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  1. In my local area, TBs don't seem to be doing so well. Most of the caches are micros, so most of the usual cachers in this area generally leave TBs when they find them in caches. There is a large cache near my house at a popular tourist location. Unfortunately since Hurricane Katrina, tourism just ain't what it used to be! Not thinking of this, I dropped a TB into this cache on January 14. Two days later a visitor from CA dropped off another 4 bugs, and one was dropped off by a newbie local on January 8. There have been no visits to this cache since January 16, and there are 6 TBs just sitting there. There are several large caches about 1 1/2 hours away, including at least one TB hotel. Also we're possibly going on a trip in a few weeks, and the TBs could come with us. So, should I retrieve the TBs and move them to areas with more active caches, or leave them there and hope someone hits the cache and moves them on? OR should I contact the owners of the bugs and ask what they want? Thanks for any input. ~signed someone feeling very guilty about putting IdahoPuppy in TB prison
  2. I'm sorry to see that you didn't do as the owner requested and get the TB back to him. In your shoes, I probably would've arranged to meet the owner while he was in town. I find that geocachers have some pretty good caching stories to share! If you felt uncomfortable meeting him/her in person, you could've arranged to drop the bug in a local cache so he could retrieve it himself. I would've felt uncomfortable NOT doing as the owner had requested, particularly since the TB's "mission" is to get back to Michigan. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Wait a minute, I just realized who started this thread. You DO have a twisted mischevious mind! I tried one of your puzzle caches, and all I got out of the maze was a drawing of a frog. I've been told I can buy the answer from another cacher (you know who) for around $100, but since my family likes to eat I had to pass. I've got your caches on my list to try again someday when I'm feeling inspired! Does this mean you're planning even more twisted and mischevious caches for us?
  4. The other day I was supergluing something onto a cache to disguise it. I inadvertently glued the lid onto the container (and to my finger, but that's another story!) My teenager got quite a kick out of it and thought we should still put it out, superglued lid and all. Y'all make us look really nice!
  5. Have you tried Gorilla Glue? It's pretty strong stuff; I think it would work on plastic.
  6. I think if cachers use common sense when hiding their caches, we'll all benefit. I live in an area that has a nuclear power plant and several chemical plants/oil refineries. I know it's not in the geocaching guidelines specifically, but I would hope that no one would consider hiding caches near the plants. Security at these places is really tight since 9/11, and geocaching doesn't need another black eye.
  7. I see that dr toad has cached with GAFlyer. GAFlyer hasn't been on the site since October either, but perhaps you could try contacting GAFlyer to see if he/she can help. Good luck!
  8. Can you use both? "Publish" will get you new caches as they're published. "Enable" will get you caches that had previously been disabled, but are now active again.
  9. One thing to take into consideration is that the yellow eTrex doens't come with the PC cable. The Legend does. It's a $30 add on with the yellow so when you factor that in, the difference between it and the Legend is minimal. Ah, this is true. We weren't Premium Members when using the yellow guy. When we joined, I had to pay another $23 for the PC cable.
  10. I spent about 40 minutes feeling all over a Howitzer that's on display at a busy intersection. I knew the thing was magnetic, but I couldn't find it. Because the thing's at such a busy intersection, I even brought my camera and snapped several photos (which turned out quite well, BTW) so I wouldn't look too suspicious. Anyway, I finally logged the DNF. About 2 weeks later, I came across a similar cache by the same cacher and found it in less than a minute. Then it hit me where the blasted thing was. Drove over to the sight and put my hand on it in less than 5 seconds. I admit I berated myself for a good 10 minutes on the way home!
  11. Here's our guy, Henki. Yeah, that's right, we're named after the dog!
  12. In this area of Louisiana, the parks are open until 10:00 p.m.
  13. We started with the yellow Garmin Etrex; Amazon has them for $90.
  14. Ah, figured out that the item I'm trying to find is a magnetic key locker that holds approximately 6 keys. I already had the hide-a-key thing, but I'd never seen the plastic key locker deal. Found one at a cache the other day and used Google to track down the maker of the thing. I don't know how to add photos to this post, but here's the link to the key locker I was looking for. key locker Thanks for all the help! Edit: added link
  15. The one in Louisiana was approved December 29, 2005, less than 1 month ago.
  16. There's one around here in a remote area. When you remove the top of the container, a recording of applause plays. I knew what to expect from other posts and the title of the cache, but I still jumped out of my wits!
  17. If you placed the cache, it's not considered proper to claim that you "found it". I agree; doesn't sound right to me.
  18. Apparently there are new badges and try-its for geocaching: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=111080
  19. I would think that hiding and/or finding a cache would probably meet a badge requirement. It's been a few years (8 to be exact) since I was a Brownie leader, but I know GS is always stressing that girls can and should participate in science & technology fields. The TB would probably also help toward another badge requirement.
  20. I'll join in. You found a virtual GC6518 in Louisiana which was also found by Grrlfrog & CacheChow. I'm in Louisiana and have exchanged a few e-mails with Grrlfrog.
  21. I'll join in. You found a virtual GC6518 in Louisiana which was also found by Grrlfrog & CacheChow. I'm in Louisiana and have exchanged a few e-mails with Grrlfrog.
  22. There is a cache EXACTLY like this in south Louisiana. EDIT: And it was just published less than a month ago.
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