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  1. I haven't been caching for very long. I usually carry items such as: Bouncy balls, Bobbers (with smiley faces on em), Little decorative trinkets (ex: a leaf broach<I've dropped off already> or like my little "The Ozarks" mini pitcher), $1 DVDs (Older Westerns and such), Wooden plaques, extra zip locks (3 sizes), small plastic boxes (that is water proof to a point), Some books I got in a bulk box that was double titles one's I have or have read or romance, Fishing line, Sea Shells (small med and large) Shiny rocks, had a few small pins (such as a cat instruments ect), and a few other Misc things. I also carry extra paper, pens and pencils.
  2. I have been looking around this area and have found a few places I can place some in town and just outside of town. So, this weekend I am going to try hard to get these placed out. Thanks again for all the replies, I can't wait to see if anyone else says anything! Also; if my first one that I placed the TB in, isn't found before long, I think I should go ahead and move it along to another one. How ever it may be another 2 weekends before I can.
  3. Ok, I live in the far NE corner Of Oklahoma. Real close to Miami, as another poster mentioned. I think I will be putting the rest out this weekend. And, yes there are a lot close to me (if they aren't MIA, that is). I found one over the weekend that i think the only reason i kept looking was because of the trouble i went through!!! I HATE THORNS!! anywho lol. I'm also thinking of a RT 66 themed one. I have a 55 cal ammo can (5 of them actually), that i'm not using (well only 2 aren't being used, yet). I think that would be a good sized one. I have one of the 2 alread ready to go out lol. Thanks for the replies!!!
  4. OH MY! lol i like it, if it wasn't so far away I'd be willing to go after it myself
  5. I think this weekend i may go ahead and place a few more then next one i'll go out to find some. The one i have right now is actually kinda easy to find, but is hard enough non-cachers can't. I have about 5 more ready to go, just need "homes" for them lol
  6. you have to have one of them TBs before you can place it in your cache....
  7. I did go out caching over this last weekend (one week since i'd placed mine) and was able to fin a TB. So, lol, I place it in mine. If it's still not found the next time I go out (which I hope will be this coming weekend) I plan on taking the TB on to another one. I am hoping that perhapse the chance of getting a TB will help mine get found. I hadn't thought of the multi i may try that.
  8. I have finally been able to place my first cache. How ever I have noticed ALOT of caches aren't found for as long as a month after it has been placed. The one I placed is near my home, well in my home town, and there isn't one for about 10 miles from here. I have been thinking about placing a few others along a line from my town to one or two other towns, perhapse 2-3 in between. Would this help mine, it being only one for so long, be found at all or more often. Or should I just wait and see if somone actually finds it and many do afterwards? I do plan on placeing more in the near future, even plan on finding more. I had hoped to find more before now, but because of the winter and only on car and long hours my husband works, I havn't had much time to go out and find very many. Thanks ahead of time for any replies.
  9. Thank you all for the insight. I have read and re-read (countless times) what a virtual cash is. I have done a search with the zip code of where I'm wanting to do this, there is 673 caches all together, some are virtuals that have been in place and are grandfathered in. I am thinking about getting with an Aunt of mine and see if I could just place a micro in these places (odds are slim, but my Aunt did do a lot of things for this gentalman, and helped with a few things). I am in the procces of research to see who what where and when on these possible caches. Like I have said before 2 are of the same man and the third is not. They are all three within about 3 or so miles of one another. I am going to do my research this week on it, talk with my husband and see what he thinks. Then I will submit what we have decided upon and see where it takes us. Thanks again for all the information. If there is anything else anyone wants to add, please do so. If you have any questions as to what they consit of you can e-mail me, but please don't be too local.
  10. Thanks ya'll, I truly believe at lest two of mine would be Ok'd, but was wanting to know what people thought of virtuals. One is a birthplace of a VERY famous Oklahoman, and the other is a memorial to him. The third is questionable, but it could be Ok'd too. I love history lessons, but I was also some what a geek in school lol! Please let me know more. I hadn't noticed the search button, thanks! lol Thanks again briansnat, i'm glad you didn't take my post wrong. I thought about it after i did it and was oh heck that sounded rude. I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to.
