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  1. For some reason I seem to have lost all the smileys that used to sit by logs found on a cache page, also on Geocaching maps it lists all the caches, but no icons anymore. Any ideas what I have done inadvertently or how I can get them all back.


    We've got the same problem on the geocaching map - all caches found and unfound are displayed as unfound. :rolleyes:


    Quite a few people seem to be having the same problem since the last site upgrade. I reported it over in the appropriate Release Notes forum, as have several others, but no joy yet. Reloading the map page seems to help for a few minutes.

  2. I am getting a similar problem which has been mentioned twice above, with an extra bit!


    The part that's been mentioned is that on the maps I no longer see the special icons for my own caches and those which I have found. The additional part is that the checkboxes which allow me to hide my caches and finds no longer do anything.


    Firefox 3.6.8 running under MacOS 10.6.4

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