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  1. Well hello there newbies and fellow old-timers alike. I do believe I've been lurking for quite a while now. Must be some kind of record.
  2. Sure, as long as each person who takes something leaves something else. Cache owners like it when the contents of the cache are refreshed. The only trouble is finding enough swag. My supplies are dwindling from my last few trips with the family.
  3. Good idea. The trouble is fitting a micro log inside them without crumpling it beyond recognition.
  4. Congrats on your first find. After you submit your log, you will have the option of editing it or uploading images. If you took pictures to go with your story, post them on the log. Cache owners like pictures.
  5. Gecko1


    Perhaps. You can never tell what Jeremy has planned.
  6. An email would be fine, but don't start to worry after just 6 weeks. I have had people hold on to my travel bugs for longer than that, and one of my bugs has been in buried under the snow in a cache for 6 months.
  7. Mine does that, but it gets the signal back just as fast, so it isn't a problem. Get a unit with an external antenna if you like. You can mount it on your head.
  8. Gosh! Soon we'll have moon caches. (Great view, low gravity! Only one catch, parking costs $10,000,000 per passenger.)
  9. It gets really annoying when people forget to post attributes. We should have some kind of cache questionnaire they need to fill out before the cache is submitted that will take care of the attributes.
  10. Well, I would think that if people just wanted to view the log without downloading the packs, an image of the log should be made available. Not many people are going to be editing the greek, so we should have a jpg or gif alongside the actual document.
  11. Gecko1


    Well, since I am a computer nerd, I have no problems.
  12. Hopefully a patch will be released. For now, just click on the link.
  13. We greet englishmen just as heartily here.
  14. The greek language packs are available on the internet. Word detects which pack it needs and downloads it, but people might have problems with the txt or rtf.
  15. First, make sure it is ACCURATE Greek. Email one of the admins to see if they need it. I don't recommend Jeremy. Sometimes it takes a while for him to respond. Bogged down with requests, I guess.
  16. I looked at caches in 22192. Lots of scenic walks! Try this one. With 3 year olds, you will want a cache with easy terrain. You could try for more than one cache in an outing if you want.
  17. Welcome to geocaching. I suggest you look up the caches near you and read the logs before you go out to find one. If people haven't been able to find it recently, it might not be there anymore. Choose an easy cache for your first outing and bring plenty of swag.
  18. Gecko1

    Palm Treo

    Do you have GPS enabled on it?
  19. I seem to remember a discussion about this issue once. I think the reason given for not using the red cross on a white background for "Needs Maintenance" had to do with potential legal issues related to the use of an icon owned by the American Red Cross. We should use the green cross. This is geocaching, after all. Edit: Green on white. Is that taken?
  20. It depends on how much free time you have. If you work from dawn to dusk, you might only be able to maintain one, but if you sit around at home all day (no offence) in need of something to do, you would be able to check on many caches regularly.
  21. Global Positioning System semes to refer to the whole system, instead of just the sats or the receiver. It's more general.
  22. I think they at least need to read the cache placement rules. Maybe take a quiz on it to prove they read it before they place their first cache.
  23. ????? Is that like a pile of fallen pine needles?? Yes, that is what we southerners call it.
  24. No idea. Maybe "Take lots of water" or "Hidden above waterline to prevent flooding."
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