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  1. As one of the people involved in the initial discussion we do feel pretty stink. We did not ever intend on offending the above cacher, it was just with their amazing track record over the past month they did intrigue the local cachers (imagine if you are involved in another activity and someone new started to play, and they were really good, but whenever they played they wore masks, would you not wonder who they were? - this is not trying to justify our actions, as I respect that we did cross the line). The only thing that was revealed was their Christian names (assuming that they signed the log book with their real name) and speculation on their sons name and the area of town that they lived in (I assume that this was turned up via a search engine based on their names) + some of their history from another cacher. There was no email address, nor street address, nor surname posted As soon as it was known that the above cacher objected to the discussion of their identity the thread was promptly deleted and an apology was posted. We have all learnt from this error in judgement, and it will not be repeated. Cheers Nick and Bernadette
  2. Sorry guys I didn't get a chance to do it this weekend. I am hoping to find some time during the week (I suppose I should plot out on the map where I need to go )
  3. I could do these all on the weekend if no-one else is interested
  4. There is no NZ maps available from Garmin for loading into the GPS (accept the crappy 'World' maps) but if you read this thread there are links to various maps that Brent and Gary have made for the Garmin range of mapping GPSr's. Cheers Nick.
  5. I like the idea of some sort of [WPT] tag that you can add around any set of co-ordinates that you put in your cache description. These are then converted into associated waypoints in the GPX pocket queries - they may be Parking co-ordinates, but they also may be steps in a multi. I know there are a number of 3rd party apps that can strip co-ordinates off a cache page to eliminate the need to hand enter these extra waypoints, but it would be so much better to get them in the GPX file. Cheers Nick
  6. If no-one else replies I could do it. I have already logged this cache, so I will wait for a few days to see if someone who has not already logged it is keen. I am looking forward to visiting your country in 2005, I hope I get a chance to find a couple of caches while I am over there Cheers Nick
  7. Below is Artemiskids design. Very cool
  8. Cool - can we see your version or do I have to wait until New Years?
  9. I have a Keyspan USB-Serial adapter. I have not tried it on my XP laptop (I use it on my Mac) but I will try and remember to bring my laptop home from work over the weekend and test it out with Tumonz. Cheers Nick.
  10. Hmmm, good question. You can convert TopoMap files for use in OziExplorer, but then you need to buy TopoMap so you might as well use that package. Tumonz is probably the cheapest commercial option available, or iMHere is currently in beta...
  11. Unfortunately no. Your only option is maps on a laptop linked to your GPS Cheers Nick
  12. quote:This was done with a minimum of fuss and the NZ geocachers got their dispensation to allow caching on DOC managed land (which the DOC has previously deemed to be illegal under NZ law). It is actually still in the process of being finalised (we are waiting some more information from DOC's lawyers) but yes it has not been as painful as what is happening over there. A couple of us have been following the various threads in the UK forums, and it has proved to be food for thought, hopefully we have learnt some things from your problems, and won't encounter the same things by the time the NZ society has been finalised. Cheers Nick.
  13. quote:Originally posted by A i d a n:Does anyone know if it is possible to get an evaluation version or demo of TUMONZ? Look here. There is no trial, but a 30 day money back guarantee is not to be sniffed at. Cheers Nick.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Sallies:Hi everyone We use Topomap Pro Lite and have wondered for a while if we should move up or change. It seems a big price hike to the full product. From what I can see Tumonz is much the same price as our Lite. Is it similar, better, different? I know you have all discussed these things before but I am still not sure of the pros and cons. I think the only con with Tumonz is the fact that the only way to get waypoints into it is to enter them manually, or upload to your GPS with something like EasyGPS then download them to Tumonz - neither is very good. Entering them manually takes time, while upload and download only gives you the names used in the GPS (6 chars in the eTrex basic case). The only other thing is that Tumonz does want a pretty grunty machine to run smoothly (especially if you want the 3d views) - other than that, Tumonz is a fantastic product. Cheers Nick.
  15. Offline: TopoMapPro Tumonz NZMapped Cheers Nick.
  16. Rather than ID use wp and use the cache number directly http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCFFFF Cheers Nick
  17. Cables and Plugs (Uk) - Pfranc Software - EasyGPS Cheers Nick
  18. quote:Originally posted by DJM:Although its cannot be uploaded to a Garmin an excellent digital map is available at: http://www.topomappro.com. The TopoMapLite ($99NZ) was fine for our purposes. TUMONZ at $95NZ is another good choice. Cheers Nick
  19. quote:Originally posted by Sallies:Couldn't agree more - when you have been searchng for 'hours' and decide you need help... So, like Swanny, you would not have liked the "It's under a Rock" clue for Titanic Erratic that I was going to use Cheers Nick.
  20. Nasty - sounds like good advise about taking care now that the days have become so short, thanks for sharing Steve. Cheers Nick.
  21. I agree, if you are at the site and have hunted but have been unable to find the cache then the encrypted clues should provide enough info to find the cache - there is nothing worse than decrypting a clue only to find it something like "You don't need a clue" or "Email me and I will give you more details" Cheers Nick
  22. As far as I know you are limited to the maps on the MapWorld CD - not too much detail One of our local cachers has made his own maps of Christchurch for his GPS. A nice email to KiwiLegend might get you a copy. NZCaches.tk gives you a good overview of the caches in New Zealand, and WhereAreWe will help pinpoint them. I hope you have fun while you are over. Cheers Nick.
  23. What about removing the @, then saving, then attaching avatar, saving, then change name back to M@?? Might want to create a dummy account (N@?) to test before maybe screwing up the M@ name - then ask for the account to be removed when finished testing. This would prove or disprove the @ problem. Cheers Nick
  24. This this a new login called M@? If so it may be the M@ as the display name of your tofska account that it is complaining about? You may need to change tofska's display name to something other than M@ in order to eliminate this message... If you have just renamed toska to M@ then I would agree with Markwell, maybe the M@ is freaking the system out. Cheers Nick.
  25. quote:Originally posted by wlswat:So not having done one, I would appreciate anyones advice on how close I've managed to get the coordinate conversion. I don't have a GPS, yet, so I'm keen to know if the x's are showing up in approximately the right places. They look fine to my eyes, well done (don't you hate the WGS84->NZMG conversions, what formula do you use?) What is up with map data - poor old Quail Island is missing (I am not nasty enough to put a cache on a buoy (though that gives me an idea Mwhahaha)) Cheers Nick
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