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  1. Sad thing is, I log from my phone. It doesn't help. A few times I wrote the wrong year. Must be mental issue. Lol.
  2. Agreed. I like a NM log to let me know of any issues. Like controlled burns going on, trail flooded, teeth marks on container. All is helpful. Re the cloning: that sounds like a pick up line. Haha!
  3. Just today I left a "Did maintenance" log where I out my name first. I didn't realize til I got home that I signed.the.wrong.date. I do that a lot.
  4. Of course. Doing the maintenance is the hard part. Logging that it was done is fairly easy! I always acknowledge when is NM log is posted with a statement about when I will get to it. Sometimes I know it will be week or so because I have a busy work schedule. But I post that. I hate leaving wet or damp logs for cachers. Makes me I agree, Brain. I really think cachers aren't using the NM log for that reason. I don't take a NM as an insult. I take it as my cache needs maintenance. Lol. It's expected. These containers sit outdoors, in the sun and rain and I've heard in the snow too. They're bound to NM.
  5. I don't think making caches PMO makes them more secure. Hiding in parks or nice scenic area makes them less likely to be stolen or messed with. People who go to parks are nicer and tend to be more respectful. Caches hidden in the concrete jungle will always get messed with more, guaranteed. That's my theory.
  6. I've been doing some T5 kayak caches out here in the SW now that it is cooling down!
  7. I think a lot of cachers are afraid to log a NM for fear of coming off as nitpicking, a noob, or maybe offending the CO. I am find ing I would much rather have a NM log instead of someone posting a by the way log is wet in their log. I like to look down my cache list and see which caches I need to clean up, at a glance. I went to a csche that did have a NM log and while there checked on my other caches. Yikes, another one really needed maintenance! No one had posted a NM on it. Anyone finding the same? So, for noobs and all...log a NM if you see it does. I don't mind a NM for any reason. Wet log, overgrown, etc. Thanks!
  8. Haha. Well, it was undone yesterday. I already changed the cache name from Paddle...to Explore, and made the T a 2, and added some notes on te cache page. I think it's good to go now.
  9. Hard to argue with that. But I'd still give it a "Meh" at this point. Is it inaccurate? Yeah. I would call it a T-2, at best. But what's done is done. At least with an explanation on the cache page folks won't have to wonder about it. If I were to hunt that one it would be by kayak. Come find it! Have Dale and Barb added kayak rentals yet? When they do, I'm doing the T5s over that way!
  10. Actually I still have the boat attribute that I need to remove. I'm hoping since. the map shows it near water, that those looking to ka6ak wont miss it.
  11. Hopefully changing the rating from a T 5 won't make it harder to search for as a kayak cache. I know when I want to canoe or kayak, I filter looking for T 5's.
  12. If Googling doesn't find you the person to contact, you can also ask your local reviewer for help in finding contact info.
  13. I rated it a 2 because it is level. I wish people would stop walking my kayak caches! Thanks for using the Google Measuring tool. I don't have a computer so I was looking at Google Maps on my phone and trying to guess how far!
  14. After hearing back from the reviewer I changed it up. Changed the cache title from Paddle to Explore, changed the T rating. Left on cache page that is intended to be paddle cache but is accessible from other locations, including trail. Reviewer said probably most folks will get this cache by land. Is probably true. If they decide to kayak, that's cool.
  15. Ok, good. I don't want to be cheap with my containers. I was going to go check it. Lol.
  16. I love my Garmin Colorado 400t! It should be cheap by now.
  17. Require all geocaches to have permission or permits. Only hide at scenic or historic locations. Only hide regular sized caches with gigantic logs.
  18. Na, looks like can be walked to all year. I think it is a 4-5 mile hike. I'm going to email the ones who walked it.
  19. I know you aren't serious, but I can't help it: I was kidding about blocking the trail, or the beach. It would be hard to block an entire beach! Lol! "Palmetto" is the name of my local reviewer. I value her opinion so was shouting for her. Ha. I actually just emailed her and asked what she thought.
  20. LOL, cheapskate I can live with. It's kind of true. How do you know if it's a genuine lock and lock? It's clear with blue locks and I got it from the Geostore in Merritt Island, FL. I hope it's the real thing.
  21. Agreed about the appropriateness of container size. It is funny how threads go off on a tangent. Ha. This specific cache is on a beach, just off a nature trail. I think a regular sized container works well. Smaller than an ammo can, bigger than a PB jar. I'll report back with the feedback. I am assuming other will leave swag though. Then maybe it won't be an issue at all.
  22. The discussions are different topics. There is NO WAY I'm making this cache a micro. That wasn't my question, or even a thought I had. I hate micros, especially in a nice location that can support a regular sized cache. The question was, is it ok to leave a regular sized cache with no starter swag. That's all. T rating has not do do with that, as I would had left no swag on a T 1.5 too. Boat caches here in SW FL get visited as much, or more, than hiking caches. Just wanted to know if it was bad form.
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