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  1. To say when we were caching "in the day" (we had a long break in there due to not having any, or very few, within 100 or so miles from the house), that we planned our trips around caching would be Almost a lie. With the exceptions of 2 last second decision trips, we would plan One location to go to. We drive to all our vacation spots (which we haven't done in a while either) so we would run PQs for certain areas and determine our drive by where we could get some (we also have a Nuvi GPS for the car). Now that we live in a new area that has LOTS of caches within 30 miles of home we're getting back into caching. We are, however without a GPS of any kind. We use only our phones. So right now we get to a spot and open the app. Otherwise, the next time we take a trip We will still do a PQ to determine the best spot for a short stop, but use our maps from the phones to get to the general location and then we will open the app there. I actually hope to get a new GPS (handheld) to add to the fun. As for the "takes less than a minute" but you're still having problems... We had some problems when first getting started. It takes a bit of patience. I got to were I could get out of the car at just about any of them and go almost straight to the cache. Except for the hike ones lol.
  2. Thank you! I'll check it out today :-)
  3. We find that sometimes people accidentally create an account without realizing it - thus causing their e-mail address to be "already in use". Send me a private message with the e-mail that you would like to add to your account and I can disable the other account and help get it in the system for you. That is possible, I guess. hadn't thought of that. It is very possible that the Very first time we happened across the fun I could have used the other one. I sent you the email. Thank you
  4. I was wondering about this as well... I tried to add my e-mail that my facebook is attached to, but it says it's already in use (that e-mail)...
  5. Originally from NE Oklahoma (near Miami, OK/Joplin, MO), My family and I moved to McAllen Texas the weekend of Thanksgiving 2012; following my husband's job. We really enjoy the area! It's been a couple years since we have found (and logged) a cache (we found a few others, but was using an Android app that didn't work, and didn't realize... Didn't make notes on them). I hope to get back into it soon. Hope it's like riding a bike... Rusty at first, but then being able to go right to one again lol. I prided myself on being able to, almost always, walk almost to the cache I was looking for :-) Been out of touch with the whole Geocaching thing. I would love to touch base with local cachers, if nothing else, on here. So, I'm just wondering if any local cachers ever wonder around in these Forums
  6. wandat24


    Brian will be missed by many of us. I haven't been around as much the last year or maybe two, but I always enjoyed the time I spent talking with him on the forums, and in messages. I will miss him dearly. I wish I didn't live so far from there. My heart goes out to all his family and friends.
  7. Until the site fixes the issue try accessing the bug page and click the pull down menu labeled Mark as Missing. Under there is the Recalculate distance option. On a whim I decided to try this method again and it worked. I'd been trying it ever so often since I noticed it not working. My other TBs are doing the same thing. I think I'm going to do the same thing for them now.
  8. My personal TB did this for the first time ever today. Kinda sucks, I like using it to keep track of the miles we travel while out caching Hopefully it will update soon. I've hit the "recalculate miles" button 10-15 times with no luck so far.
  9. I have quite a few caches almost on the way to Galveston. I'll have to keep that in mind then. That would help, I suppose... I didn't even think of that.
  10. I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions to some good, great or just can't pass up caches in or around Goodrich, Texas. We're also planning on going down to the Galveston area so I can see the Ocean. As I said I just wanted to see if there's any Can't live without getting caches in the area of Goodrich (or if there's a good one near Galveston, though not sure how much of a chance we'll have for caching down there). We're going to be visiting family while there and plan to stay most the week. Will arrive late Tuesday (maybe Monday depending on my hours that day) and be there through hopefully Saturday. Thanks in advanced. I'll try and check in tomorrow to see what any has to say.
  11. Now I have something to do between cleaning tomorrow. Thank You!
  12. Okay this one Jerry took at the location of "Legend of Greenbush" Sorry it's so big... This one I took for a TB: "Banner's Bug" It came out WAY better then I thought it would. I was holding the TB *as seen* in my left hand and taking the pic with my right hand. I like "Point and Shoot" cameras One for "Don't Bet the Farm" TB: This place was pretty neat. We took out right after Jerry got off work (at 11pm) and was headed to Minnesota. This Casino is located pretty much in the middle of NOWHERE,USA... Or it seams... It was in the middle of the night... We may just not been able to see anything else for the fact it was dark, we could see the lights about 20 miles away. That's all I have for now.
  13. These three were taken for my TB "In Memory of Jay: *Jay made it to "Mingo" * More to come later... Hubby just got home I'll have to do the rest later.
  14. Well, I decided to post here my favorite pictures from caches & TBs I'd remember to upload pictures to before our HD crashed and we lost 90% of our pictures. My husband is a Hobbyist Photographer and takes pictures all the time. Kinda works out. I get to find a cache and he gets to take pictures. Anywho I will add the name and a few are pictures others have uploaded to my TBs. Uploaded for my TB "If Only For the View". looks like the TB is MIA now the last cache it was in got muggled... Uploaded for My TB "Pilgrim's Progress" more to come...
  15. I sometimes check on mine no matter what and tend to post the owners maintenance log just because I can.
  16. I've been known to trade up on one of my caches. Some items (like non-tractable coins) I'll only trade for so i can take a picture and then I'll place it into a different cache. My husband don't think I should, but I see nothing wrong with it, myself. So, I say as long as you trade up or even it doesn't matter.
  17. I finally grabbed #11 today. Sorry about not doing it sooner. My net has been down hill for about a week or so. No worries, it's better now. I will be placing mine tomorrow or the next day. I will have to look and see if I can find a good Micro for it or if I need to place one for it. Thanks for letting me have Oklahoma's!
  18. Other then logging my finds onlne I also buy the log books from the geostore. I take them with me and write my logs in them. They are actually for placing in caches, but are great for keeping your personal experience in!I also have a personal Travel Bug that helps me out as well.
  19. Your best bet would be to open a new account. You can read about changing name here. Forgot to add that as I have seen you can have the premium membership changed to the new account after you make it.
  20. Your best bet would be to open a new account. You can read about changing name here.
  21. I stalk some people very often. I look at alot of profiles at different times. No real reason really. I have bad sleeping problems and get bored with reading long threads and decide to be nosy and check out profiles. Honestly I haven't looked at one (at all) in about a month... First step is admitting you have a problem right?
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