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  1. How many souvenirs are you gonna release every day? And can you tell us (approximately) how many souvenirs you have now for awarding retroactively? if it is not TOP secret. B):)


    We are not presently planning on daily souvenir releases. Presently, there are 5 geographic souvenirs that have been granted retroactively, and can be gained moving forward by any user who goes geocaching in the region: Delaware, Baden-Württemberg, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Bayern.

  2. I had completely lost interest, but this thread got my curiosity up this morning. I checked, and I now have the PA souvi in addition to the 10/10/10 pixels, so my interest level is now up to 0.001%.


    By the way, this would seem to support the theory that these (the U.S. souvis) are being retroactively applied based on order of statehood.


    U.S. state souvenirs are being released (and retroactively granted) in order of statehood. Hopefully this will keep your interest level rising!

  3. Ok, the B-W souvenir is gone from my profile but the Delaware one is still there. However, I *have* found a cache in Delaware, so is this the first instance of a State souvenir that was awarded retroactively?


    Correct. Delaware and Baden-Württemberg have been granted retroactively to all those who have logged caches in those states. Moving forward, other state (and national) souvenirs will undergo this process as well.


    BTW, I have three souvenir related enhancement requests I'd like to make. With all the active souvenir threads (perhaps some of them could be merged) I'm wondering where to post my suggestions. Should I create three separate Feedback posts? Actually, there is a forth suggestion. Would a Souvenirs forum section be worth considering?


    We will be opening a souvenirs section on User Voice. In the meantime, please use one of the existing souvenirs threads for providing additional feedback.


    I do


    Are they present on your profile, or in one of the Geocaching apps?

  4. The Delaware and Germany ones are still showing up in my profile. I have found a cache both in Delaware, though I suspect that it's not really a retroactive souvenir, but just that my profile hasn't been cleaned up yet. I have also found a cache in Germany, but it was the virtual in the Frankfurt airport and Baden-Wurttemburg appears to be near Stuttgart.


    We've done another pass to correct this issue.


    Please let us know if anyone still has either of these souvenirs erroneously.



  5. Thanks. It's gone now in my profile but I can still see it in my iPhone geocaching app saved section.


    Assuming you plan on awarding state souvenirs retroactively will I get the Delaware State souvenir back since I've found a cache in that state?


    Edited to add...


    I just did another search with the iPhone app and now they're both back in my profile souvenir tab.


    As of the new update to the site, this issue should be corrected, including the removal of the souvenirs from those who received them in error and retroactively granting them to those who have earned them.


    Thanks for your diligence!

  6. Yesterday I opened the app while out caching (in New York). Apparently I did not have the GPS function of the phone turned on and the app must have defaulted to Groundspeak HQ for the location, since it "awarded" me the "Groundspeak Headquarters" souvenir.


    1) How do I remove that souvenir?

    2) Maybe souvenirs should not be "awarded" until a "good" satellite fix is achieved?






    Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We are working to correct it.


    Wrong symbol is used for degrees in cache coordinates when i use "wiew on external map".


    What version of the app are you using?

  7. Hello everyone! This is a list of changes and bug fixes in the latest version of the Android app (version 1.1). Please let us know if you encounter any issues with any of these changes. All unrelated issues should be reported on our feedback site located at: http://feedback.geocaching.com. Thanks!


    New Features:

    * Support for opening the app via coord.info links.


    * Support for Google Navigation.


    * Support for navigation using external radar apps.


    * Distances are now displayed to hundredths of a unit for miles and kilometers.


    * Improved compass accuracy.


    * Virtual keyboard no longer appears automatically on Settings page.


    * Improved app stability.


    * Improved app performance.


    * Reduced size of app.


    Bug Fixes:


    22571: Fixed issue where constantly rotating the app on the compass screen could cause app to become unresponsive.


    22657: Logs are now displayed in a consistent order.


    22595: Fixed an issue that was causing some photos to fail to download or be displayed.


    23261: Fixed bug that was forcing users to log out and then back into the app to update their souvenirs list.

  8. Hi James -


    Just checking in again, maybe for some clarification? Can you tell us if the Project APE souvenir is intended only for people who found the APE cache near HQ, or if it's intended for anyone who has logged any of the APE caches that were originally listed? The souvenir listing mentions multiple caches, but the artwork clearly represents the Washington cache. Given that only finders of Mission 9 have received the souvenir, I was just wondering if anyone could fill us in. I don't think there's any problem with a gradual roll-out, it's just that at this time it's not clear if people who found other APE caches should be expecting anything in the future, or if it was always intended only for the cache that represents the Eastern leg of the "Trinity".


    Any guidance you could return on this would be great.




    Presently the Project APE souvenir is for mission 9, to be a part of the triad. We will keep you posted if other Project APE caches receive souvenirs in the future.


    I hope this helps.

  9. Thanks for the good questions!


    In regards to any questions about souvenir submission, we are not presently accepting souvenirs from users. If this changes at some time in the future, we will let the community know. As for an official channel to suggest new souvenirs, we will make such a channel open at such time as we're ready to handle such requests.


    Q: Will the qualifiers for a Souvenir be limited to geographical location or a specific cache/cache series?


    I assume that you are using the term "qualifiers" to refer to the criteria which much be met to receive a given souvenir. Please correct me if I'm wrong in this assumption. Some souvenirs are awarded for their geographical location, while others are awarded for attending a specific Mega-event. These are going to be the main types of souvenirs for the time being.


    Q: Will cache owners be able to opt out of allowing a Souvenir to be awarded for their individual caches?


    We are not intending to make souvenirs for individual caches for the time being.


    We'd have to discuss this in another thread. It's too far off topic. In short- it's how the game (on this website) has always been played. If you don't want your find count displayed then don't log the finds. Feel free to open up a new thread.

    I guess I just saw it in terms of opting out of souvenirs. I can see the arguments in favor of opting out of souvenirs as easily as I can see the arguments in favor of opting out of similar public accomplishments. I'd be interested in hearing more from James about it.


    I'm a little unsure about what you'd like to hear from me. We are going to provide users a means to not receive souvenirs if that's what they want.

  10. Hi, I'm James, a Groundspeak Lackey. I'd like to answer a couple of the common questions that have come up in this thread.


    1) We will be granting souvenirs retroactively.

    2) We will also be providing "opt-out" functionality for those users who don't want to receive souvenirs.


    I'm happy to answer any other questions or address other comments that you all have.



  11. Hello everyone!


    I'd like to take this opportunity to help clarify some of the questions people have about souvenirs. Hopefully this will answer most of your questions.


    What is a souvenir?


    A souvenir is a piece of art, with some associated text, that users receive for caching, and can display on their profiles as well as in the iPhone and Android apps.


    How do you get one?


    1. One way is to do a search from either the iPhone or Android app while within the zone of the souvenir, during the time that it is active.

    2. Another is by logging a cache within the zone of the souvenir, during the time that it is active.

    3. It should be noted that some souvenirs, such as the 10/10/10 souvenir, do not have a physical zone and can therefore only be acquired via logging a cache.


    Will any log type get me a souvenir?


    No. Only a log of Found It, Attended (for an event), or Picture Taken (for web cam cache) will result in the awarding of a souvenir.


    Are souvenirs only available for a limited time?


    Some are. For example, souvenirs for Mega Events can only be acquired during the duration of that Mega Event. Other souvenirs can be acquired indefinitely after they are released.


    What if I have already been to a location that has a souvenir associated with it?


    We're working on a solution for being able to retroactively award people souvenirs for going to places and logging caches that now have souvenirs with no end date associated with them.

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