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    I guess not... If you are caching in Kansas you are a Kansas cacher. P.S. We really enjoyed the caches we did in OK. I've done some... I'd have to look to see how many. Here in my corner there are spots that you're not real sure if you're in Oklahoma or Kansas or Missouri Don't believe a word she says... she never is REALLY sure where she is. I do so... Like right now, I'm sitting in my living room looking at the computer... I think
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    I guess not... If you are caching in Kansas you are a Kansas cacher. P.S. We really enjoyed the caches we did in OK. I've done some... I'd have to look to see how many. Here in my corner there are spots that you're not real sure if you're in Oklahoma or Kansas or Missouri
  3. Ok, thank you. I wasn't real sure of a subject. I was thinking Geography. I think my best bet would be to visit the school in person (the college) about it.
  4. So, what study would Geocaching fall under? I need to know what class/club to contact about the caching fun day... So far I don't see anything on the site about anything in particular that catches my eye.
  5. There's a college close by (in next town) I may check and see if they do. Thanks, I hadn't thought of that.
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    Does almost Kansas count?
  7. I usually use the rating system where it rates it for you. My Time to Play was rated at a 2/3. There’s NO way that was right. Considering someone could push a stroller/wheelchair right up to it. What brought it up I think is the fact that I said Yes its un-even ground and Yes there's more then one place it could be hidden. I ended up rating it myself at a 2.5/1. Some have e-mailed me saying its difficulty is too high, but I'm leaving it. There’s more then one tree it could be in, a bush it could be and a few other factors. I use that (rated for you) as a guide line, but have known alot that go by it to a "T".
  8. I’ve been wanting to do something with my daughter’s class dealing with Geocaching. I have also thought about maybe an event for the 4 corners here (of course anyone who wants to can participate/join in either one). I’ve thought about just doing a fun day with the class and show them how things work, but got to thinking it may be fun to host an event on a weekend and have all sorts of people come and hold a “training class” for those who want to learn. I’m leery about the event though, because I want to invite the class and perhaps a few other classes. Can I put up fliers around town for it? Which would be best? I thought about posting this on the forums for my area, but not real sure if many local cachers look at them. I don’t know of many groups nearby. The only one I can think of (or find for that matter) is the one in Tulsa, and I’m a ways from there. So, I decided to come here and the opinion from everyone. Do any of you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments about it? Have any of you ever done something like this? I hope to be able to get some local cachers to help out with it. It’d make it a bit easier on me if I wasn’t the only one.
  9. Hmm, no, it's down again. Yup, it went down two more times on me.
  10. Eh, it's been up and down this eve. I think next time I'll just post a few pictures at a time instead of all 60 of them one after another...
  11. I think it's working again. Maybe I won't screw it up again when I start finishing up-loading the last of my Vacation pics...
  12. I would imagine they are working on it and don't have time to comment. I would prefer that they fix it than come here and say "Yep, it isn't working". There is no sense in putting a message on the main page... if no one can get to it anyway. It wouldn't take too long to notice the top thread on forum and post a short note to inform us they are "workin' on it", maybe even giving an estimate on time it takes. Now this thread grows and grows as everyone yells their Me Too!!!s. It would if they're working on the site.
  13. Closest to me is 10.2 miles (in Kansas) and 12.5 here in Oklahoma... amazing how I keep missing these two
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    I'm sorry, I'll try not to do it again. I promise.
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    Don't worry about it, you didn't do it I did. Just ask everyone over in Off Topic's Cheers...
  16. I have all kinds of genre books, and a .50 cal ammo can I figure I can place 3-5 books and a half dozen odd and ends items for regular swag. I won't say they Have to trade a book for a book, but I'd rather they did. I've also thought about adding to my collection of books that I'll use this, by getting children's books to use. The one kind I don't have extra of (I have two daughters). Only thing I hate is most of my books are paper back. How ever I don't think it'll be a major problem. I have some hard backs as well. Of course I may have to find something larger then a .50 cal can.
  17. I was thinking there'd be a problem if there were only books, so plan on leaving other items as well. Replacing books wouldn't be too hard to do, I have about 50 I have read or won't read
  18. I have started to read about the BookCrossing. I really love to read and wanted to do a book exchange cache... Can I have it on here (GC.com) if it's not just a book exchange? I was thinking about having one or two books that I would ask one to be exchanged for, but there will also be the normal swag in it as well.
  19. Anyone still reading through this, or will soon. I have the stuff typed up, and would like anyone that can give me some pointers (as to if it'd be too long for people to read on the cache page itself) please PM me and I will PM it to you. I hope to have it ready to submit by this time next week.
  20. Well, I was off by a week. The cans came today! So I'm going to get everything ready and get a deal typed up for the description and go talk to the people and have it going, hopefully by this time next week.
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