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  1. You could award a prize for who bags the most trash.
  2. Well, I don't have the license plate frame or the window clings, but I do have the Signal antenna ball and the extreme mess in the back of the cachemobile. If you say you have a dirty Durango, I'd say you're my long lost twin!
  3. Quite a few caches in this area haven’t been found since before last August’s hurricane. Many also haven’t been checked by the owners due to the fact that some have relocated and some are just too blasted busy repairing their homes to check on these caches – priorities, you know. I’ve been tickled pink to find some that hadn’t been found in over a year, which somehow survived Katrina’s wrath. It would be a shame to archive these without someone checking on them. I also have some of my own that haven’t been found in over a month. I live in a small urban area which doesn’t see a whole lot of activity. I also have an urban cache that’s had a few DNFs and hasn’t been found for a while, but it’s still there. Archiving caches that are still viable just because people haven’t found them is ludicrous, especially since you’re proposing making room for new caches. To me this game is all about the CHALLENGE of finding the cache, and not just about racking up numbers. If you don’t’ want to be challenged, perhaps you should look into another game.
  4. We were fortunate enough to have the city sanitation workers pick up ours.
  5. Type in zip code 70123 and look for The Dark Trail of Bureaucracy. It’s a new one in the New Orleans area, telling the story of Hurricane Katrina.
  6. Hey, great article! I've met the Faerbers and done some of their caches up in BR; glad to hear they're getting it into the schools, too.
  7. My daughter's on all the websites about it. She's the one who realized that the commercial was the clue; I was clueless.
  8. Did anyone catch the commercial which we think is the clue? It was for Hans.Org, 1-877-hansorg.
  9. Henki

    Urban Cache

    An urban cache is a cache that's placed in a city or town setting as opposed to being placed out in the woods or other natural setting.
  10. I cache less in the summer, but not because I'm busy enjoying the beautiful weather. We've already hit record highs (92 in the beginning of April) and it only gets hotter as time goes on. Humidity down here is brutal. I also don't like snakes or poison ivy.
  11. I'm green with envy over here. We're having a gorgeous day today, and I'm stuck inside an office buried under paperwork (and checking out the forums). I'd much rather be caching.
  12. Are you asking us to commit to attending an event to be held 3 years from now, or are you asking us to sponsor your event?
  13. I have paint cans in my garage. My garage flooded. I can't open the paint cans even with a paint key. I just repainted my whole house due to said flood. To close the new paint cans and ensure a good seal so as not to have my paint coagulate, I had to use a hammer. To me, metal paint cans in the field while trying not to attract attention to what you're doing would be a royal pain in the rear.
  14. You may want to look into Stargate caches.
  15. It's been happening for quite a while now. Click on Recalculate Distance in the upper right corner of the screen; that should update it for you.
  16. He's only been gone less than a month. Maybe he's just trying to find himself. I wouldn't worry just yet; you know how kids are (assuming plastic kids are the same as flesh ones).
  17. <img src= insert URL of photo here > I think you have to make sure HTML is enabled.
  18. Since the TB is showing up in your inventory and the TB page shows that you have it, you could just leave it this way. If you're determined to show that you have actually retrieved it, you could always "drop" it back into the cache where you found it and retrieve it again.
  19. I agree. Handmade items are much more fun to find than coins!
  20. Here's the link to the news release: ABC to Launch 'Lost' Interactive Game
  21. 2nd pinned thread from the top, The Official Travel Bug Obituary.
  22. We want it because my daughter’s really into sea monsters. We want it to travel to areas with sea monster sightings. I looked into the Nessie stuff, but they’re look too big. Big caches in the New Orleans area are harder to find than living dinosaurs! We'd have to release it someplace else. Excellent; thanks!
  23. My thoughts on the subject: If you want to start a TB hotel, please don’t put restrictions on cachers by requiring them to trade one for one. This effectively keeps travel bugs from traveling. Many people seed their TB hotels with TBs picked up from area caches. As the hotel owner, if you notice a bug’s been sitting for quite some time (as often happens with TB hotels – the bugs don’t get picked up in the same order they’re dropped), please do the bug owner a favor and move that bug for him. As for TB hotels at people’s homes, I’ve heard of a few. Here’s the link to one: Wilson House Travel Bug Inn
  24. Henki

    Tb Hotels

    TBs in TB Hotels don't necessarily move quickly. Bugs don't necessarily get picked up in the same order in which they're dropped into the hotels; some can sit for several months before finally being rescued. In my opinion, bugs have a better chance of being picked up if there are fewer bugs in a cache.
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