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  1. Hahahaha..... when you said 5. Embed the image on the cache page by linking to "https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id={THE ID HERE}" I tried and tried and tried and no luck. Then I decided that maybe the { } was for reference. Removed the brackets and TAH-DAH!!! That worked. Duh. MANY THANKS, that worked!!! Would be nice is GC would tell you that you can do that.
  2. I have a few that have lasted. Have an ammo can in NC that was hidden in 2008 and still in perfect shape, have never even had to check on it. Have about two dozen caches in a 5,700 preserve here that have been out there around 15 years and most of them I have never even had to check on, and they're straight out in the weather in the middle of nowhere (in fact that's what we call them, the "nowhere series"). Sometimes I think it's more operator error. Most of my caches that are high maintenance around in urban areas so maybe it's the type of person finding them. Someone that has a good Garmin and hikes 10 miles to make a find are probably more considerate of a cache than someone who is using their cell phone and finds one between Facebook updates while on their way to the grocery store.
  3. What we refer to as a slim-bob is a 1.5" X 2" zipper top baggie, the ones we purchase at 4 mil so they're very heavy. Wrap the outside with a couple wraps of duct tape. You leave the duct tape just a little bit away from the zipper end so folks can get hold of the edges and open the zipper. Thing with things like preforms, match containers, phone pouches and things like that is that they are either not slim or quite large. Slim-bobs are easy to tuck into small spots and hide very nicely hidden away. Not sure if after repeated opening and closing the edges of the zipper break free and no longer seal tightly. Then again I have seen some where the baggie is still decent but the duct tape is decaying away. And also ammo cans don't last that long either. Tupperware is usually a joke. Then again when we have caches that are over 15 years old it's hard to find anything to last.
  4. There are some tried and true micro containers out there and one we used a lot is Slim-Bobs, a heavy gauge plastic pouch wrapped in camo duct tape with a log sheet and placed somewhere with Velcro or magnets. Here in Florida the weather just seems to be eating these up lately. Fairly new hides turning into mush. Part of the problem is some cachers not sealing them good after finding, too. So the question is, what is a more durable thing to use aside from this same old method? Don't mind being a CO but would like to spend a little less time replacing hides.
  5. If you don't get notifications from caches on your ignore list then that means that you must be on their ignore list. LOL
  6. Glad you pointed that out... had 7 others on that list. Wow....
  7. LOL!!!!! OMG.... duh. Have no clue how that happened but don't think I would of put one of my own on my ignore list. Lesson learned. Thanks.
  8. Was looking at one of my caches "Hanging Around Nowhere" https://coord.info/GCV92R and when I scroll down and click on "Find all nearby caches" I get a list of nearby caches BUT the cache "Hanging Around Nowhere" is no where on the list. Normally when I do this the cache that I am doing it from is at the top of the list, but when I do it from this cache the cache itself does not show up on the list anywhere. Bug?????
  9. Okay, old school MAP60CSx user trying to figure out to get the 650T to work similar to the old GPSr so please excuse the newbie comments. Don't really care about "custom" symbols, just not geocache symbols. In the MAP60CSx I always used the railroad crossing symbol for my caches. As far as uploading all my caches as POI's... With GSAK and the macro? How would one go about converting all my caches to POI's? I can do that easily with MapSource but I loose the long cache names, the descriptions, the hints, and the logs.
  10. Have an Oregon 650T and a tricky little situation. I have a database in GSAK with all my placed geocaches in it. I also have waypoints for all my stages and related spots. I used the GarminExport.gsk macro to push them to my 650T as a GPX file and it works fine. Issue is that all my placed geocaches show up as your standard geocaching symbols. I then load local caches in as a different GPX file but there is no difference between my placed caches and the ones I just loaded. Can't find a way to export my caches from GSAK to the 650T with different symbols. So played some games and nothing seemed to work. Set up a GPS direct load with colored diamonds for all my caches but didn't finish it as would cut down the descriptions and all, want to use what the macro exports. Then I did an export with GSAK to a GPX file on the 650T. Opened the GPX file with MapSource and all the symbols showed up as the colored diamonds. Great! Then disconnected the 650T and looked at the map. ARG! All the symbols were back to being standard geocache symbols. So back to square one. Would like to be able to assign different symbols to my placed geocaches. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Sort by "Info" would be helpful, too.
