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  1. I like a good well written entertaining log, that keeps my interest in geocaching as much as finding caches. Which is why I strive to place caches that entice people to write more than TFTC. That's my reward, don't need favorites points. Why was that ever implemented? Like clicking off a favorite point means something more than a well written log? And gather a dozen cachers together and you'll get a dozen different ideas of what a "good" cache is, the points are meaningless. But if you think that the favorite points carry weight and somehow reward an owner and show the cache is possibly better than the next one, the same can be said to reward a cacher with owner's favorite points for writing a good log or being a cache angel. Kind of like rewarding a gym for being a good pace to work out but not wanting to reward a customer who is dedicated, respectful, and curteous. Was just a thought as I like to think that a good respectful cacher would get as much out of an owner favorite point as an owner gets out of a cachers favorite point. And a long time ago went thru a toll booth and got told to go on as the person in front of me paid for me out of their generosity. To this day I will often pay for the person behind me. Some of us feel that kindness gets rewarded with continued kindness and we don't think the worst of the people around us. Cautiously optimistic beats pessimism hands down.
  2. By the same token you could say to do away with the favorites and someone who likes your cache can just write nice log or a thank you email. The favorites is a way to reward a cache owner for hiding a good hide and publicly display that rating.... and entice other owners to hide quality hides. I guess there's no desire to reward a cache seeker for being a good cacher and try to entice folks to be a better more considerate cacher. Got it, rewards are only for owners. Not sure about everyone else but when that log sheet is wet on that ten mile hike I'd rather encourage the cacher standing at GZ to replace it rather than forcing the owner to make the hike just to do that. That would seem to be encouragement to have cache owners lean towards PAG's and save the trouble. Sorry some folks have had bad experiences with people trying to help, I have had great experiences from good cachers helping, was just looking four a better way to reward them other than a thank you email. And if what someone did didn't "help", no reward acknowledgments given, pretty simple.
  3. As geocaching grows so do the numbers of caches and the more variety of cache hides. As an owner who tries to keep placing unique and involved hides, when there is an issue with one I am very reluctant to just dump it into the archive bin. But that means a lot of babysitting runs, many of which are just to replace a full log sheet or a damp log or the baggie the log is in. Many geocachers have become "geocaching angels" helping out by carrying an extra log and baggie and stuff and helping an owner out. Issue is they are only doing it out of the goodness of their heart. GC implemented a system to allow geocachers to give favorite points to certain hides, wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to award compliments/awards/kudos/gold stars to individual geocachers for being quality geocachers or helping fix a log or repair a hide for an owner??? This would entice many geocachers to "try" to help out and earn kudos from cache owners or fellow cachers, however it was worked out. It would also keep geocaches maintained better as it would help relieve a cache owner from a long drive, hike or paddle to do something as simple as replace a log sheet. Any chance of getting something like that????
  4. Removed the GPX file from the Garmin GPX folder, disconnected the GPSr, powered it on and let it rebuild, powered it off, plugged it back in and copied the file back. Disconnected it, powered it on and saw the unfound geocaches and seemed to be responding a lot faster. Sooooo, I will assume all is well but will check in the wild again. But thank you VERY MUCH for the help. Every time I reach the point of total frustration someone throws me some knowledge and pulls me back from the edge. Now the question that came out of that exercise.... how many geocaches/waypoints can be or should be in a single GPX file? And is it okay to just have ALL the geocaches showing at once or should they be broken up into separate GPX files? And if they are broken up into separate GPX files can you pick which it displays at any one time? Or am I asking too many questions? <don't answer that last one>
  5. Thought I was getting a handle on things but today it went downhill fast. I was using a GPX file rather than a GGZ file and seemed to be doing good. Actually combined a bunch of geocaches and waypoints into a single GPX file with 3,378 waypoints. Went out today about ten miles from my home, was walking around a nice preserve I knew had several caches I hadn't found so pulled out the 650T and guess what.... no geocaches showed up anywhere near me. Ack!!! Found one but had to use the GC app on my phone. Also, everything on the 650T was c-r-e-e-p-i-n-g and I mean SUPER slow, hit a screen button and 5 seconds later it responds. Powered it off and back on, still super super slow. Got home and plugged the 650T into my PC, pulled the GPX file into MapSource and guess what, all the geocaches showed up including the ones that DIDN'T show when I was hiking. So now why didn't the geocaches show up? Is there a limit to what the 650T can handle in a GPX file? I had intended on loading it up with all the geocaches around the area we usally trek around in, but that's more than double what I already have on there. If we're limited to 500 or something like our old MAP60CSx, I'm starting to get less and less confidence in the 650T. And why was it super super s-l-o-w????
