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  1. If I don't attend the MS CITO on Saturday, I'm planning to finish off that cache. At this rate, we'll be LAST to find!
  2. Braggart! I have yet to see one of these in person. BillsBayou's signature item
  3. Please be advised that the OP is from another country. "Injury" just may have lost something in the translation. Perhaps "affect" would have been a better word.
  4. This is not what I'd call spam; this is what I'd call amazing. Great job!
  5. Spotted near a local cache Gators - not by me, thankfully! What a Trip!
  6. My kid's addicted to that show. Sounds like fun; count us in.
  7. These are the 2 e-mails we got: Congratulations, your CITO event has been selected as one of the winners for the Trimble Outdoors GPS phone/software packages. I am emailing you to confirm your Team and Event names, as well as your mailing address. Please reply ASAP. Jeffery ______ (edited) Channel Manager Trimble Outdoors Hello again everyone. I just wanted to let each of you know a phone went out today UPS with a 2 day delivery. If you do not receive your Trimble Outdoors GPS phone by Wednesday afternoon please send me an email asap and we can track the shipment. Thank you again and happy Geocaching! Jeff Edited to remove the gentleman's full name.
  8. If you can, please also post a photo to the bug's page. As a TB owner, I love seeing the photos of where the bug's been.
  9. OOPS! We're looking for a plesiasaur, not a parasarolophus! My daughter would disown me if she knew I'd made that mistake. The bug is for her.
  10. We're looking for a plastic plesiasaur (dinosaur that looks like Loch Ness Monster) to turn into a TB. So far I've either found really big ones which won't fit into caches in this area, or I've found really tiny ones. I'm looking for something 2" - 4" long, something that would be a good size bug. I've searched the internet and haven't been able to turn one up yet. Any clues where to look? Edited to correct my mistake of confusing a plesiasaur with a parasarolophus
  11. Did you get the e-mail stating that your phone was sent UPS and should be there Wednesday?
  12. If you know the TB code, you should be able to post a note to the TB page.
  13. Henki

    Tb Removal

    TBs are meant to travel. If you can help it in its mission, feel free to retrieve it. When I do so, I post a note (not a Found It) to the cache page stating that I'm picking up the bug, then I log into the bug's page and sign it out there.
  14. [link removed by moderator.]
  15. I have yet to post a Needs Maintenance log, even when the log was soaked. I did include a note in my online entry that the log was soaked, though. The only time I've questioned if a cache was missing was when the thing hadn't been found since before the hurricane. I'll post something like, "We couldn't find it. I notice it hasn't been found since before Katrina. Do you know if it's still there?"
  16. We've decided to handle it as we did the drawings for the coins - everyone who participated is eligible, with the exception of the host team (me and my daughter). Some teams may have a better chance of winning because they brought more participants, but they brought more participants! Wasn't that the point of the donation, to encourage participation?
  17. I was wondering the same thing. We had our CITO this past weekend, and we had 14 people other than the 2 members of our team. One group was a family of 5, all members of their caching team, including 3 kids 8 - 12. My thinking is that ANYONE who participated in the cleanup (including the kids) should be entered into the drawing. But I thought perhaps we should just enter the team's name (this particular team's name 5 times) instead of the individuals' names. I'd hate to have a kid win it, just for the problems it could possibly cause with the other kids and/or whether or not the parents want an 8 yr. old to own the thing. But I think in all fairness the team should be eligible 5 times because the kids DID work. We also had a few 2-man teams, one of which was a mother-son team. We did have 2 drawings for CITO coins after the event, and everyone's name was entered individually. And I should clarify, my daughter and I were not entered into the coin drawing and I don't think we should be entered into the phone drawing because we hosted the event. Any thoughts on this?
  18. I just received the one that I submitted yesterday.
  19. Well, I jinxed myself. I ran a PQ right after posting today, and I have yet to receive the e-mail.
  20. Yes, there are several hydrocaches down here.
  21. Also, is the Output to this account's email address box checked?
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