  12. When viewing your owned caches you have the options to sort by number of favorite points, difficulty, terrain, placed and last found. Could we get an options to sort by "Description"? This would be a great addition and it would be more beneficial to an owner than any of the available ones. Just a request/suggestion
  13. The local reviewer is a friend and when she is treated with respect she returns the favor. Disabling a cache will get it archived if it's not fixed, not a maintenance log. I do not have one single PAG and put a boatload of thought, work, challenge and creativity into my hides.... every one of them. Easy to judge where you stand in the cachin' world when it's pretty equal between the folks who love your hides and those who hate them. I enjoy reading logs as much, if not more, than going out finding caches. Working 50-60 hours a week full time, hands on rebuilding/remodeling our home along with more landscape work than I want to think about (if I see another paver I'll cry), cache maintenance sometimes doesn't happen as timely as it should. If something gets archived, oh well, my bad. Was just curious why the way I used to knock an unnecessary maintenance flag out changed to what it is. Understand the reason but to me it's flogging an unresponsive equus caballus.
  14. Not hard at all. Perfectly composed reply said the owner of 4 caches to the owner of 396.... might also notice I didn't remove the flags but very well could of, and who would be the wiser? Oh yeah.... me. And things like Pine Nuts is a 100-lb tree trunk I hand carved the base for a lock-n-lock to fit in. Yeah, it's starting to return to nature but leaving it out there until it does. Not exactly like I'm going to replace that container any time soon but sure am not going to remove the maintenance flag. There's reason behind all of them, lack of responsibility isn't one of them.
  15. So what if someone wants to remove the flag without putting much or any effort into it? If someone is that irresponsible they probably don't give a care if the cache has a maintenance flag anyway. All this does is make responsible owners grit their teeth remembering how easy it used to be. And if there was such emphasis on encouraging owners to DO maintenance, why is it so HARD to get a list of caches that NEED maintenance??? Then when rookies accidentally do it we should also post "So-and-so is such a rookie they don't know how to log a DNF so we're removing the unnecessary maintenance flag".... ??? Wasn't broke, didn't need "fixing"....
  16. Hate chiming in late but this thread is close enough to not start a new one. The maintenance flag has a good purpose and from other threads I see I am not alone in my method of listing them.... go to PLAY and SUBMIT A NEW CACHE and Ta-dah! there's your list. Can't capture it, can't PQ it, can't download it, can't load it to your GPS, copy-and-paste in a document is about the only option. So I agree, YES, would make maintenance a lot easier if there was a way to segregate and capture maintenance flagged caches. With that aside, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ABILITY TO EDIT ATTRIBUTES to remove the maintenance flag? On quite a few occasions a cache angel has replaced a wet or full log, or patched up the hide, and in some cases did some good work to help we owners out. We call them "nice people". There are also cases where a newbie accidentally posts a NEEDS MAINTENANCE log rather than FOUND IT or DNF and never responds to requests to change the log type. In both these cases, for an owner to remove the unnecessary maintenance flag, rather than editing attributes and removing it, we have to log a visit (that we didn't do), log it as maintenance, enter it, then edit it, then delete it. Geeze, next thing we'll have to swing a dead chicken over our heads, cut off the soles of our shoes, climb a tree and learn how to play the flute (sorry, slipped back into my Fireside Theater days). So why was the ability to edit out the maintenance flags using edit attributes removed?!?!?!? Doesn't remove our ability to remove it, just makes it a real pain in the arsch.... And just read my tag line below on this subject...... sooooo appropriate!!!
  17. Yeah, kind of like how folks with addiction problems like to reach out to other folks with similar addictive problems...
  18. Could not of said it better myself Exactly!!! Kind of disgusting when there are contests, specials, updates, or stuff like that last GC email, and ALL only on social blabber sites, like dangling that carrot out in front of the bear trap. Sorry, some of us decided to have lives rather than read about the empty trivial fluff that other folks missing the things around them post... <<sigh>>
  19. Okay, nice email from geocaching.com announcing 197 Creative Geocache Hides and neat stuff... go to the site and HEY! Pushing cachers into joining Pinterest. Give kudos to your favorite... HEY, getting pushed to join the blabber on Facebook. Geeze, somehow walking around with your nose in your phone keeping up with Facebook or other social media just doesn't seem to fit with someone who likes going exploring and enjoying the sights around them. Maybe just me but I'd bet there's a lot of cachers who avoid social media like the plague. And we can't get to those 197 Creative Geocache Hides, either.