  6. When I click on OREGON on the wiki page I get this message : Subscription Expired This wiki's subscription has expired. The wiki will be reactivated once one of the wiki organizers renews the wiki's subscription. For more information, please visit this blog post.
  7. Many, many thanks for the info and I'll be checking out all those links (hopefully today). I was told to use the GGZ format for the geocaches (from the GSAK forums) because of some size limitations with GPX files. But dealing with GGZ files in the computer world is a tough nut to crack. Sounds like that was my first wrong turn and the rest was running down the wrong fork in the road. Time to punt and start over Thanks again!
  8. Many, many moons ago we got an eTrex for geocaching and got a handle on it pretty well and then upgraded to a MAP60C, a little learning curve but quickly up to speed. Then upgraded to a MAP60CSx and no learning curve, got the handle of interfacing with Mapsource and GSAK, could do it blindfolded. Then Santa was super nice to me (I think) and found an Oregon 650T under the tree.... and pretty much lost in the woods. Got introduced to GSAK GarminExport.gsk macro via the GSAK forums and "thought" I was getting the hang of that but not really. Went to a caching event today and luckily was just mentoring my son so not really caching for myself. He was using my MAP60C, I was hauling my Oregon 650T and my MAP60CSx. Took forever to get my found caches to display on the 650T and kept loosing them and having to refilter to get them back. The MAP60CSx, flawless. I was marking all the caches we found on both but when we got home, I spent 20 minutes and STILL cannot figure out how to read the the caches I marked found with the 650T on my computer. Used Mapsource, Basecamp and GSAK, tried opening all the GGZ and GPX files, searched all around. Ended up shelving the 650T and using the data from my trusty ol' MAP60CSx Sorry for the long intro, but my question is, where can I go to learn the simplest way to load caches on the 650T, read them back off, and keep track of everything? As in the post title, where is Garmin Oregon 650T For Dummies?!?!?! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Tell me about it... trudging along (i.e. Cache-a-paloza, FFF, etc)... "AH-Ha! We see it way up high hanging on that far branch.... and look, the bark is worn on that low branch 5-feet off the ground... HEY, IMPG.... ERR, WE MEAN MONKEY BOY, GET OVER HERE!!!".... ::sigh:: "Okaaaaaaaay, here, hold my sign..."
  10. I would have to agree, owning just under 400 hides, 14 that are +4.0 terrain and 22 that are +4.0 difficulty, I have only felt that 2 are worthy of a 5.0 difficulty. One because the puzzle is tough (even for me to occasionally check) and the other because if someone picks the wrong time of year or are not well prepared, their bleached bones might turn up someday...
  11. Not sure if a flashlight would constitute "special tool" as anyone with a lick of geocaching addiction knows that the "just one more" syndrome will lead one to those last few being found in the dark And trust me when I say that the flash on your camera (pre-flashlight app for mobile phones) is a sad substitute for a flashlight when faced with a big hollow log in the middle of the woods in pitch black darkness... (i.e. GC116JX)
  12. Thanks for the info and the wise words. I can see I can list special tools required but that's just a "suggestion". I could suggest the cacher needs a Bucyrus RH400 Hydraulic Shovel but read in the logs that folks have been making due with a rusty spoon. Might take an extra few decades but a find is a find
  13. There is the attribute labelled "Special Tool Required" but is there any limit as to what could be required? Obviously the more specific the "tool" the less the cache will be found but can you make someone required to use things like : - Thermometer - Wind speed sensor - Tape measure - Calculator - Decibel meter - Light meter - Tachometer - Voltmeter - Metal detector - Seismometer - pH Meter - Scale (weight) - Humidity sensor - Flow meter Just curious if there's any limits or restrictions as to what "tools" you can require a cacher to need?
