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  1. I've Found my own caches after they've been adopted. And I've been lambasted for it. We all play the Game differently... Some people don't bother searching for a cache but PAF, but that's okay isn't it... One eminent cacher I wont name actually didn't find one of my caches because it was missing. He asked if he could log it anyway because he would of found it if it was there. I let him log it, his Rules...
  2. While we're on the subject, this cache has had :- 2 DNF's and a Needs Maintenance in November. Needs Archiving in December Temporarily Disable Listing from Red Duster in December. A reply but no Action in January. Another Needs Archiving in February, which was deleted... Another ignoring Note in February. A badly maintained reflects just as badly on GS as a badly placed cache. A Needs Archive IS confrontational and is generally taken badly. There should be a better way of handling them, but that's caching...
  3. Would be good if GS considered Hides as important as Finds and put it on our Profile...
  4. Not sure if this means anything, but here are the symptoms. Viewed a gallery today. When I clicked on an image to view it, it showed the previous image in the list. It did this consistently until I refreshed the page. The gallery view was correct, I refreshed it afterwards and all was okay.
  5. In the UK we append ", uk" have you tried "2100, dk"
  6. Don't want to hijack the thread, but why do we have background images ? You hardly see them... Removing them would maybe help...
  7. The major issue I have is that it also corrupts cache pages, not funny when it's a picture puzzle.
  8. For the Tech lovers out there could you expand on the Technologies you're using that dont work on the Google Android system while running Googles Maps ?
  9. Don't tell me you're not supposed to buy fur coats now?? :unsure: Donkey Jackets are okay.
  10. There's the "takes less than an hour" Attribute.
  11. And paying Membership is tacit agreement to what they do. No its not !! can you imagine a world where buying stuff gives the seller your tacit agreement to do what they do You are buying a service they offer in my case pocket queries. edit cause quoting failed me ! Membership "Support the development and maintenance of the Geocaching.com site." Everything you buy, you make a decision. Local or imported veg. Battery or Free-Range eggs. Organic or Intense food. Anybody remember the Benetton adverts. Who buys Fur coats nowadays.
  12. And paying Membership is tacit agreement to what they do.
  13. Only visible when you have a cache waiting Review.
  14. Button on My Profile page takes you to Recent Activity not Archived Caches. This is the link http://www.geocaching.com/MY/geocaches.aspx?archived=y This is what I was expecting... http://www.geocaching.com/MY/logs.aspx?s=1&lt=5 Never used it before but it doesn't do what I expected so I'm assuming it's a BUG...
  15. I know where it is, it's the list it creates which is the problem. It's bad enough for me with 1500 finds; my suggestion is that it is sent gradually like the cache logs...
  16. Clicking on this menu loads ALL logs to the screen, can it be paged like most of the other pages. Great for the Servers as well as the Cachers.
  17. Would it be possible to have two (or more) Home Coords, which we could toggle between in our profile. During the week I'm more interested in caches near Work. At the weekend I'm more interested in caches near Home. Would be nice to be able to switch my Home coords between the two. A set of Holiday Coords would be good too. When holidays are being planned it's nice to watch what's going on in the area, and would make creating PQ's easier.
  18. Out of interest, does it go by browse history only ? If you log a cache via App, do these appear too.
  19. DOH, didn't realise the Print page was active. Clicking the Decrypt button actually on the Print page then decrypts the hint. Sorry....
  20. The Print button on the cache page only prints the encrypted hint even if it's been decrypted. Am using IE7, Win XP Pro and I have cleared my cache.
  21. Assuming all threads are read it's only common decency to post a response. And not an onerous propostion give nthe size of the Forum...
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