  20. If there was a big desire to make geocaching more memorable and less competitive then things like power trails should be eliminated as they have no purpose but boosting find numbers and increasing hide numbers, favorites should be categorized as they are like giving points for favorite songs, everyone has their own tastes and it biases a cache favorite's rating on personal preferences, and make cachers have a certain number of finds before they can hide a cache or mark a cache as needing maintenance or needs to be archived. Those things are massively more detrimental to the game than a cache at a memorable spot that has had cachers replace the full or wet log sheet. But then again, just my opinion...
  21. Would seriously hope that the location is what attracts most folks to the cache, not the log paper. Doubtful someone sees a cache at a very interesting spot, nice view, amazing sunsets, lots of photographic opportunities, soft sand, but OH NO... the log sheet has been limping along. Ahhh, but that lamp post skirt has a great new log sheet in a brand new container!!! Off we go!!!
  22. Not sure where this derailed but for a while have been speaking about Kacher Kudos or something, get points for the little maintenance help but heavily for writing good logs, uploading impressive pictures, re-hiding caches well when others failed to, alerting cache owners of issues near GZ or with the cache, lots of things. Guess I'm also not clear on what is wrong with a cache limping along... for many of us the location is as much, if not more, of the adventure than the container. The new game scanning qr codes doesn't even have a container, the hunt is the adventure. If a cache limps along it's still bringing people to the site, they're still logging finds. Signing a nano log is a pain but people still do it, just like people sign a soggy wet log sheet. Guess some folks would rather have nothing than a less then stellar container or hide.
  23. Point well made and we do post thank you logs and send emails when folks are nice and request a little help when something simple is needed. Thought maybe it could be made formal but guess not. Would be proud to have a cacher say they had 30 kudos points for writing good logs and helping out. Had people replace micro containers when pruning wiped out gz, or put stuff in an extra baggie when the old one's getting ragged, and quite a few other things that have kept me from having to squeeze in a day long hike while working full time to replace a full log. I actually look forward to cache within ten miles from home needing maintenance, gives me an excuse for a nice after work bike ride :0)
  24. - Cache found on ground and not in tree, but left on ground as it's the owner's responsibility to come put it back. - Decon not snapped shut, contents wet. Put back as found, not sealed again. If owner meant for it to be sealed they can come close it. - Container not covered, fully exposed to muggles, owner needs to get out here and pick the moss up from beside it and cover it. - Ten mile hike to final, log sheet full, have replacement but a responsible cache owner will hike out to replace it. - Dangerous! Cache owner can just trek out here and find out for themselves. ..... said no geocachers ever. What defines a "good" cache?!?!? That's in the eye of the GPS holder. I know cachers that won't do anything but PAG's, will their favorite points help? And should get rid of that rating title for number of posts on the GC forums, that's just a way to make someone feel good about how much they post (just kidding). OP was just looking for a way to acknowledge someone helping make GC a better experience. I'll stick with thank you emails.
  25. Last I checked favorite points can be awarded to any geocache and it's subjectively up to what a particular cacher thinks is their favorite type of cache. Which at last check was almost as many different types as there are geocachers. Someone who hates being more than ten feet from their air conditioned car won't be adding favorite points to a five mile hike. Someone who hates PAG's won't be putting favorites on those. And the "good cacher" points would be for showing good caching practices including putting a cache back that was not properly re-hidden, helping dry out a we log in a cache that wasn't sealed properly, alerting the owner of some new detrimental condition near gz, writing an entertaining log story, adding some nice pictures to the page, and many things you'd want to thank a considerate, creative cacher for. Not just maintenance. Not sure how that would have negative effects since you wouldn't even see that unless you looked at their profile page. People might get competitive trying to be a better cacher than someone else??? That's like assuming an owner will get ticked because someone found their cache and didn't give it a favorite point or only wrote tftc. I'll just continue to write grateful thank you emails when someone does something helpful or enters a very entertaining log and do what I can to make people feel good, I'd hope feeling good and enjoying themselves is why most people geocache. But that's just my opinion.
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