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  1. I like long longs after I found a cache. I go back and read others' experiences! But you're right, in the field when I can't fine the cache I yell at the long logs! Too funny. Edit: Just saw the OOC quote. Crap!
  2. D,Come do my latest cache and I'll bring the picnic lunch and snorkel. PS cache awaiting permit and publication
  3. Wow that was sorta of Brutal!!! Whoops. Sorry. But I don't think making bad challenges to point out that challenges are bad will work. There must be a better way to protest them I don't mind challenges though.
  4. This is what worked for me. When the phone isn't updating my location I am able to do that with this ap and the compass works wonderfully! Thank you so much for this fix!!!! I am very grateful! No problem. It worked for me too. Fixed accuracy and lock time.
  5. How mature. Creating lame challenges isn't helping the situation. You're adding to the problem. Hopefully they'll all get archived.
  6. Do you really have that much trouble adding two numbers together? I guess it's just as difficult as subtracting challenges from caches found. But folks didn't want to do that either. Go figure.
  7. I see Lag Pins replied to your other thread. Be sure to try and attend an event out on by his posse. They're awesome!
  8. Whoops, I guess I'm not going to get the advise I was looking for after reading the title.
  9. Maybe they used flashlights. Or "torches." It's the same with regular caches. I intend, and specify, a route to my cache that involves a great hike or paddle. Inevitably, someone finds the short cut way and misses what I wanted to show them. Oh well, their loss.
  10. Yes, you can save logs and not directly upload that at that moment. Personally I prefer logging at GZ! So I can rest.
  11. Another option is to directly email cachers in your area. Check the logs, find a user, and send them a direct email. I know almost no one in my area uses the forums much. I've had cachers email me to cache. It's fine that way.
  12. This hasn't been my experience. I log all my caches, upload pictures and create caches all with my Android. I think it's the computer loggers. They forget about the hunt and cache by the time they get home to log. Also, I'm not a newb and I still use my smartphone for many caching tasks. Editto add: PS all my forum posts are from my HTC Thunderbolt.
  13. People keep them. People lose them. People don't properly log them. I have one TB going and on Coin that I'm sure is now part of someone's collection. I know as a CO you can mark trackables missing. I had to do it recently. Not sure you can do that as a finder.
  14. ...ten years have got behind you. Nice try, unfortunately forum sigs don't come through on quotes... I know. I thought that made it even better.
  15. I understand your frustration about the cache that needs archived. It looks to me like it does too. Your email to the reviewer was a bait harsh though. However it seems reviewers do a good job keeping personal emotions and their reviewer tasks separate. I am surprised it is taking that long for the cache to be archived. I have experience what Robert mentioned with the reviewers down here. They poet a note to the CO to check the cache. If the CO doesn't, the cache is archived. They're on top of NM and NA logs here, not sure what's up with your area. Hope you get it resolved soon. I know geo trash is a pet peeve of mine too.
  16. Moun10Bike commented on a post on the website forum saying that he has notified the team of this issue. It's happening to everyone and being worked on. I recomend patience... ...ten years have got behind you.
  17. No local caches left. Don't want to use gas. Relaxing instead. Working. Not in caching mood. Those are my top reasons when I don't cache.
  18. Cool! That'll be cool if you get my Myakka Forest caches!
  19. Cute LPCs! I'd love to find those!
  20. Old Timers: Did this same uproar happen when micros were first approved? Did some cachers get upset that the cache no longer was a stash in the literal sense?
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