  14. The cart mount has holes in the base to screw it to some surface, the one I showed has a suction cup base to adhere to the top deck of the kayak. The main thing I was looking for was a device that the 650T would mount in to and then it would have the same rear-side profile as the old MAP60CSx mount so the base units on my bikes and my kayak would accept the 650T or if I wanted to throw the MAP60CSx back on I could do that, too. Looking for the rear side like the MAP60CSx clip uses but in a cradle that the Oregon 650T can clip in to. This is the rear of the MAP60CSx mount that I am looking for : The profile on the left on the back and the front a clip that holds the 650T
  15. Santa was very kind to me this year and found a brand new Oregon 650T under the tree (thank you Paddler Found!!!). Been using a Garmin MAP60CSx for ages and have a nice mount for that on a suction cup stand that mounts on the top of my kayak. Also have a mount to clip it on that is on the handlebars of my mountain bike and my road bike. This uses a cradle that the GPSr mounts in and then that cradle has that odd double bump clip that slides into the mounts that are on my 'yak and bikes : Now that I have the 650T I was wondering if there is a cradle that the 650T can mount in to that has the same rear slide in clip part that my MAP60 uses so I don't have to start completely over buying all new mounts for my bikes and kayak? Searched around and can't seem to locate anything. Thanks!
  16. Never really thought about how naming something a TB hotel does target it to be plundered. But then not naming it something like that doesn't do what the intent was, a trading spot for trackables. I can see quite a few twists that can be used, the offset is a good one. Also could hide three micros nearby that contain the numbers for the combination (and possibly the coords) and that way it would be locked secure, and without finding the three micros wouldn't even know where it was. Also if the container were secured, and locked, if a muggle stumbled across it would take quite a bit of effort to take the container or gain access inside. My axe to grind with this came from a cache I had muggled a long, long time ago and one of the trackables was a military item that had seen many thousands of miles, it was from a family's son who was killed overseas. Was not a good feeling writing those folks to tell them it was gone. I know, I know, I know they know the risks, but regardless it's not something I enjoy doing.
  17. Blame cachers for the rest area raids? Hmmm, container deep in wooded area away from rest area not anywhere that someone would stumble across, not in an area that it touched by landscapers, container still in place, swag still in place, trackables all gone... you're right, it's probably some muggles who just have an appetite for shiny coins and doesn't want ammo cans. Okay, not "cachers", just someone with a GC account who can keep tabs on inventories and target just those cachers. But definitely not someone I'd call a "geocacher". Mine I put on my own stupidity, too easy to stumble across I agree. Was a quick replacement for one around the back that they just started clearing land for a new development. The land clearing included GZ by 10-feet, literally 10-feet away it was left as woods. Was just looking for a TB hotel technique and couldn't care too much if it was geocachers or some ravenous cache eating gator, was looking for a good way to keep it safe, secure, and still urban. Not one for placing a cache for the sake of a cache, but need an interstate accessible TB hide techique and open for suggestions.
  18. Hmmm, just had an odd thought. Would think folks that are of the mindset to sniper in on a cache with bad intent aren't the cream of the geocaching crop. So maybe a simple field puzzle so the container isn't at the listed coords would be enough to dissuade the crude from completing their mission.... Might work. Ya think?
