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  1. Well, the NHS gave me a couple of free, leakproof containers while I was pregnant, but I haven't taken the URINE SAMPLE labels off, and I'm not hiding micros in them till I do!
  2. Wouldn't it be great if the bug could visit this cache?
  3. When I set my historical multi (Up the Close and Down the Stair), I had a couple of people "playtest" it before posting it. Just gave them the printout of the description (coordinates and explanation) and let them try it out. I followed behind and kept my mouth shut - just watched what they did. Then took them to the pub and bought a round. In vino veritas - they gave me good feedback. I discovered a better location for one of my stages by watching them, and refined my descriptions based on their reactions. I think the cache was better for having done so.
  4. You're a body of water? Geek - sorry - IT professional - here, married to another of the same.
  5. Another bookbinder! Cool! Do you have any pics?
  6. I note that a lot of people don't want that Jeep. We didn't particularly want the people carrier we won from Fuji in 2000 either - but you can always sell a new car. That people carrier made a great oak floor, digital camera, drumset, and four months of maternity leave.
  7. I thought someone would have mentioned these guys by now...
  8. 2 books in the post this afternoon - 1st class, so look out for them tomorrow or Thursday.
  9. Even better is to get another cacher to try it out before it's posted, and follow behind with your mouth shut and a notepad. I had my mother and two friends (not actually cachers, but game for a go) try mine out, and ended up finding a much better location for one of the stages when they got lost! I also revised the notes, and found a spot where GPS signals seem to "bounce" off buildings, pointing them in completely the wrong direction.
  10. I'd suggest trying to find a theme, or story, which pulls all of your stages together, and making the last site the best example of the theme, or the end of the story. (That's what I did in my urban multi, and it does give the experience a certain completeness.) If you're going to make cachers travel for the final stage, a couple of things: - I cache entirely by public transport, and I suspect there are other urban cachers who do the same. So after finding all the coords, I'd have to figure out how to get to the final stop. That would certainly break the flow, and if there wasn't any way to get to the final stage without a car, I would be pretty burned up. - Whether or not there is a way to get to the final stage without a car, be sure to mention that the last stage is a distance away, so cachers can allow the time and generally be prepared for the trip. Go for it, though - urban multis rock! (we have four in Edinburgh now, or is it five?)
  11. So do you need any broken McToys sent in? But seriously -as I've emailed you, yes I can do you a flat pack book and a normal one (the one I left at home when I went caching today, for instance). Can you put the word out on this forum when you've listed the sample cache and mega tbug, so I can add a link to it to my bookbinding gallery page?
  12. Are you only looking for small, flat signature items? I could be persuaded to part with a leatherbound book if it would be worth sending. I could even throw together an extra-flat one, given a couple of days... Contact me if you want me to do so.
  13. Some days, the closest I can get to evil is being pedantic, sigh...
  14. Hrududil is the plural. The plate was on one car, so the singular, hrududu, was correct... I saw another one that said HRAKA, but that's not nearly as subtle.
  15. Coming from the States, where personalised number plates are common, it's good to see some use for the more rigidly controlled British system. Though CNPS is going to have to work hard to match the moment I saw a VW Rabbit (American name for the Polo) with the license HRUDUDU. (Think Watership Down)
  16. Well, I'm evilrooster throughout my Web presence (except on ebay, where it was taken. and I'm thefoulfowl). I'm even evilrooster in bookbinding terms, with a little rooster emblem on everything I bind. So changing for geocaching would seem strange; this is just who I am. I tend to introduce myself with "I'm evilrooster" to people who will know me by that name (as spioradsoar will testify). The fact that it's not on my passport or driving license doesn't make it any less my identity.
  17. More seriously: the data is old - in my area (Edinburgh), it shows Leith Central Station, which has been closed so long that it's part of the elaborate in-joke of Irving Welsh's Trainspotting. My suburb of the city - Gilmerton - is listed as a separate village. And it matters not in the slightest! What I'm most interested in is the relationship among caches and between the caches and fixed landscape features like hills and coastlines. Looking forward to it going live!
  18. You underestimate the talents of this community.
  19. I think ammo boxes should trump tupperware, higher difficulty caches trump lower difficulty caches, and caches whose names start earlier in the alphabet should be able to bump those whose names start later. After all, there's so little planet to hide things in.
  20. I'd like to report the letterbox near my house to the authorities. Since its final collection is at 6pm, it has a sign that tells me the location of the neareast letterbox with a later collection! Right on the front! This sort of thing really shouldn't be allowed. Once that information is out in public for all to see, you never know who will use it.
  21. I put that sort of information in the cache description. I know some cachers don't look at descriptions (this seems like a bad idea, since some caches shouldn't be done at night, etc.), but surely that would be at the finder's own risk then?
  22. I think we should ban bayonet light bulbs, because the original cachers only used screw fittings.
  23. I thought of Saline immediately as well. If it is Saline, or a Saline-like place, would the "clothing optional" element add to or detract from the WOW factor? I would go back to Saline, or go to any springs like Saline, so mark me down as a "yes".
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