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  1. Thanks, ATMouse...I just sent you my address.
  2. This is what it was supposed to say.... We are holding an event cache later on this month and want to give away some items in a raffle drawing. We have purchased some swag items from various outlets, but we wanted to be able to give away a few coins as prizes as well. With the price of coins where they are, this is turning out to be an expensive undertaking. About the best deal we can find is Hogwild's Travelers @ 5 for $22, although I have found a few sites that offer sale coins for around $5 each plus S/H. We are trying to be benevolent in our raffle drawing, but at the same time do not want to go broke. Ideally we would like to find 4-6 coins, hopefully different varieties, to give away. My questions to the forum are: 1. Do you know where to get REALLY inexpensive coins? 2. Do you have any gathering dust in your collection that you are trying to git rid of (inexpensively)? 3. Is contacting vendors for donations a viable option for a small event (expecting 15-25)? Thanks for taking time to look at this and posting your replies!
  3. Take care of yourself and your dog! You have been through quite a bit and need to relax.
  4. Sorry you had to go through this again after so much planning and testing. For what it's worth, your new web design looks great and I am sure it won't be long until all of the kinks are worked out. You do such a great job with your coins, keeping us all updated, and being equitable in how you conduct the business side of your sales. We are all fortunate that you are so thorough and want to make sure everything works correctly before going live. It will get better, hang in there.
  5. Yeah, I bet every one of the 108 members that are listed as active on the boards are in this thread!
  6. Ditto here. Working great then nothing. I am just reading a book and hitting refresh. I am sure Stephanie is 1) on top of the situation and 2) pulling her hair out again. It will happen sooner or later.
  7. Ditto here. Working great then nothing. I am just reading a book and hitting refresh. I am sure Stephanie is 1) on top of the situation and 2) pulling her hair out again. It will happen sooner or later.
  8. I am so glad I will be home tomorrow night to wheel and deal online. I adjust my schedule any way I can so I can be available to purchase these coins when they go live. One time I went to Panera in my pajamas because we were vacationing in a remote location and I needed to get on the internet. Another time I left a class early so I could set up my laptop in time for the sale. Tsun makes me do weird things.
  9. You do an awesome job...both in your coin designs and with keeping us all updated. I am sorry that you had to go through this today. Your new store looks great and I am sure it will be up and running smoothly in no time (I just looked and it seemed to be working well this afternoon). I told you I was looking forward to the frenzy!
  10. The alarm is set. Hope to get these before they are gone. Nice coloring, Stephanie!
  11. We received one coin from NDSU earlier this week and will set it free very soon, either in Ohio or the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area.
  12. Depending on the price, I think we would be interested in at least one. We were actually at a funeral that day for a very close friend and listened to the events as they were heard on radios going to/from the cemetery and funeral home and wake. A very sentimental day and a reminder of how fragile life is. Great looking coin.
  13. We had an absolutely fantastic weekend! You guys and gals really put on an amazing event and it was fascinating to watch all of the wheeling and dealing going on. About the only thing we missed was the poker game since we had to get back to the dog at the hotel. It was really nice finally getting to meet so many wonderful people and put faces with the names we see everywhere. Congrats again on your well planned event!
  14. We are suckers for snow figures so we just sent our order via email. Nice coin!
  15. Just went back to check this afternoon and they are all gone. We will probably put one up for trade.
  16. Totally! I thought that the first time I heard it as well.
  17. We also sent an email. We'll keep our fingers crossed too!
  18. I went to their website yesterday and was able to place an order. It looks like they have 25 sets available for purchase and I got a shipping confirmation this morning. Hurry up and head over before they are all gone! Guess they had some duplicate orders and some non-payment order cancellations. Good news for us!
  19. This is our first time doing this, so we are a little green on the proper protocol. We have the steel and crimson versions of the Dragonfly Talisman coin. We also have 2 Earth Turtle 2008, colors shown in picture. What we are looking for in trade is an original Earth Turtle of any color. All are unactivated. I only took them out of the plastic to take a picture. We would like the ET to be unactivated as well. Please email us through our profile.
  20. X2 If you don't like the style of hide.........DON'T SEARCH IT!! Some of us do!! X3. I rather like that type as it happens. I'd rather find a well hidden AMMO CAN there of course, but the urban micros are the majority of caches we find. Could not agree more. We LOVE micros (most of the time). There are a few that have us walking away asking why anyone would put one there, but it is fun to be stealthy when looking for a cache. Using stealth tactics is a blast for us when we just can't get out into the woods. There is a cache out there for everyone. If you don't like those kind, don't go looking for them.
  21. I am deathly allergic to bees but I give them their proper respect. It's to the point where I have to stop 50-100 feet from GZ to scope out the location. Here is the story of the first time I found out I was allergic: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...8f-86193c61cc71. If there is a note that says there are active bees in the area, or if a previous finder puts a reference to them in their log, I simply stay away. That is simply a hazzard of caching that I must adapt to. I put those caches in a bookmark or make a mental note to do them in the winter months. If you put a note on the cache letting others know, I think that would more than suffice (and be appreciated by other hymenoptera allergy sufferers). I don't think you should kill them...they were there first.
  22. This is the first one of those we have seen. The part with the kid putitng his face in the camera and howling had us busting up. That was good. Congrats on the pub!
  23. We bought a GPSr for use plotting some land in Canada in 2004. Then it sat idle for a few months until a coworker and I were talking about GPS satellites one day. He asked if I had ever heard of geocaching and I told him I had not. We spent the rest of the afternoon at work researching caches. That night at home, the wife and I pulled up the site and looked for caches close to home. We grabbed the GPSr, loaded the coordinates, and hit the door. As soon as we found the camo'd container with the cool swag we were hooked. I took the GPSr to work and over the next few weeks and the coworker and I went out on several excursions at lunch. What a rush! That is how we became hooked.
  24. We plan on bringing a few to trade, but mostly there to buy coins and make some new friends.
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