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  1. quote:Originally posted by fizzymagic:Doesn't work in Mozilla 1.2.1 Or IE and Safari for OSX Cheers Nick
  2. I don't really think that calling someone who wears a survey grade gps a 'dork' is very appropriate, even in jest, especially when used in the context of talking to someone who has a hand in whatever the final outcome of geocaching on DOC administered land is The only reason you would be using a backpack GPS is when you need highly accurate measurement - and if you need highly accurate measurements, you use the correct tools - even if you do look slightly odd with a mushroom growing out of your back. I am sure that the two fellow geocachers who develop these specialised pieces of equipment, and one (that I know) geocacher who has to use one, would agree. Cheers Nick.
  3. quote:If multiple people want to sign, please place a message for each one, we can then use the counter to see if we're on target or not. This is my reply (Nick speaking in Bernadette's voice so the 'replied' counter is correct)
  4. Bernadette and I can sign Cheers Nick.
  5. quote:Originally posted by nandor:Whoa! The North Island's got measels ... Man, how come Santa did not bring GPS's to any South Islanders Cheers Nick.
  6. quote:Originally posted by tgsnoopy:Incidently, an ex-geocacher has just bought another GPS and as I type this is out attacking caches. He bought a Magellan GPS320, it outperformed my GPS12 yesterday, is cheaper and comes with the data/power lead . Yes the quad helix antennas used by Magellan are apparently better than the patch antennas in the Garmin etrex units - pity the 300 series is so butt ugly! (Also the Magellans are not supported by TopoMapPro (and won't be according to MapWorld), but are supported by Tumonz (not sure about NZMapped)) Cheers Nick.
  7. quote:Originally posted by embi:i dont really know why people think the etrex is a inferior unit. I use one and when I have been up against meridians and the like the etrex has been as good if not better..... Personally I have not had any real problems finding caches with the eTrex (all my finds have been with it) but I have noticed that it can go quite screwy when under tree coverage due to loosing then finding sat lock. Once it said I had done 850Km on a 4hr bush walk! - what if the waypoint was marked by the dog at the same moment as the GPS had this screwy reading? (Not to say that it would not occur with a 12 or 72, I just thought that with the 12's bigger patch antenna and the 72's quad helix, they may have a better chance under tree coverage) Cheers Nick.
  8. I have mentioned it to the people who make TUMONZ, as I thought if they ever decided to offer the ability to open files of waypoints then this would be a good format to use - I have yet to hear a reply (They obviously have an internal method for doing it, but they are keeping in internal so they can keep selling MapBook addons for TUMONZ!) Cheers Nick
  9. BigNick


    quote:What I had in mind is that I'll be traveling with three other people who don't share an interest in geocaching, so I should probably try for ones that can be done somewhat quickly so as not to be a drag on group activities--wouldn't be fair to ask them to cool their heels while I struck out on a 10 hour trek. That is what I thought you meant, and all the caches I have mentioned fall into this category (though a lot of other caches are in very scenic areas with fantastic views, so you could use this as a selling point to your travelling companions ) Cheers Nick
  10. On tonights News there was a report on a guy who has developed a tracking system for search and rescue using a dog, GPS and radio tracker. Basically the dog wears a jacket with a GPS, radio tracker and electronics - when the dog finds what he/she is looking for they pull the radio tracker out of the jacket and leave it with the person - the electronics then mark the position as a waypoint on the GPS and the dog returns to the handler. The handler then uses the GPS and a directional antenna to find the tracker and in turn the person. What made me initially interested was the fact that the GPS was a bog standard eTrex yellow, which initially surprised me because of it's problems with sat-lock under tree cover, but coupled with the radio tracker I guess it will get the job done (but I am still surprised they did not go for a 12 or 72 model) Website is http://www.k9nz.co.nz if you wanted to read more. Cheers Nick.
  11. BigNick


    Sounds like a good trip. What do you conceder an relatively easy cache? We don't have a lot of drive-by caches in New Zealand (ie 1/1 caches) but here is my list from Christchurch to Dunedin (the ones I have done) that do not require a trip off the beaten path, or much of a walk. Christchurch Bobs Place 911 Fire Fighters Memorial Triangulation Highlander Ilam From Christchurch to Dunedin Fuel Dump Opihi River Shag Point Dunedin Centennial Memorial Bledislow Rush Unity Park Make sure you check out Nandors nzcaches.tk which shows all the New Zealand caches on a map of NZ. In regards to maps for your Garmin, unfortunately you can only download MapSource maps to the GPS so you are limited to the maps on the WorldMap CD. Apparently Garmin have NZ maps under development, but I have no idea when they are to be released. If you want moving map software for a laptop then Tumonz, TopoMapPro and NZMapped are your options. Hopefully some other fellow cachers will be able to give you pointers caches in their areas. Cheers Nick.
