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  1. Swimming in Mono Lake!! Nasty. I did some research up there a year or so ago and it turns out the pH of the water is around 10 or 11, very alkaline. Ran across a Park Ranger who has done some SCUBA diving on some of the tufa towers in the lake, it's not the Bahamas! Made a trip out to Poas Island to inspect some of the unique thermal features out there....just like a mini-Yellowstone. Make sure you eat some of the fly larvae you'll find along the shoreline....they're crunchy & salty like British food. BTW the local Native Americans used to harvest and eat them so they should be safe.
  2. Picked up 2x YMS #17 John&Jess cards from Max's Favorite Park cache this morning with Baby Breeze in tow. There are plenty of them in the cache!! Any chance of getting a few of the #16 DAK Girls cards back in the cache since they all went unlogged somewhere? Didn't get a chance to grab one of those.
  3. Baby Breeze......Born June 16, 2005 1:15am, 5lbs, 14oz • 18.5" Finds/Hides: 0/0 Started: 06/16/05 First Find: TBD First Hide: In the works !!
  4. Nice ! But I think Baby Breeze uses a Garmin Vista ! Thanks again....brilliant design.
  5. SWEET !! Now I just need to win the real JEEP RUBICON, before ya know it he'll be driving, off-roadin', and cachin' like the big Wind.
  6. I'm game to join anyone planning to head out to this cache, more for the adventure, less for the WJTB
  7. Coming to a cache near you. Limited Edition "PassingWind Was Here 2005" wooden coins. I got some of these as a Father's Day gift. I promise they don't stink
  8. WJTB's are out !! I got a new healthy baby girl and I'm taking some family leave time (no work) and what pops up?..... a White Jeep TB. It was a great morning for a stroll through Oakoasis....lots of wildlife. For those who have not done this series I would highly recommend it!! This guy WILL be staying in San Diego County but won't be to easy to get to......watch for it to pop up in a catch soon.
  9. I'm sure someone will get a kick out of this. I would like soemthing a little more unique? Help?
  10. Gotta love this one!! Geocaching and baseball!! Took this one while grabbing the Let's Go Padres ! cache.
  11. Took a YMS #13 Parsa from Lake view. Thanks!!
  12. Here she is ! She'll be placing a cache shortly
  13. Congrats on the new one!!! A little "purple people eater"! Sweet Thanks D-J She's a Viking and Twins fan by blood but legally she's required to adopt the Padres and Chargers Pix shortly.
  14. Stopped by Max's Favorite park this morning and picked up one regular and one variation of the YMS #16 The Dillon Gang cards. Dropped a TB as well. Thanks!
  15. The funny thing is the handle, "PassingWind", comes from the name of a waterfront pub I used to frequent often while working on the island of Bermuda, and yes the Cheribe was part of the pub decor. But then again, for those who know me would think of it as the "act of" So I guess it could be played both ways. I'll have some pix of the new little Geo-Peanut sometime Friday....time to sleep.
  16. PassingWind had a healthy baby girl this morning, she was born at 1:15AM !!!!
  17. Hear, Hear!!!! Well said SD Rowdies. Though I'm only in my infancy in Geocaches found I've truly come to love those catches that require hard work to obtain and allow yourself to share items and stories in the cache and logbook. One of my best experiences was last weekend when I took my 3 year old son on his first geocache hunt and to see his eyes light up at the sight of "toy swag" when I dumped out that ammo box, priceless. I rarely get the same rewarding feeling after finding a micro-cache in a parking lot of a strip mall. This weekend I ran into D-Jollymon, Chuy and Duncan at Oakoasis. It was great to listen and share the enthusiasm, excitement, and "war" stories" for this sport as I do. It's occasions like these that keep people like me coming back for more and not moving to the "Dark Side" aka. Geo-Pirate. Cheers, PassingWind
  18. We felt it here in Carlsbad. I would hate to have been in the Arroyo Tapiado mud caves! RM Felt it here in Ramona...very nice rumbler. Just finished the new Oakoasis Preserve loop by Splashman & Splashette this morning. Ran into D-Jollymon, Chuy, and Duncan. Very nice hike.
  19. Thought I heard something last night......OUCH !! Hope it wasn't a cacher. Thursday, June 9, 2005 Last modified Wednesday, June 8, 2005 11:21 PM PDT Injured hiker airlifted to safety By: North County Times RAMONA ---- A military helicopter with assistance from a sheriff's department helicopter crew located and airlifted an injured hiker to safety, sheriff's Lt. Tim Curran said. Someone called 911 about 7:40 p.m. to report that a hiker had apparently broken his leg while in the Cedar Creek Falls area and needed help to get out, Curran said. A helicopter crew found the hiker but had to land and hike in to get to him, he said. A military helicopter had also been sent to the scene, and the sheriff's helicopter crew ended up helping the man to that helicopter about 9:28 p.m., Curran said. The man was taken to the Ramona Airport and then transported by local firefighters to a hospital for evaluation and treatment, he said. http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2005/06/09...05_576_8_05.prt
  20. I would also be interest in knowing any "popular" caches that could be found on the way up the 395. I think I'll be heading up to Owens Valley and Mono Lake next week. Got MapSource TOPO USA today....sweet.
  21. I think that is exactly what this thread is all about. There's also the Udesignit TB page that has pictures of all the cards. The "misprints" are sort of secret on purpose to keep the intrigue factor high. But you should be able to figure out where to go to find what you are looking for by reading through the pages on this thread. Every so often I will print various sets to help people complete their collections, and the location of these sets is posted here. So stay tuned! Thanks for the link FlagMan, that's what I was looking for, pretty neat. Tried to get to "Bonnie & Clyde" cache last night but the gate at the end of Orosco Rd. is still close, wasn't in the mood to hoof it in the dark, might try it in a few weeks. Went up Black Mt. and hit a few caches that haven't been signed since October, what an amazing place !! Cheers, PassingWind
  22. It would be nice to have a webpage dedicated to this subject with all the cards posted and who has what along with what rare "error" cards exist.
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