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  1. I took a TB heading for Utah from Ohio to Denver, then someone picked it up and brought it back to Kentucky. I took a stuffed animal that had traveled through Europe for a couple years to within 100 miles of it's home in Texas (I just couldn't take it all the way)--someone picked it up and never logged it again. Even participating by helping people--not putting anything out yourself--is discouraging.


    if I'm standing at a great waterfall or canyon or some other geological feature, I want to enjoy the location and not spend all my time scrolling around on my GPSr reading.


    Of course, you could read the cache page before your trip and plan ahead so that you can really enjoy the site when you get there. :P


    That said--I don't disagree. I tend to write up 2-3 paragraphs of info and ask 2 or 3 questions per EC. My first two are actually my longest--I shortened them a bit thereafter. I'm a teacher by profession, and I like to create a short interesting lesson that makes you think about what you see.

  3. I believe that you can still require a picture for a virtual cache. You can't for an EarthCache, and though we had a thread not long ago about an Additional Logging Requirement for a Webcam, the issue there was time of day not using the webcam, so the issue wasn't central to the actual integrity of the cache: using a webcam. I think you can still require a photo--but it's a questions for GS.


    ETA: in the log the cacher said you couldn't require a photo for an EarthCache--that seemed strange, since yours is a virtual cache.

  4. I don't check an urban cache after every DNF. Sometimes a DNF is from a newer cacher, or the hide is devious. I usually wait for a couple of consecutive DNFs before checking on a cache. And I do the same for my rural/long hike caches.


    These "maintenance"emails piss me off.


    I am curious, how many emails have you received?


    + 1


    We're seeing a lot of gnashing of teeth, but I don't believe anyone has said how many they actually got and about what caches. The new protocol is in its infancy, and we have to wait and see how it plays out.

  5. And I think we have the explanation in one of the posts above--something to do with time stamps. At least it's only for the day--you can log all on the website on a Monday and all on the app on a Tuesday, etc. and have the order come out right. Well...according to what's above, if you do the logs a true day apart.

  6. Interesting. I was just reading the rules for hiding a cache, which included a section on logging caches. If you scroll down to Logging Requirements, it sure sounds like the ALR rule only applies to physical caches. Non-physical caches are listed separately with no mention of banning ALRs, so my takeaway was that ALRs were ok for non-physical caches. Room for doubt as written, anyway. https://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx


    Sorry this caused bad feelings for the owner and the cachers.


    It looks like you are in fact correct. Of course the CO would have to go back and delete all the logs of people who didn't post a webcam picture. Did GS get this one wrong?

  7. That really and truly bugs me to death! You have to use either the app or the website to do your logs for the day--one or the other. If you try to use both, they won't be the in the right order. Even editing something on the website that you logged in the app changes the order. Very, very annoying.

  8. Yes, seeing the sunrise on the beach in Florida is super, duper challenging and unique. Half the folks who did it found crappy, overcast weather. There are sunrises all along the coast of Florida every day. I took awesome sunrise pics at a virtual cache on New Smyrna Beach a couple of years ago. Is the hyperbole of creativity etc. really needed in this particular case? It's not really a unique place or view.


    When you had to have somebody on computer somewhere, I'd say this WAS a challenge, in the smart phone era, it's a pretty easy webcam. You can see the sunrise doing a thousand different caches along the coast of Florida.


    The rules changed in 2009. If the CO doesn't like the new rules, archiving is the right choice for that person. Someday all the webcam caches will be gone. That's life--everything moves on to new things.

  9. It's sad to see a WORKING webcam go. I wish all the ones that don't work and people log with selfies would be archived.


    The only working webcam we bumped into on travels we logged.

    Those no longer working (by logs) we passed on, not even stopping to look.

    I don't mind being the "spoil sport" and hitting an NA, but I'd wanna be there first to see firsthand.

    Doesn't seem too many have that desire to do the right correct thing.

    - That icon/stat thing gets in the way...


    I know the feeling--I won't log a webcam NA without going, but they're usually out of the way, and I'm not going way out of my way just to log an NA.

  10. The fact is, once we got smart phones and could do webcams ourselves, they were never going to be the same experience they once were. I did do one in Virginia last fall that we could not do on our smartphones--we just couldn't make the site work. A friend on a computer in another state finally got it to work after a half-hour or more. It was raining, of course! Ah--now that must have been just like the old days! That said--I've only logged working webcams. If a webcam is down, I don't log it. The minimum requirement for a webcam cache must be using the webcam!

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