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  1. If a tree falls in the woods....can anyone hear it? If you "PassWind" underwater....can anyone hear it? That might answer you bubble question Harmon Thanks to Gecko Dad's amphibious skills and some sketchy rock scrambling by myself we managed to haul out at least a bag full of plastic bottles and cans from near the pool and outlet of the falls.
  2. Mapsource Update Garmin is pleased to announce that new software is available for the MapSource. You can download the new software from our website by clicking the following link: http://www.garmin.com/support/agree.jsp?product=999-99999-00
  3. Thanks again to all those who attended the Cedar Creek Falls CITO Event out in Ramona this weekend. An article just came out in the Ramona Home Journal about geocaching and it features some local cachers, Toby's Gang. Yrium's Cards even got a little plug, my son is pictured holding a TMS #13 Parsa. You can see the article here Geocaching Story, it's a jpg in not so good quality. I have a pdf file I can e-mail you if you want to request it, otherwise the August edition should be coming online at the Ramona Home Journal website.
  4. Miss the UDesignit Cardfrom One Year Later..... by less than twenty minutes this morning. It was a great morning for a little hike, got to see all of the construction activities on all the new homes. Happy homecoming Flagman. *There are two standard YMS #19 TrailGators cards in the cache.
  5. I'll try to nab it tomorrow.....or sometime after work this week.
  6. From the slang dictionary at Urban Dictionary.com http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=baps
  7. I did that exact hike last weekend....it's a killer! You'll have to backtrack a bit after grabbing the Woodpecker caches to get back onto the paved portion of the trail leading to the top. The Fry-Koegel trail leading back down and to Hwy 67 is pretty nice. Bring plenty of water...I ran out 3/4 of the way through. This should prep you for my new caches just release !
  8. Another Jeep has been released today!
  9. he he....."PassingWind" is a universal language!!
  10. This just in ! Woodson Mountain Spheroidal Weathering Earthcache Enjoy!
  11. For those of you attending the Cedar Creek Falls CITO event (GCPPFB) the store is now open ! Visit: http://www.cafepress.com/sandiegogc/ Use coupon code "POINTSOXCART" to save $5 on orders over $20 before 7/27. There are no markups on the products. Thanks to Zatyko for setting this up. Cheers, PW
  12. Stopped by this morning and picked up newest YMS card #19 and misprint....Left a TB. THANKS!!
  13. ......don't you think it's odd that there is only one small patch of green grass in this picture......you got it.
  14. Stopped by and logged "Would You Like to Super-Size this?" this morning while on my motorcycle. Do you think it's odd buying a Frosty while driving a motorcycle?
  15. CITO at CCF Cedar Creek Falls HOT Summer Event 2005 by zatyko, PassingWind & PrincessT GCPPFB Cedar Creek Falls Ramona Oaks Cheers, PW
  16. A.K.A. : Potato Cannon A little bit o' potato, starting fluid, and an electric ignitor and you have yourself a bit o' fun.....and illegal at that! From Urban Dictionary.com 1. potato cannon Any sort of device that looks like a cannon and is generally designed to shoot potatos at a high velocity using household products as propellent. Also known as spud gun and potato launcher.
  17. Cool man! So when is the event ? Put my name down for a couple of those pieces of lovely metal.
  18. I'm one of the locals that submitted a picture, all of use have some amazing pictures and are all worthy. Check out my submission and others at the link below, and vote for your favorite ! My Submission: Let's Go Padres ! E-mail: El Diabolo at JC364@aol.com with your vote
  19. Much like all of the snake and lizard pictures we see.....oh and about 80% of the puzzle caches in San Diego County !
  20. One of my favorite photos, took this one yesterday while crossing the river near #15 A River Runs Thru It Odonata on a stick
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