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  1. I'm in Florida too. I usually go in capri pants, Columbia shirt that winks moisture away, and teva hiking sandals.
  2. Your challenge is nice not great but I would do it if I was in the area. If it was a cache it would get a nice log but not a favorite point. Thanks for the feedback! Maybe once you saw the sunset you couldn't help but favor it!
  3. I am going to add more info! Thanks! I'm working on the write up. Sometimes you can see dolphins too. I wonder of that would be *too hard.
  4. I had one ammo can stolen. What do people do with them?
  5. My Colorado 400t holds 2000 caches! Love it!
  6. Yep, I mentioned mine here and 25 people had down-voted it within the hour. I suspect that a lot of nay-sayers are spending a lot of time voting down everything they see listed. They can't stand for us to enjoy something they don't. Haters gonna hate. I like my challenge. It fits with my nature driven geocaches.
  7. I regret posting my challenge on the forums! It's getting votes from folks who didn't even do the chalenge! Booo!
  8. Why are people so upset over this. Geez. I'm excited to do some things I normally wouldn't! Live a little, lighten up. Laugh maybe.
  9. Forum people are voting on my challenge! Oh no, folks on here are harsh. Don't make me :'( please.
  10. To me that at least minimally meets the requirement. 1) you have to be at a specific location (Englewood beach in your case). 2) I guess the challenge is to be there at the right time of day to see the sunset. The photo, in my opinion is just proof that you were at the beach for the sunset. I would rather this be worded, "Enjoy the sunset at Englewood beach, and take a picture to prove you were there." I appreciate the example, so please don't think I'm trying to be mean, but IMO this just barely meets the criteria and is not very challenging or creative. I bet the sunset is nice, so that's cool. Maybe you could add an additional twist like, during a rainstorm, or with a pink and orange sunset, or with the moon out as well. Something to make it more of a challenge rather than just simply driving by on any old day. Thanks again for the example! Thanks for Tue feedback, I appreciate it! I may reword it. I suppose it is an easy challenge! But it's a tourist town and sunset is a great thing to do here. Usually large groups come out and applaud when the sun sets. I just want to make sure the vistors get out and see it. The sky is amazing!
  11. I'm up for doing new things. I tend to be very structured and routine. Geocaching earthcaches and virtual caches have helped me do things I normally wouldn't. For example, yesterday I walked to the middle of a suspension bridge over a gorge in Tallulah Gorge State Park to complete an earthcache. I NEVER would have done that otherwise. I'm terrified of heights! Challenges will do the same for me. With a little prodding and an offer to take up a challenge, I push myself beyond what I think I can do. Tallulah Gorge: A Product of Rock and Water Earthcache
  12. I just made this challenge: http://www.geocaching.com/challenges/view.aspx?cx=CXB2C Feedback?
  13. I made a challenge called, "Florida Sunset Over The Gulf Of Mexico" where the seeker needs to take a picture of themselves and their GPS with the sunset and ocean behind them. http://www.geocaching.com/challenges/view.aspx?cx=CXB2C Thoughts?
  14. "Hidden Florida Style" either means under downed palmetto froms, in the boot of a palm tree, or sometimes tragically in live palmettos. Also, there are a lot of great kayak caches in Florida.
  15. Any ammo cans in Tifton, GA?
  16. Looks good! Ammo camo are my favorite to find and hide. You swag looks good too. Don't be disappointed when it degrades after 15 or so finds. It happens to all of us. Just clear out the trash and either replace or just keep clean inside. I much prefer an easy ammo can in a nice area over a clever micro in a crummy or boring area. Well done. Also, I always include a sheet with the cache name, coordinates, my contact info and the permit...in case of any issues.
  17. I've done one night cache. It was tough, scary and fun!
  18. I explain exactly what I'm doing. It's worked fine for the most part. Twice, I was asked to leave and I did. I understand people's concern with having folks poke around. Sounds like the cache you were hunting was on private property without permission. In that case, I'd log a DNF and state that in my log. All cahes are supposed to have permission, but many do not. The property owner and/or restaurant manager has the right to remove the Geocache. Your story is one reason I dislike urban hides that "require" stealth.
  19. Cacheopedia Anatomy of a Liars Cache By George Marler (BadAndy)
  20. Go caching with older folks. I go with 60-70 year olds since that's who is in my town! The older you get the more you'll not care about how you appear to others.
  21. Amazing pictures! Thanks for posting, and for info on your kayak.
  22. It all looks good to me! I like the bracelets. Good swag and have fun!
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