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  1. Me thinks that this is part of the reason that geocaching introduced the "discover" functionality. I am of the same opinion that it is a little unfortunate that cache owners come in and raid their caches so they can get a cool icon. That being said, we have hidden many caches near our home and if we see a cool coin pop up, we will run out to take a look at it. We too think that coins and bugs attract cachers and why would we want to remove it from a cache of ours we want to see get activity.
  2. Anything unique, different, or otherwise out of the ordinary is always a welcome change from the usual (for us. at least). Sounds like a fun idea!
  3. Couldn't agree more! We would be in for a couple as well.
  4. We like to use geoswag items like bumper stickers and GC items, but we found some of those big oval car stickers that typically indicate a location you have visited (i.e. HH for Hilton Head) that said FTF. We have seen a couple around town on vehicles and can't help but wonder if they hit our caches. We have also left gift cards to various places and have received similar goodies like movie passes and personal geocoins. For us though, the biggest prize is getting to sign the FTF in the logbook!
  5. Looks like a super stellar design (pun intended). When these go up for sale on geoswag we will most likely try to grab at least one.
  6. couldn't have been said any better. I totally agree. Double dittos. We have found untrackable coins, one as a gift in a new cache, and they are our absolute favorites!
  7. We think a cachers name on the coin is preferable to not. We have started to mount a collection of coins, but none we have purchased compare to the one we received as a present from a cacher while on a recent excursion. We found a cache with a coin as a present for us inside, complete with the cachers name and unique artwork. To this day we still think that it is the best one in our collection...it keeps it personal. So, our two cents would be to put your name on it and share your uniqueness with the community!
  8. Just sent an email. Hopefully there are some of these nice looking coins left!
  9. We just got one through the purchase link. We checked first thing this morning and it said they were sold out, so we kept trying at various times throughout the day. Eventually, when we added one to the cart just a couple of minutes ago, we were able to complete the transaction. I guess keep trying throughout the day and you might have some luck!
  10. bnpkidz

    TB Sale?

    We just received an email from geoswag.com that they are having an "end of year clearance" event. We quickly jumped on their site and they have a lot of discounted coins and TB tags. Hope this helps in your search!
  11. Our geopooch chilling at a cache and on a hot day. "Sam", a 7-year-old Shih-Tzu. <p>
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