  19. I understand a lot of comments and just trying to find a way to allow accessibility but keep it from being snagged. There have been other cachers in the area who created TB hotels at rest areas on the interstate and they were constantly muggled yet they were in areas where they wouldn't be easily stumbled upon, pretty sure it was cachers. The premium only does help, I can attest to that, but geocaching is a slice of life and, unfortunately, that includes folks who don't mind dumping $25/year to run around and snag hundred$ in collectables, trackables and containers. Living here in west central Florida we get tons of snowbirds and visitors so add that traffic on top of the locals and trust me, having 389 hides I see most all of it. Have full sized in remote places that are nice and safe, but that doesn't do well as a spot to drop a TB near the interstate or airport. But when you do that it only takes one unsavory character to ruin a lot of fun for a lot of folks. Trying to find a way to balance those two things... open for suggestions.
  20. Looks like another of my travel bug motels (premium only as always) has been snagged along with some precious TB's of people around the world. Really grinds my cookies! So got me thinking and wanted to run this idea by some GC folks and see what bounces back. This is my latest idea for a TB hotel.... A full sized ammo can or similar with a latch/locking lid. Going to cable tie it to a tree or something so the container couldn't be snagged short of cutting the tree down or bringing bolt cutters along. A combination lock would lock the lid shut. There would be a micro cache attached to the ammo can with a log sheet. If someone wanted to drop off or pick up TB's they request the combination and when they arrive they can access the TB's. If they just wanted to get the smilie they can just sign the log book on the side. But each week (or so) we'd change the combination to the lock. We have sadly had to report MIA TB's that are really special things for folks and want to find a way to make a secure TB exchange locations. Totally open for suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  21. As many geocachers we like to use the "nearby caches" part of the GC site and the "Map This Location" feature. As normal your owned caches show up as star icons, unfound caches show up as cache icons, and found caches show up as smiley faces. BUT we have an issue... we are the proud owners of quite a few caches from cache owners who are no longer able to maintain their hides for medical reason, family reasons or moved out of the area and asked us to adopt them which we proudly did. For all "legal" purposes we're now the "owners" of these hides that we have "found". When you map the caches on the GC site, these show up as smiley faces, not as stars. It appears that the "found" status trumps the "owned by" status but we're thinking it should be the other way around. Regardless of having found a cache or own a cache they are caches that you won't be searching for. But to us it's much more important to look at the GC site map and see the caches we "own" than the ones we've "found". Is there any way to have the "owned" attribute of a cache trump the "found" attribute rather than the other way around on the GC site mapping feature? Thanks!
  22. Wow.... guess I was out caching when the hook in to GC from GSAK was installed (or maybe forgot to RTFM) Never saw that "Geocaching.com Access" tab until you said that... like I said - wow. That can answer both my questions. And it can save me a load of time as I've been generating PQ's, downloading them, then updating GSAK with them. Think of all the caches I could of been finding (or hiding) in that wasted time! MANY MANY THANKS!!!
  23. That's kind of what I'm trying to avoid. Something that has BOTH "needs maintenance" attribute AND is disabled would be in both PQ's. Easier to just copy and paste the text from the new listing page. Would also really like to capture the hidden waypoints of a multi or mystery cache with a PQ.
  24. Sometimes caches are disabled but don't have the "needs maintenance" attribute set. As far as I've seen owners disable caches, cachers flag them as needing maintenance. If an owner disables a cache from a log entry where the poster didn't flag the "needs maintenance" flag then it won't show up in that PQ.
  25. When working on my hides I have run across a couple things that there may be an easier way of doing it. I am the proud owner of +350 unique hides and this keeps me jumping through hoops maintaining. Found I can do a PQ and flag my caches and the attribute "needs maintenance" but this doesn't capture things that may be temporarily disabled. And occasionally captures caches that don't have the "needs maintenance" attribute (just did that). A quick way to snag that info is if I go to fill out the online form for a new cache submission, before you can proceed the site shows what you own that needs work. Can this be made into a PQ or gathered since the site is already compiling that data? And in a way that can be captured rather than copy and paste text from the webpage. Also, having many multi-caches and puzzle caches, the PQ only gathers the posted coords but not the hidden waypoints. Is there any way for an owner to capture the hidden waypoints of our caches in a PQ so we don't have to manually enter this info in GSAK or something? Thanks in advance for assistance.
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