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  1. I just started having issues with my Colorado 400t. It worked great for the past two years. Now it's locking up. I did plug it into my PC to load caches when the PC said it didn't recognize the Garmin and since then it's not been able to get past the loading maps screen. Twice I got it to.


    Time to upgrade?


    Oh I hope not! I love this unit. And it was given to me by a member here a few years ago. It's all I know! Lol. It's been through so much.

  2. I've this GPS for about as long as I've been geocaching. It used to work perfectly. I haven't been caching for a while and I finally renewed my membership and fired up the Garmin to load caches.


    It's stuck on the loading maps screen. I've searched and tried the three button reset which did clear user data. It worked twice, long enough to load some caches, find one and that's it.


    I pull the batteries, reinsert and it locks up either on the loading maps screen or the do you want to delete user data screen if I leave it alone there.


    Any tips? :( I'm so bummed. I love this GPS.

  3. Yes, if I get a bunch of cache logs on a day and I cent read them, I'll let them sit in my inbox unopened. Sometimes I'll go back and read them. Most times, when I can, I'll log online and read all the caches that were recently found.


    I know we have to, but I would really rather not get an email for every cache found. It's overwhelming to me at times. I love long logs and I get quite a few on my caches which I appreciate. But I prefer to choose when to read them.

  4. I like micros though. I don't like nanos. I gave them an honest try. I hated every single one! So I would filter nanos, and not micros.


    If you.can't see that there's a difference between a pill bottle and your pinkey fingernail in size, you need glasses. Lol. There's a difference.

  5. Yes, I'm prone to panic. Thanks for the suggestions. I would feel more comfortable with a beacon for sure.


    I have my GPS and a real compass that I know how to use, and a cell phone with Google Maps. Even so, I have gotten pretty lost a few times. Both in a preserve going off trail and once in the ocean.

  6. I wish I had time to read every cache log that came in. But I don't. Sometimes, at the end of a week or two, I'll sign on and read all the logs posted. But by then any maintenance that needs to have been done may be too long overdue.


    That's just a different style of play though. I don't cache everyday nor do I want to have to be involved everyday. For me, it's a hobby. So I don't check up on caches of mine, or others, every day.


    I can go 2 or more weeks without signing in, or without reading logs. So I really do need the NM logs. If they didn't have those, I wouldst hide any caches because I wouldn't be able to properly maintain them.


    So, I log in when I can, scan for the NM icons next to my caches, and deal with them. Seems the best way for those of us that don't cache every day.

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