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  1. I’ve been away for a day and a half and had hoped a common sense solution to allowing YSMs to continue in their current format would have been achieved on my return. Sadly, that would not appear to be the case. As a UK cacher since 2001, I have seen numerous changes in the caching world. Some, clearly needed to be implemented, whilst other changes have been retrograde steps to say the least. I’m not particularly interested in numbers, ftfs, streaks, numbers of caches found in a day, urban caches, nanos etc. but will be out at least a couple of times most weeks and have logged 3,345 finds (including 281 YSMs) and 175 hides. If people are keen on any/all of the above aspects of caching that’s fine by me, it doesn’t interfere with my life. As far as the YSM is concerned, to me, this is clearly not a locationless cache as they all have a well researched and interesting location (with the odd exception). If you don’t want to find and log them or aren’t interested that’s fine by me as well. If you’re not from the UK I don’t see this has any impact on you anyway. This is only a hobby at the end of the day and there’s enough conflict in the world already!!! The geocaching website states “Geocaches can be found all over the world. It is common for geocachers to hide caches in locations that are important to them, reflecting a special interest or skill of the cache owner. These locations can be quite diverse. They may be at your local park, at the end of a long hike, underwater or on the side of a city street.” The concept of the YSM appears to fit this concept on most if not all levels (which can’t be said for a lot of caches out there). Whether it’s classified as a virtual, locationless, moves around or whatever appears to me on the face of it a pointless debate. It’s out there being enjoyed by many cachers and has excellent support from the Ye Ole Survey Monument website. Clearly, they wouldn’t be allowed now as the rules are different but to deny it’s continuing existence given the amount of support it receives is sad indeed. The demise of GC45CC is a bit like giving a child a toy which gives him/her a lot of enjoyment then snatching it away from them with no rational explanation. If we’re in the mood for change can I offer my the following for consideration – 1. No cache to be placed within 50 metres of a house as this can cause a lot of concern for people. 2. All caches to be at least 400 metres apart. This gives people a chance to enjoy their surroundings rather than spend their life peering at a gps/phone. 3. No cache container to be less than 100ml and have a log book that can be written on. 4. Letterbox caches to be discontinued. It’s just a normal cache with a stamp that no-one uses anyway. As the old cartoon ending said “That’s all folks”. A huge thanks must go to Out for The Hunt for well researched locations. Top man. Thank you for reading this, from a very disappointed (ex?) cacher.
  2. Nothing annoys me more than people who can't log a trackable properly. I see loads of logs with people discovering trackables and saying they've taken them, people who log them out and can't be bothered placing them again, people who just take them and don't mention it and may or may not place it again in another cache. All these people should be taken outside, put against a wall and shot.
  3. One of the first TB's we picked up in 2002 was Postie's "Letter Bug" which I'm pleased to say is still active after almost 10 years, having been released on 3rd Feb 2002. Whilst it moves on a regular basis it's still travelled less than 7,000 miles. Does anyone have a travel bug that has lasted longer than this and who has the claim on the furthest travelled TB released in the UK. TB number is TB45D.
  4. Just wondered who has been caching in the UK for the longest time i.e. the longest time between the first cache found and their latest. I suspect some of the earlier cachers may have given up. We will never make the cacher with the most finds or the longest running cacher but will kick of with a time of 10 years and 10 days.
  5. Whilst it won't really help, unless you want to invest in a new GPS, Satmap now have a good range that includes Spanish mapping.
  6. Almost exclusively countryside caches. The wilder the better. When we first started 10 years ago we went for just about everything, although in those days there wasn't an awful lot to go for. Have seen some pretty abysmal contryside and some really awful urban ones, but we don't really do furtive very well and prefer to cache in some peace and quiet.
  7. We always take a dog dazer when walking in foreign countries. You never know what you may meet in the likes of Spain. It emits a high pitch noise, inaudible to humans, but will stop any dog in its tracks. Don't usually carry at home but have had occasions when it would have been useful and may carry it in future. I believe they are legal and don't cause any harm to the dog. Better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Seems to me there are more ticks about this year but at least Walking magazines and other press articles are paying a bit more attention to it these days. We've been a bit paranoid about them since a friend was laid up in hospital seriously ill in intensive care after a tick bite and we now follow the usual precautions i.e. tuck trousers inside socks, wear long sleeve trousers etc. but don't seem to think this makes much difference as ticks crawl over your clothes and find a way in anyway. There are a few more tick prevention products and even a test kit to test any tick you find to see if it is carrying Lyme disease. See Tick-Test from www.steppingout.co.uk. It is just out and we have some on order, but hope we don't need it. I think it would be useful if there was a database where people can say where and how many ticks they have picked up, so we can avoid these areas.
