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  1. Can anyone tell me if a track can be saved or converted as a route in the map60c and how it is done. I cant seem to figure that out Thanks
  2. To Get the pointer Try this, Main menu, Set-up, Enter,Routing, enter, then make sure the Guidance is set to "Off Road" Then when you set a GO TO you should get the arrow Worked for me
  3. Another question Guys When the GPS is connected via USB is it getting power from the computer or the battery. Also a problem discovered and fixed. When I first got it there was no direction pointing arrow appearing on the compass page the problem was I had checked the "follow roads" in the maps page, and because I had no map software in the unit it was trying to make a route. it should have the "off roads" checked if you have no mapping software. It took ages to figure out so this may save someone some frustrating times
  4. Got it working Thank Guys a great GPS the best I've played with
  5. Cancel the above post I should have read more pages it seems a lot of people have the same problem
  6. I Have my new 60 but cant seem to get waypoints to load via easy gps through the USB connection. Does it work via usb or should I have a serial connection Thanks
  7. Last try then I,ll think about it
  8. I have a signwriting business and I use the clear laminating film we use to cover digital prints,I have had it on a mobile phone now for 2 years and the same on a digital camera. I have had no problems with it so far as it is quite strong and has resisted all I have given to it. I havent had to remove it as yet.
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