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  1. I have used MS MapPoint in the past. But NIB is $300 so that might be a little too expensive. It worked great, though.
  2. Added two tics for 34. One for the 'b' in our geonick and one for the 'p'. Cool poll.
  3. I think the OP is talking about cache locations, not containers, based on what they wrote: "locations, or cache that they have been to" ...just my interpretation, although I love looking through the the thread you reffered to from time to time to see if I can come up with some new container ideas.
  4. Wow...tihs is going to be a difficult question to answer for a lot of people. We made a Favorites List but I don't know that we could narrow it down to only one. There are several that stick out as being very memorable that we have really enjoyed finding over the years. Great question! So, a few of the best ones we have done are: Irish Blessing Revisted by the hiking viking A Discarded Kettle by mr.bloodhound X Marks the Spot by Carlin462 Blue Sea Granite by dbailey Grotto Falls byFireFighterEng33 And actually one DNF that was in one of the most beautiful places we have been: The Mont Morisette Hike by Equipe VG. The view from the DNF:
  5. Mine was 5:30:06, Montana time. I wonder who got their order in first. That should have been a cointest!
  6. Got my confirmation email too! Yippee!
  7. You? Try being me, lol. 5:30 my time can't come soon enough..... I always get sick to my stomach on sale days and I've been sick alot over the past few weeks Yeah, I am sure you are looking forward to it finally being sale time more than anyone else! I do like the old school format, though...you send in your email and then refresh your Inbox every 15 seconds to see if you get a return email from you with good news. You have done a fabulous job keeping us all posted and I hope everything goes smoothly for you tonigh.
  8. The anticipation is killing me! ARGHHH!
  9. You can write whatever you want. The worst that can happen is the cache owner deletes your post, sends you a scathing email, or archives the cache altogether. Personally, I always try to sugar coat the bad news. Or I will refer to a previous post like, "Boy I wish I would have read the previous posts so I would have know what NOT to do" (or something similar). If you don't like caching where dogs relieve themselves, then write that in the cache so others know what to expect. Without giving away the exact location of course. Sometimes a cache is just plain dangerous, like a skirt-lifter with a hornets nest or close to a dangerous roadway like a previous post mentioned. In that case, I write a VERY detailed description of my experience and then post a "Needs Maint" or "Needs Archived" log. If if is in a place where harm to an individual is possible, it needs to be shut down. Reviewers can only see so much when they review hides and the logs are a feedback mechanism to alert other cachers and reviewers to danger.
  10. Since you are a premium member, you have access to the "Find Caches Along a Route" function. Follow Link You can search for routes that others have uploadedl or you can create your own route using Google Earth and a simple pocket query. The nice thing about creating your own is you can specify your start and stop addresses. The instructions are pretty helpful, but you will want to make sure you are very specific when running your PQ. Another thing you can do is actually locate a cache on your route that meets your criteria (at rest stops, just off the interstate) and see if anyone has created a public bookmark that lists the caches on your route. For example, I know in Ohio there is a bookmark for caches along 71. Hope this helps. Contact me through my profile if you need assistance with the "Find Caches Along a Route" function.
  11. Only one person can technically own the cache and receive owner notifications, but that does not mean you both cannot place it together. There is a spot on the report a new cache page where you can type the names of additional hiders (or anything else for that matter). Ownership will only go to the account that creates the cache, but the other person can simply add it to their watchlist and they will receive all of the log notifications.
  12. Whenever I come across a TB or coin that is "naked" in a cache (just sitting there with no info or goal sheet), I always pick it up and bring it home where I print out the TB info sheet and put it in a plastic baggie. This way cachers are more apt to look at what it is, what it is doing in the cache, and why it is so special to get its own little baggie. Once they read that it is "No ordinary item" and wants to travel, I think they are more likely to come home and research trackable items and what to do with them.
  13. Why stop there... How about names for people who:- Read about caching once in a sunday paper and then forgot all about it or People who found a cache by accident on a picnic, created an account to log it, then never found another or People who know about letterboxing and use a GPS to navigate or People who find caches without a gps or People who insist that wearing certain socks helps with their find rate or is this all getting a little bit silly??? You mean the socks I have been wearing for 3 months straight aren't helping me find more caches? Oh the humanity!
  14. I went down to San Salvador, a remote island of the Bahamas, a few weeks ago and FTFd 4 caches!
  15. First off, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Dogs are members of the family and it hurts when we lose them. My heart also goes out to you. As for our pooch, we take her when the weather is nice because she is getting old and can't handle the heat that well anymore. In the fall she goes with us everywhere and we usually take her when we are caching at local parks. She never comes on the urban hides. That's her cute little mug as our avatar. The one below is after a find at a local park. She even has her own trackable coin that we take and dip in caches when she comes with us. You can look at it using TBTP4W.
  16. I can walk through a jungle of it with no reaction. But my wife on the other hand just seems to look at it and she breaks out. It is something we have to watch out for with her when we are out and about, so we appreciate the cachers who put the "poison plant" attribute on their cache page. I usually go for them solo while she stays back.
  17. Ours was in 2005. A coworker and I were talking one day about GPS units because we were trying to measure distance or something. Out of the blue, he asks, "Have you heard of that game where you use a GPS to fund stuff hidden by others?" That was it for me. I spent the rest of the afternoon at work researching geocaching. By the time I left I had targeted three caches close to home and I raced home to tell my wife about it. After dinner we headed out to a local park and the rest is history. We are still as addicted now as we were on that first night.
  18. I still don't understand how it got the name "bison tube"! Do you have any ideas?
  19. Just a quick note to thank those of you who contacted us through our profile with help for our event and to those that offered great suggestions through PM. Geocachers rock!
  20. You could always use the "Grab it from current holder" under the log options if you are anxious to place it in another cache. Did the person you are referring to log the cache already and not drop the trackable? If so, they may have just forgotten to drop it when they found the cache.
  21. bnpkidz

    no emails

    Also make sure you check the day you are running the cache. For example, if you are running it today make sure Saturday is checked. Pocket queries can be fussy.
  22. Using the "find caches along a route" feature is a great tool. We just did it today for a trip down to the Smoky Mountains in a couple of weeks. We just tell it how far off the road we want to go and what kind of caches we want to find. It is a little tricky to do at first, and running pocket queries is always a crap shoot, but after a few times it will be second nature to you. If you want to send me an email through our profile, let me know where you are starting and where you are finishing and I will upload the route and run the pocket query. All you have to do is follow this link and type in the name you h the route. http://www.geocaching.com/my/userroutes.aspx
  23. A great idea (not mine) for an inexpensive event prize is to raffle off coordinates of a newly published cache that you have placed for the event. You can have it published at a time just after the event but the cacher already has beaten those FTF hounds! Something else I like to do...offer ready to go caches as prizes. I gave away two at my WWFM V event today and they were greatly appreciated. Those are great suggestions. I am not sure if I could do the new cache because we are hosting an event in a different state (we are from NY, event is in TN). I could probably run a PQ of the area and see who has hidden the most caches and ask them to adopt it from me after the event. Hmmmmm....you might be on to something!
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