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  1. We started with an Etrex Legend and now have a Vista C. The Vista C has more features, but they'll both get us to where we want to be. Definitely check the batteries. The times I've had the most trouble with readings, changing batteries always helped. The other thing is to use the GO TO feature and keep your eye on the # of feet. Sometimes mine will only get down to 23 feet before it starts climbing up again. Wherever I get the lowest # of feet showing, I use as my main starting point. Then I step back from another angle and try to zero in on the area again. Sometimes just changing positions helps to get a better lock.
  2. The schools down here don't accept models as science projects. A science project must be an experiment, with a hypothesis, research, conclusion, etc. Now, geocaching might make a good Social Studies fair project.
  3. 45 year old female here, and my 15 year old daughter likes to cache, too. DH would rather watch football, or anything & everything LSU.
  4. My brother got hooked in November. He's got it baaaaaad. My sister likes to cache, but only goes with me - she doesn't have a computer or GPS. I've passed out 3 informational brochures in the past week. I'm beginning to feel like a pusher
  5. His log does seem a little over the top. BUT if the jar was actually cammoed so that the seeker couldn't tell it was glass, I probably would've let you know how displeased I was, too.
  6. Okay, I'll just make sure to post the city and state name when I post the photos to the bug's site. Thanks!
  7. Congratulations, and welcome to the addiction! Ain't that the truth!
  8. ~smacking my forehead~ Thanks, I never even THOUGHT of a craft store. duh!
  9. One of the bugs has a mission to visit firehouses. There's a firehouse near me, and I was going to take the bug's photo there, then deposit the bug in a large cache elsewhere. I just wanted the mileage to show up where the bug has actually been. The other bug has a hankering for swimming. I was going to take its photo in the MS River which is at the end of my street, then also deposit it into a large cache elsewhere. Same scenario, just wanted to show where the bug has actually been.
  10. Oops, sorry, I was looking for the tiny ones that are used for micro logs. But thanks for answering!
  11. We've just hidden our first cache, and we're itching to do more. Can anyone provide me with some tips on where to find those little ziploc plastic bags that people put the logs in? Also, there's a local cacher who uses these great magnetic containers that are plastic and look almost like a closed knife sheath. Any ideas on where to find them? Thanks for any info!
  12. Around here, trading items in a micro is highly discouraged - they get too stuffed and don't close properly. The Altoids tin is considered a small cache because you can put trade items in it. Most caches in this metropolitan area are micros. I'm having a hard time trying to find a good hiding place for a larger cache.
  13. I've picked up and dropped off travel bugs before, but this time I picked some up about 1 1/2 hours from my house. I want to log them into a cache near my house so that the mileage will show up, but I don't want to actually drop them into the cache. (Most around here are micros, anyway.) How do I go about doing this? Would posting a note onto a cache site stating that I'm making a "virtual TB drop" into the cache add mileage to the TB and NOT show it as being in the cache? Thanks for any info!
  14. Welcome to the game! As a Louisiana geocacher, you may want to also check out our local site: http://www.lageocaching.org/
  15. The maps function obviously isn't working properly, but there's still there. If you click on the space where the map "should" be, it'll pop up in another window.
  16. We were all ready to seek our first cache when we realized we needed a user name. We tried this one, then that one, and started getting pretty irritated, when the DD said, "Why don't we use Henki? We know no one's using that!" Henki is the dog's name.
  17. This link was posted on the forum the other day, but I haven't tried them yet. http://www.geocities.com/team_fisur/geo-creations/
  18. Did you go through Team Markwell's tutorial step-by-step? If you did, you should have a preview sample of how the files are going to look once they're downloaded. I just started doing the pocket queries this week, following Team Markwell's FAQ, and I've had no problems.
  19. Amen! The pocket queries are a godsend.
  20. Henki


    If I look for a cache and can't find it, I log a DNF. If I drive up to an area and there are too many people around for me to look without looking suspicious, I don't log a DNF. When I do log a DNF, I also add that cache to my watchlist. If someone else is able to find it after I bomb out, I'll go back again and again until I find it. And each time I don't, I'll log it as DNF again.
  21. Even with a GPS I sometimes can't find the 1/1 caches!
  22. Henki


    Sorry, that should be EDIT MY PROFILE, not Edit My Account.
  23. Henki


    Go to www.geocaching.com Log in Click on Edit my Account Click on Add Avatar Select the avatar you want Click on Select Avatar It will then show a bar above your avatar that says CURRENT (REMOVE) Your avatar is now loaded I made the mistake of not clicking on SELECT AVATAR, and mine didn’t load either.
  24. I'm happy to report that most caching is in full swing in New Orleans. Some caches were knocked out by Katrina, and some have yet to be checked on, but there are a lot of new caches in the area. Caching has been a nice diversion from dealing with flooded houses and the like!
  25. If you're a paying member, you can click on the map on the cache page and then zoom in from there. I must say, this has been so much better than me driving while DD shouts, "Turn left here", when there is no road to the left!
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