  9. Having had a 60 CSx for 3 years and a yellow Etrex for 5 years before that have bitten the bullet and bought a Satmap. It's been brilliant so far - locks on quickly and the bigger screen is ideal for walking. Have just imported a gpx file from GSAK with all the info, logs and hints that are required. So basically, can say so far it's fine although I understand there were one or two issues with earlier Satmaps.
  10. Have already got a 60CSX but have ordered a Satmap today, mainly for walking but will also use it for caching as well. Most reports are good and at least it's a decent size. Will see how it goes.
  11. Don't get me started on abbreviations. I am starting to read on a good number of logs words to the effect - arrived at GZ and started to look for a likely place. Why has GZ suddenly started to appear? I assume this means "ground zero" which in itself is complete nonsense anyway and as far as I can see has nowt to do with geocaching anyway. If lots of people are starting to look for my caches in the middle of New York, they are looking in the wrong place. I think people mean they have arrived at the posted co-ords and started to search for the cache. By the way don't get me on about 24/7 - that's another load of tosh. Anyway off for another beer and a lie down, probably in that order. TTFN and SYL.
  12. 4 weeks; 4 months. Pah. GC1538R took 1 year 5 months for a FTF - it's not a puzzle and was found by 3 non cachers before a genuine cacher find. One was a non caching friend who explained how he had found this odd box, having no idea it was there. By the way we have yet to find it but it is on the to do list.
  13. Over a mile from the nearest road.... Waddaya expect? Who on earth would go and look for a cache... on the moors... that was so far from the nearest road? Too much like hard work for the modern cacher who has to get at least 40 in a day to make it worth his (her?) while getting up in the morning Men with daft hats have been seen in the vicinity, many miles from home. The local constabulary have been alerted to look out for further alien visitations
  14. Have just looked at our nearest not found caches and whilst we haven't given up yet, there are so many that cry out "is it really worth the bother" as there is so much dross out there. I reckon we'll carry on but will just be that much more selective.
  15. Our Watson's Pike (GC 889B)was last found on 13th June 2006, so that's about 2 and a half years. It was placed in February 2002 and has 19 finds. I was up there a couple of months back and it's still in position and in good condition. I just think a lot of folk can't be bothered with walking these days when much simpler caches can be found without much effort. Given there are far more cachers these days I would have thought some would have made the effort - it's on the moors with great views but is over a mile from the nearest road. Pleased to see that our cache was found again on Sept 20 - 3 years, 3 months and 7 days since the last visitor.
  16. 21 miles for us and we thought that was getting a bit overkill. I'm still waiting to find a cache I didn't know was there when out for a walk by just investigating something that just didn't look right.
  17. There are certain rules which must be adhered to when erecting electric fencing - one of which is the placement of, generally, plastic signs along a fence wire showing the presence of a live wire. For gates etc. there are handles that can be unhooked to allow passage through. I used to be involved in selling the stuff and can dig out more details if required. The effect of an electric fence system should not be under estimated - the voltages they give are very high and should any person or animal get tangled in a wire and not be able to free themselves they will be killed.
  18. There have been a few topics giving the mileage to the nearest 100 or 500 caches or whatever from a certain point. On a different tack which point in mainland Britain is furthest from a cache? They reckon in Britain you are never more than 10 yards or whatever from a rat - will it ever become the same for caches?
  19. Agree with all that's said above. There are still loads of interesting places that don't have caches both near and far, but we have an ever growing list on our nearest not founds that appear to have no real attraction e.g. supermarket car parks, lay byes etc. that we quite happily drive past. As one previous poster said there are loads of trig points out there and I think we will be focussing more on these in the future and after seven years of caching will finish up doing odd caches which are in a decent place on a decent walk. When we got our first 100 we had to travel around 100 miles to be able to do so and most if not all were intersting finds. The 100 nearest caches to home now feature all sorts and we probably have several hundred within 20 miles or so, so i think it is basically quantity now rather than quality.
  20. Our Watson's Pike (GC 889B)was last found on 13th June 2006, so that's about 2 and a half years. It was placed in February 2002 and has 19 finds. I was up there a couple of months back and it's still in position and in good condition. I just think a lot of folk can't be bothered with walking these days when much simpler caches can be found without much effort. Given there are far more cachers these days I would have thought some would have made the effort - it's on the moors with great views but is over a mile from the nearest road.
  21. Have just seen the Satmap Active 10 GPS reviewed and it seems to me a decent bit of kit. Those more technically inclined may be able to pick holes in it but would be interested to know if anyne has actually seen one or used one. Check it out at www.satmap.com
  22. I've looked at various San disk micro sd cards and can't find the extreme card I am being warned about for the 60csx but can see Ultra 2 cards and also cards with no reference to Extreme or 2 but are "transflash" cards. Can any learned person please give a definitive to what is and isn't ok for the Garmin 60csx. Ta.
  23. Hoping Ewan continues to make good progress, as this and the previous thread are ones we have kept an eye on over the last couple of months.
  24. A big well done from us both. Your're certainly one of caching's elder statesmen now
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