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  1. This makes me a little uncomofrtable, so I have to ask. Why, specifically, does the Groundspeak android app need the following permission:


    Your Personal Information:
    read contact data

    According to Groundpeak, it is to allow you search for caches near locations in your contacts. See here.

    So if I'm going to visit Fred on Saturday, I can look and see if there are any caches near Fred's house? That's pretty cool, I didn't know it could do that.


    That is correct.

  2. Thank you everyone for your feedback about the Canadian souvenirs! Based on the overwhelming response to the Saskatchewan souvenir, we'll be creating a new art piece to represent the province more broadly.


    For those curious, the landscape drawn was from a provincial park in Saskatchewan.


    And thanks for posting that funny clip!

  3. Canadian Provinces and Territory, per Feedback Site:


    Newfoundland & Labrador



    Thank you to everyone who has voted in the souvenirs feedback forum! We're going to be taking a bit of a break from regular souvenir releases so that our engineering team can work on some behind the scenes stuff, as well as preparing some cool new features that are heading your way!


    You are still able to get any of the presently released geographic souvenirs, so get out there and get caching!

  4. If you are missing a souvenir that you are entitled to (or have acquired one that you are not entitled to) please e-mail contact@Groundspeak.com with your user name, the souvenir in question, and whether you need it added or removed.

  5. The listing of both Dakotas as 39 out of 50 is deliberate, in recognition of the fact that the two were to join the union at once, and that the documents which actually admitted them were obscured during signing such that it is not known which technically was admitted first.

  6. Hello everyone! We've made some behind the scenes fixes that will improve the behavior of the Windows Phone 7 app. No update to the app is required! These fixes have already taken effect.


    Bug Fixes:


    * "Hide my finds" now only hides geocaches you've logged as "Found".


    * Log in issues have been corrected.


    * Pocket Queries are working.


    * Connection issues have been resolved.


    * Archived caches no longer show up in searches.


    If you still experience any of these issues, or if you have any other ideas or feedback for us, please visit our Customer Feedback Site and let us know!

  7. Android v1.1.3 has been released!


    New Features:

    * Upload photos with logs.


    * Log manager to edit pending logs and view sent logs.


    * Motion based compass is now an available option.


    * Create, edit, delete, and select waypoints from the compass.


    Bug Fixes:

    * Fixed an issue that was causing erratic compass behavior.


    * Behind the scenes improvements.

  8. We are aware of the issue (25035) with the Iowa souvenir, and are working toward resolving it. Washington DC will be released at the end of the present series. The US territories are on our radar, but not for the present release series.

  9. Version 4.2.2 has been released!


    Bug Fixes:


    * Fixed an issue arising from the release of iOS4.2.


    * Corrected an issue that was causing app to malfunction while being locked on certain screens.


    * Fixed a case where users with an apostrophe in their name couldn't view their personal data while offline.

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