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  1. I sent out the latest round of invites last night. We are up to 7 teams. Draft day is on the 7th so we really need a push this holiday weekend to get the remaining 5 teams signed up. If you would like to play, or know anyone that is interested in playing, please let them know! If we get to 10 teams by Tuesday then we can play with that amount, although I would need to make changes to the playoff structure and coin payout, but it can be done. Maybe if we guarantee TSUN Brett Favre as her QB she will join too.
  2. We are now up to 5 teams. Still need 7 more to make a full league, so if you have any interest in playing please send a note through my GC profile. Thanks!!!
  3. Four teams down, 8 to go. Please send an email through my GC profile if you are interested in joining!
  4. Haha...No, I am playing Philly Phan. You are playing Big Daddy (I'm the Rodeao Clowns). I need you to beat him because he has my number this year! Good luck to you!
  5. I meant to do this earlier but I have been busy retooling my geocoin fantasy baseball team for a post-season run. I have run several fantasy football leagues in the past and am looking forward to adding a geocoin flair to mine this year. We will use ESPN.com since they don't charge for services that many other sites do. The league is open to the first 12 teams that send me a message through my GEOCACHING PROFILE. Once I receive your email address I will send you a link to join the league. The draft will occur on September 7th. You can be online to draft your team or ESPN will draft it for you. The rules will be fairly common in terms of scoring, but you must ante up 1 geocoin to activate your team. You must send in your geocoin prior to the start of the season. I will maintain a list so everyone can see what has been sent in and verify what I have received from each team. I do this at the beginning of the season because there are always 2-3 teams who stop "playing" midway through the season and they never send in their coin to the winner. This way, everyone has a vested interest and I will randomly distribute the coins after the season concludes. First place wins 8 coins. Second place wins 4 coins. In addition, I will give away coins from my personal collection for leaders in mystery statistical categories throughout the season (at least 3 times). Please contact me if you have any questions.
  6. Bootblackblast- you're about to have mail... Do you have room for one more? I was thinking about starting a league too, but I love fantasy football so I might do multiple teams in different leagues. Let me know!
  7. Finally resubmitted my order. Thanks for an inexpensive trackable!
  8. Sent ya a pm As did I...let me know what turns up. Thanks!
  9. Is there a way to verify my order went through? I went through all the paypal screens but I never received a confirmation email from paypal. Just wanted to know if it went through, if not I will try again. Thanks!
  10. Wow! Thanks for the great list...we have some homework now!
  11. I looked at cointracking and geocoincollection, but we would prefer a coin that is still available for purchase since we really aren't that into trading.
  12. We just adopted a puppy from the SPCA and want to get her very own geocoin to track her travels with us as we hunt geocaches. We had a shih-tzu who had a China geocoin (since the breed originated in China) that we used to track her mileage with us as we went out and about (see it here). In searching for a new trackable for Winnie, our new addition, we are having some difficulty locating one that has a humane society or SPCA theme. Since she is a mix, we don't really want to get her one of the purebred coins that are available. Aside from the York County Humane Society Geocoin, which we already have, does anyone know of any other general dog geocoins out there? Perhaps one in the works or an older coin (that is still available), or maybe one with the proceeds going to a dog shelter? Any advice, clues, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Here is a picture of Winnie too.
  13. Just bought 5 - they are so reasonably priced and the shipping is hardly anything at all! Thanks!
  14. What a great mission. We lost our shih-tzu, "Sam", to cancer back in November but just added a spunky little dachshund/miniature wire-haired terrier puppy (hence the spunk) to our family last week. We live in the Buffalo area so we probably won't get out caching with her for a few more weeks, but it is obvious from her frequent housebreaking potty trips outside that she absolutely LOVES snow. 1. sent email - 2/15/10 2. Participating pet - Winnie (born 12/12/09) 3. Type of pet - crazy 4. Received Name 5. Mission Complete 6. Mission Arrived!
  15. First and foremost, we are very sorry for your loss. I lost my father in June to colon cancer and my wife lost her mother July '08 to liver cancer. I also like the engraving option! We would probably purchase 3-4 of these.
  16. This sounds like a wonderful idea for an event and we would love to come over from Buffalo if one is set up. We have a 16' Starcraft, but I don't have the necessary navigation aids/radios to be legal on the lake. Plus she turns 21 this year and while I think she could make it to the point, I don't want to find out what would happen if we got started and then we ran into engine trouble. I would not want to see her take on a 4-foot wave either, so if we can find one to rent then we would be happy to pitch in for the excursion.
  17. Interesting concept. Someone who has spent thousands of dollars and many hours to entertain people that they for the most part don't know and will never met can be considered rude or arrogant for doing so. Don't use such a broad brush. I know people who have 100+ hides and have no problem maintaining them. Most of the problem caches that I have encountered were hidden by people with a handful of hides. I didn't use a broad brush - that is why I used "some" and not "all". If I would have said "All of the cachers with 100 hides can't possibly maintain them" then we would have had a broad brushstroke. I thought there was a guideline for "vacation caches" and if you are hiding them from Ohio to Connecticut and ignoring maintenance logs then it is time for you to pare your crop. When someone places over 100 (sorry, it was 200 in this specific case I am referencing) caches across a 4-state area, there is no possible way they can maintain all of them in a timely manner. If you want specifics you can PM me...I am not going to throw anyone under the bus in a public forum.
  18. We are around the corner in 14226 and we have 657. Again, many of those are in Canada and we too cross the border to look for them as well! We call it NoBo caching (North of the Border).
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