  12. I suspect that the machine that builds the map pages at Nandor's work may have been shutdown over the Xmas break - I have looked at the access log for the updates (the maps are hosted on my server) and the program has not tried to connect since Dec 22 07:00:16am (although as usual, lots of script kiddies trying anonymous access!) I will fire off an email to Nandor, but I think he is on holiday, so he may not be able to do much until he is back. Cheers Nick.
  13. I just received this great log entry for one of my caches - Donovan did not find the cache, but did find the stash! quote:I was in a rush, so I didn't have time to search for very long. I didn't find the cache, but, I did find the dead sheep. Interestingly, at the exact cache coordinates (according to my GPSR), I found a hessian sack containing a black ribbish bag. I thought that this must be it (as it was well hidden), but, when I opened it I found that it contained a large stash of pot (only leaf and not really worth stashing). I took it with me and dumped it at the next camping ground where we were staying. As we were leaving, a 4WD came out of the home stay just up the road and parked where we had been, this may have been the owner of the stash. I bet they thought it was well hidden, but, they didn't count on geocaching! Cheers, Donovan. Good on you Dovovan for removing the stash, sorry that you did not find the cache. Cheers Nick
  14. quote:Originally posted by Dunedin:draw them onto your favourite scanned map of NZ. Which can be obtained here from LINZ. Cheers Nick.
  15. Oh, just read the web page closer, and the SDK starter kit has two phones in it - which makes it quite reasonable... Cheers Nick
  16. quote:Originally posted by gazzanic:I've been doing some work on tracking these through the http://www.wherearewe.co.nz web site and have been thinking about recreational uses for them as well. I've got a Track Pro that I would be willing to loan if anyone has any ideas for a game based around it. Hey now that is very cool, gosh the SDK's are expensive... I wonder if the Geocaching Fox Hunt was played with one of these? Just out of interest, what is the phone you have worth (I want to upgrade my phone, 'tho by the looks of it, this does not have GPRS ) and does anyone actually stock them to have a look at? Cheers Nick.
  17. Glue a large map of the South Island to a piece of flat cardboard. Trim round the edge. The balance point should be the centre. Ok, to be honest that is just a guess, but is logical to my mind... Cheers Nick
  18. Doh, I did not notice that the two pages are the same Looks like the 4th connection is for a 3.8v regulated power connection and yes, for the best electrical connection the wires are soldered to the springs, then for extra strength epoxy or hot glued into place. Cheers Nick.
  19. http://www.geocities.com/gormikk/conexione.htm P.S - The "GPS Units and Software" would be a better place for this request Cheers Nick.
  20. Some interesting 'high value' caches... A Watcher's point of view Rest & Be Thankful and have a look at their other hides... lots of GPS units, cash, binoculars, leatherman tools, FRS radios etc etc Might back to plan a trip to Canada eh Nick
  21. quote:Originally posted by tgsnoopy:Operation of these units will interfer with commercial radio operations and render the operator liable for a fine up to NZ$100,000.00 and the importer up to NZ$250,000.00 Nuts, I thought these would be very cool, especially if enough people got them (as Brentc said, lots of potential for GPS games) - but those fines are a little steep! I guess if they are ever made for NZ frequences then you will have to buy them NZ retail and they will be at least twice the price that Brentc quoted I wonder if HLD has got his GPS12 yet and how he has found it compared to the eTrex? Cheers Nick.
  22. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):The majority of New Zealand geocachers told me that our maps suck and to leave them off the web site (in some occasions calling them offensive). That they are available on the print friendly page is a bug. I think you will find that was Australian geocachers not New Zealand geocachers. Here are their comments. Personally I find them quite useful to work out the general area of the cache. Cheers Nick.
  23. quote:I am hoping to get to New Zealand I was wondering if there is any plans to have a location map for this country in the near future? I am not sure why we don't get maps - I assume because the detail in them is quite poor. If you go to the 'print friendly' page the map does show up... kinda weird. A better idea might be to go to nzcaches.tk where there is a map of all the NZ caches. Cheers Nick.
  24. As these are made from Nitrocellulose, the same stuff as the smokeless powder in shotgun shells Cheers Nick.
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