  11. Ok, I can understadnd messing with a copyright and such, and a "boring" one. But the question was what pepeopl thought of them, and if anyone still hunts them. I am going to read through more of the examples you gave me to look at to see what i can learn. Thanks, briansnat
  12. I'm wondering what ya'll think about virtual caches. If this has been asked, and worn out I'm sorry. I've looked some, but haven't found anything on them. I've been thinking about doing a few. They would be considered educational in sorts. I'm just wondering if many still hunt them or not, and if anyone would be interested in one. I was thinking about doing mine where the cacher had to e-mail an answer to me so I know they'd actually been to the place.
  13. Thanks for all the replies! I'm sure glad that ya'll don't mind newbies asking for help/information. I have enjoyed all the caches I've found. I don't always take something, but sometimes I do. It's been a lot of fun! idiosyncratic, I hadn't thought of those that is sensitive to perfumes. I'm sorry. I am a little to some purfumes that you wear. I have about gotten my first cache all ready, just waiting on my meeting to get everything Ok'd. Thanks again for all the replies, if anyone still has more to add please do so. I check this at lest once a day. My husband and I are going out tomorrow to find more caches!! I hope it don't rain.
  14. OK, so there's mixed feelings about water in a cache...... Interesting to say the lest. I really wouldn't have to leave any since there's a nice little gas station with good prices and a little grocery store that as long as all you're buying are not food it's a good place. I was just thinking when I mentioned it. Apparently my husband agrees with some on NOT drinking it. I may try to set up a deal with the local gas station on making it easier for some to get much needed water (like a token per person, or something). Dunno, I may just leave it at that. If they need it the station is only about 7 or so blocks away. I have gotten my meeting set up with who I need to talk with on placing the cache, so hopefully soon I'll have it going. Thanks for all the replies. If anyone has anything else to add, please do so. :lol:
  15. I forgot to add one other question. The other day (Wed I believe) my husband and I had done a few caches for the first time. One had leaked and the log was soaked. I used a new paper and placed it in a smaller container inside of the original container. Is it ok to do this? I was sure that as long as I put it into the original container it'd be ok to do, but wanted to see what everyone else thought of this. I was thinking the shampoo/soap/lotions wouldn't be a good idea, but was a thought I wanted to put across to see what everyone else thought as well.
  16. I hope I don't end up being a pain in the butt, lol. I was wondering if it would be an appropriate prize to place such items as: Books (slightly used), little $1 computer games, Bath sponges, little hotel shampoo/soap/lotions, salt and pepper shakers (unusual ones, but pretty), fishing tackle (such as lighted sinkers, bobbers, etc)? I plan on also leaving items such as WG$s, new pens/pencils/sharpeners, occasional little trinkets (such as little figurines, dolls, bears, ect), travel kits (including wet wipes of sorts, or napkins, water, little sets you can buy at Wal-Mart, for ppl that cache while they camp and such), and the DVDs of older cartoons and movies. Are these items acceptable items to put in my caches or ones I visit?? I have seen some posts in the past naming things that I have scanned, but want to know the opinions of everyone for future caches and such. Also is there anything else (that's not of extreme expense) that some of you have left or seen? Oh one more question. I have 2 50 cal ammo cans that I know I can use, they don't leak (had one in a tub full of water for 8 hours and only time the paper I left inside got wet was a little water dripped in when I opened it. Only down fall I found was they tend to float), but what is a good plastic container that I can use to place the one I'm in the process of making for my local Civic Center area? I don't think it would be suitable to use something as large as a 50 cal ammo can. Thanks in advance for any and all information and suggestions. Any and all are welcomed and appreciated!!! Wanda
  17. thank you all for the replies. I am going to have it made up by Monday and plan on going to a town metting so that I can have the person(s) I need to talk with in the same place. LOL It's easier to find them this way.
  18. I am new to Geocaching, but want to place a cache. I live in a rather small town, and would like to place it around the local Civic Center. There is also a small park nearby (if you can call it that LOL). There is an interesting story that goes along with my town's Lions Club. I am wanting to include this in my cache (just a little bit of useless information that someone else may find interesting). There's a "nickname" for the town, I'm wanting to use part of it in the title of the cache. I am going to talk to the gentleman, that has a lot to do with the story, about using it. I am planning on telling him about our little game, and how it's done (maybe he'll enjoy playing too). I am also going to talk with the lady in control of the Civic Center to see if it'd be best to place it in the park (and who to talk to if so), or if it could be placed near the Center. I am not sure as to how to go about doing this; I think if I just tell (ask) the people that it involves it should be ok. Do any of you have a suggestion as to what to do? Thanks ahead of time for any information. Any and suggestions/information all are appreciated!
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