they shouldn't be and people seeking them being where they shouldn't be. So the guidelines are there to protect the future of geocaching, too.
  14. You can challenge a reviewer's opinion all you want but be sure that you have your ducks in a row and do it diplomatically. And keep in mind this is a recreational activity run by volunteers and not some goverment agency so when it's all said and done, the reviewer has the final word. You don't have a Supreme Reviewer Court you can move your case up to if you don't like the result. Some reviewers are tougher then others and unfortunately you don't get to pick who your reviewer is. But kind of like also not being able to pick the cop that cruises your route to work, if you get on their wrong side you'll be dealing with the consequences until you move or stop driving. They might not change out of respect, they might change out of the fact that there's not a whole lot of options available if you don't like their decision. And if I was a reviewer and I caught wind of people lying about the listed coords I'd probably archive every one they owned until they proved they were hidden at the listed coords. There is almost 60 million square miles of land on Earth making room for about 6 billion caches (not counting water based caches) so I think there's room to respect the the 1/10th mile guideline
  15. Reviewers are volunteers and IMHO if anyone has a lot of complaints about the process then they need to step up to the plate and try the job for a while. I'd hate to deal with what they have to deal with and tip my hat to each and every one of them. I don't think I've got the tolerance for it myself. And just as in all of life, if you treat the people with respect and diplomacy then your chances of getting that back are high. If you treat them with animosity and distrust then chances are your path will be tough. With border line hides you need to expect to have it questioned or even denied, and it's best to just roll with the flow and move on. Make the reviewer's life easier and they'll make your's easier, too. Give them a hard time and it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out the result.
  16. I think if that popped up on a cache listing around here, considering all the FTF marks in the area, it would be seen as a challenge to snag it before the honoree so the person they were honoring would probably get a FTF (Fifteenth To Find)
  17. No doubt! I don't see a problem with the request but it would of been more "politically correct" for the owner to alert the honoree privately that the cache was coming and to watch for the posting to snag the FTF since it was a cache placed to honor them. The request kind of cheapens the FTF value. Some local cachers placed a cache a while back named "Too Easy for IMPG" (sarcastic title) and was placed with the explicit intro text stating : "This is a challenging four part cache that is ment to be a challenge for IMPG ". I ended up being the forth to find and no biggie to me, I like FTF's but smilies are fine, too. There was a flaw in their puzzle I pointed out and the stage that they saw was going to be the biggest challenge I snagged in 6 minutes so I enjoyed conquering the challenge The honoring with being singled out was the reward for me. I guess the point is people choose to honor others in their own way and I think we all have the right to choose how to do that. We don't need to regulate (or judge) how people do that as the fact that they are doing it at all shows a level of respect towards others that all too many people don't display these days.
  18. I still think %last4 should be in there regardless of the other selected info. Knowing what the last four visits produced is a great piece of info. Seeing NNNN is a definite flag to whip out the ol' PDA and see what's up with the cache before wasting any time on searching for some MIA cache that the owner hasn't maintained in a year. Or a good time to put some other's to shame finding a cache that's just plain old really hard to find
  19. Sounds like an issue with the USB (I am assuming USB connection) driver for the Magellan. Vista might see you have "something" connected but if it doesn't say you have a Magellan 210 connected then it might not be talking to it. Still on XP (and not planning on moving to Vista) so not much help on removing and re-installing the USB Magellan drivers but I think that's where you need to head.
  20. DANG!!!! I was just browsing around for tidbits of help for my 60CSx questions and I have ALWAYS had an issue switching between on and off road modes. Seek something on road to drive near to it, then have to go thru the find routine again to switch to off road. This is GREAT!!!! Thanks for the help and I've passed it along to two other geo-Garmin users I know and they liked that, too!!!
  21. So in other words it's just the way it is, people don't agree with it but Garmin doesn't see the need to change it "back" to something that was actually better....
  22. Is it something with the fact the CSx has the dynamic compass and the C only had the GPSr pointer?
  23. I just upgraded from a Garmin MAP60C to a MAP60CSx to get the use of the SD card but there is a strange quirk I can't seem to get around. With the MAP60C when I was seeking a geocache (not a waymark) and I said off road, it would instantly switch to the compass pointer screen. It I was looking for a waymark off road it would switch to the map screen and show a straight line to the location. With the MAP60CSx when I search for a geocache or a waymark they both switch to the map mode and show a line to the location. How can I get the 60CSx to act like the 60C did for geocaches?????
  24. Cool!!! We're traveling across the state tomorrow morning and I hope I have enough time to plot this out and try it! Thanks for the help!!!
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