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  1. This is a known bug. When a user logs in with the widget on the homepage rather than from the full login page, the date of the last site visit doesn't update as it should.


    For this reason, volunteer cache reviewers have to be very careful to not archive caches prematurely because the cache owner is "gone."


    Thanks for the report!

    You're welcome and thanks for the explanation. My curiosity is satisfied! :grin:

  2. I found this by accident..


    There is this cache (GCXPFZ) that has been archived by the owner on June 9, 2009 but, when clicking on his profile (either on the "placed by" link, or the "traffic_cone.gif "archived log" link), it shows that the last time he logged on was on October 9, 2008.


    A bug from the system?

    Synch problem?

    He logged on from a different source (mobile, iphone, blackberry.. wap?)


    Who knows.. I was just reporting something I saw.. it's just weird and I'm curious to know why..

  3. The name "CacheCountLastGenerated" is not permitted in this context. Valid expressions are constants, constant expressions, and (in some contexts) variables. Column names are not permitted.

    Yep. I'm getting this one too.

    Me three.. :)

  4. I got only 2 of my 4 weekly scheduled PQs (that normally arrive around the same time - within the same hour). The other 2 didn't get in.


    I cancelled (unchecked) the 2 that didn't run and created 2 new PQs. They usually get in within the minute, but now it's been over 15 minutes.

  5. The best way I've found for paperless caching on the iPod Touch is to get an excellent app from the app store called iGeocacher. It's a premium cost of $14.99 but to me its totally worth it. Just get your PQs from Groundspeak, then the app uses the same .gpx file and saves them to the iPod as a portable cache database! It's got loads of great search features and tells you everything about the caches, including the hints. It works fantastic and I highly recommend it! Check out the link above for some cool videos of how it works! Within 4 minutes of using it I had over 1600 caches loaded into it and ready to rock! :(

    I tried this one out and it does looks good! :D Not Cheap B) but.. it has features (like loading a GPX file) that beats anything else!! (saving caches one by one is very long and tedious, unless you plan a raid of 2-3 caches!).


    I now have 2 apps that cost me 24.90$.. Now, I have to try them out in the field to see which one is easier, more convenient to use.. :rolleyes:

  6. Hmm.. if you could borrow from tomorrow.. could you also borrow from the past? Let's say you haven't used all your PQs in the last (x) days.. could you use that?

    Or.. have a total of 35/week (or 35/7-day period) instead of 5/day..


    Lots of possibilities!

  7. 5552: Discontinue PDF print function

    Removed the PDF print function from cache page


    For those of us who still print the descriptions out, I wish that we could have saved this option. The pdf could be saved as a file and opened later or printed out. Now what am I to do? :)


    Do a search for a free PrintToPDF utility. It installs and acts like a printer. When you go to print just change from your default normal printer to the PDF option and it will create a PDF file and save it in the location you choose. It won't give you the same format as the ready made one from the site but may be an alternative for you. I guess this is what I will be doing as I was using the PDF file from the site also.


    P.S. I'm at work so I can't access the utility I use to get the exact name but if I leave it open when I print I can use it to print multiple files into one PDF. Not sure yet if this will be handy for caching or better to have each in it's own file.

    CutePDF Writer :laughing:

  8. Also, Avatar is not shown on profile account page and the count of found and hides is set at 0. But the info is Ok in the statbar.


    (hmm.. right now I get the following message when going to GC.com: "This site is temporarily down for maintenance")

  9. When you select a manufacturer, the device drop down changes.. so, it's right by saying to choose a manufacturer.


    On another note, I tried to enter a GPS Rating, but it always says: "Please provide a comment for this rating." even though I have a comment and stars selected.

  10. Um,

    Shouldn't the Pinned Groundspeak Notices > Geocaching Announcements have a link to this 1/13 update? I mean, people not paying attention might not have noticed that an update was made and it might look like there has not been any NEWS since Nov 13 2008, 10:09 AM

    Oh, thanks for the reminder, Trainlove. I completely forgot! Everyone should have a chance to complain about this new feature. :)

    Thanks Trainlove.. I had seen the first version of the link but was not aware of any new Release Notes! (I knew something was up because of the glitch to our stats in our profiles yesterday (on the 14th around 2-3pm EST)).


    I can give myself a gift! :) That's cool B) but I'd rather have other people give me the gifts! :)


    I don't mind the new updated smaller link.


    (it could occur that some popular person would end up with a century of gifted membership)
    When I die, can I transfer the left over years to my kids?


    That would be funny.. :rolleyes:

  11. Salut Gatinois!


    Bienvenue dans le monde du géocaching.


    Pour débuter, tu dois aller sur la page http://www.geocaching.com/ et cliquer sur le menu de gauche "Hide & Seek a cache" (qui veut dire, "Cache et Cherche une cache")


    Ensuite, le plus simple, sur la page http://www.geocaching.com/seek tu entres ton code postal dans la case "by ZIP/Postal Code:" (n'oublie pas l'espace ex: A1B 2C3) et tu cliques GO


    Le site te retournera une liste de caches près du code postal entré.


    Si tu veux être plus précis, tu peux entrer les coordonnées de chez vous un peu plus bas (dans la section "Latitude Longitude Search:" sous le format WSG84 (soit: N xx xx.xxx W xxx xx.xx) ou sour le format décimal (soit: xx.xxxx -xxx.xxxx) et cliquer sur Search.


    Si tu as besoin d'aide, tu peux aussi visiter le site de l'Association Géocaching Québec à http://www.geocaching-qc.com et n'oublie pas de venir faire un tour sur le http://forum.geocaching-qc.com où il y a plusieurs personne qui pourront répondre à tes questions.


    Bon géocaching! :rolleyes:

  12. It is my experience that PQs that have not run in 7 days or more will run pretty quickly, i.e. in the first few hours of the day. As opposed to PQ that have run 6 days ago, will take up to 12-14 hours before they run.


    Now, I don't even want to think how long a PQ that has run 5 days ago (or less) will take!

  13. Are these normal PQ's or Caches along a route PQ?
    Mine are normal, some were existing PQs, some I created just before activating them.
    Would charter member PQs run before premium member's?
    As a charter member, I would guess no...since mine are stuck too.

    Sorry to hear that.. and thanks for the reply.

  14. Are these normal PQ's or Caches along a route PQ?

    I personally didn't have the problem. But, on my local forums, I have a lot of members having the problem with newly created PQs. Either simple PQs or Along a route PQs.


    When they modify existing PQs, they don't have the problem.

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