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  1. OK tell me more....where do I get this software then?
  2. Following on from this thread. I also know of a local cache to myself that seems to have been neglected by it's owner and the last few people to find the cache have commented on it's lack of maintenance. It's one that I would hate to see get archived and I have emailed the owner to ask if I can adopt it but what happens if I get no reply from them. Could I be given permission to adopt it from anyone other than the owner and if so, how do I go about it? Edited to add that the owners registered since 2001 and have found a total of 18 caches so not what you may call keen cachers. they last logged into geocaching.com in July of this year
  3. Hmmmm interesting. Although I'm not looking at buying a phone with built in GPS I would like to know if the Geocache navigator software is a freebie and does it work with any GPS enabled phone and secondly does using GPS on a mobile cost you every time you use it just as if you were making a phone call?
  4. Fantastic news....It's been quite a few years since I was last at the winter gardens but it looks like I will be visiting again in 2009. Might even try and make a mini holiday out of the mega this time
  5. OK how do I get it working then? Installed it and it works ok with geocaching.com, google images, etc, etc but when I try to view my gallery through geocaching.com via my profile page it comes up with a message at the top of the screen saying the current browser page is not yet cooliris enabled...so how do I enable it? I'm using firefox as my browser and as I said it seems ok with all the other sites I've tried it on. OK panic over....edited to say I got it sussed
  6. Nice one John and Isaac. Real celebs of the geocaching world.
  7. Nigel Merry Hill or Wton lichfield sutton and tamworth are your best bet!! Phone before you go. Millets in lichfield and Blacks in Tamworth don't have any. I checked with them on Friday last week
  8. Yeah, but you won't do it quietly, will you? I'm sorry, but us old codgers were quietly reminiscing until others jumped in............ Perhaps we can ask for an "Old Farts" forum, at least then we will not be bombarded by the perrenial "What GPS", "What should I use for paperless caching", How many cachers...", "What do other cachers...", posts. Oh dear...now who's cage has been rattled then
  9. After reading the posts on this thread it seems to me like this is turning into another one of those lets start another arguement between ourselves type posts. Why can't we all just play nicely for once? I'm not taking sides but it seems like this perticular thread is turning into a them and us situation....and I thought we geocaching types were supposed to be a friendly lot not a bunch of arguementitive old farts
  10. There used to be that option on geocacheuk.com (when the site was working). That gave the option for all cachers to rate a cache so at least you had a better idea of knowing if a cache was going to be a good one.
  11. Isn't that why we all cache? Because it's fun. I have only been caching since 2005 so I guess that makes me a relative newbie but I still get the same buzz when I find a cache as much now as I did when I found my very first cache....and yes that includes finding the micro's. the cache and dash's
  12. Hi Adam. What do you mean by setting something up? Are you talking about placing a cache or finding your first?
  13. Some of us may well be offering them for swap but we certainly are not in it to make any kind of profit out of them
  14. I see we have our first coin (that I know of anyway) listed on ebay this evening
  15. On Tuesday afternoon I added a post on here to see if anyone fancied a swap Late Tuesday afternoon I got a reply from one of our fellow cachers saying that they would be happy to make a swap Wednesday morning we both put our coins in the post. Thursday morning our post arrived and there was my letter with a large tear down one side and nothing in the envelope other than a letter of thanks for the swap. So how’s that for a record…….muggled before it even made it into a cache by some crooked postal worker (My apologies to anyone on here who works for our beloved royal mail I’m not tarring all employees with the same brush.) Anyhow…to cut a long story short I’m now still without my Big Ben coin so if there is still anyone out there who fancies a trade I still has an unactivated London Eye if anyone has an unactivated Big Ben Either send me a PM or email via my profile page Mark
  16. I have just managed to get my hands on a Clifton Suspension Bridge coin fresh from my local millets store in Lichfield but I would love to swap it for an unactivated Big Ben. If anyone is interested in a swap drop me a PM Mark Edited to say that coin has now been taken....
  17. Yew might be right there MrsB ........... Sorry I just had to say it Yew know
  18. I had not thought of this idea until I read it on here and this is exactly what I intend to do. Prior to that I was just going to take it with me from cache to cache for others to log if they met me. For those who disagree I say yes the coin may well have been free but the cost in time, fuel and phone calls to actually get my hands on my single coin means I have probably paid a small fortune to get one so my coin will stay at home and its laminated friend will be doing all the hard work. At least this way it won't matter if it goes missing and everyone that finds it will still be able to log it and enter the prize draw
  19. I got mine at lunchtime today from Blacks in Tamworth. They had 4 of the 5 coin designs to pick from and I went for the Stonehenge coin as I liked this one the best, though I did ask if I could have the others too but the guy said not a chance as most of the 14 that they had got in today were already spoken for...lol
  20. Blacks at Tamworth just called me too to say they have just had a delivery but only a total of 14 and most of those had been reserved. They said they are to recieve one more shipment but do not know when. I got me a Stonehenge coin
  21. OK I got it working. Now I just need to sort out the hyper link.......thanks...
  22. OK I got it working. Now I just need to sort out the hyper link.......thanks...
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