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  1. I don't think that's the reason they were disabled. Look at the cache owner--I recognize that name, I remember when it happened to that cache owner before (I've seen his webcam down before). All his caches are locked. I could be wrong, but I think it's about the CO's account being locked.
  2. Bridges and Arches of Central Park multi cache. Be prepared, though--it took me 5 hours! One of the best caching days ever, though! Totally worth it!
  3. Really? Why not save the effort for when there is an actual problem? My Zephyr Creek cache was hidden eight years ago and gets found less than twice per year. It's an ammocan in a fairly remote location with a big enough logbook to last a century at this pace of finds. The cache very likely will outlive me. Checking in it every year "just because" isn't really worth it if you weigh the cost vs benefit. If someone reports a problem with it, THEN I'll invest the gas, the energy, and the time to do maintenance, but the once per year minimum you promote doesn't make sense in this case. +1 to the posters above--how is that the same as caches that haven't been found in years? Twice a year is plenty. Also in this case--the OP adopted these sight unseen, and he's never found them. Who knows if the caches are even still there?
  4. You adopted them without ever visiting them? I'd say the reviewer is exactly right--visit them to make sure they are there or archive them. I'm totally with the reviewer on this one.
  5. My position is this--if the CO won't maintain it and delete bogus logs, archive it. Those logs sharing an actual experience will be buried by the bogus logs in the end, anyway. I subscribe to the view that no cache is sacred--if it's not maintained and the CO is gone, archive it.
  6. Why is a dnf a threat? I wouldn't take it as one. They didn't say I'll post a NA, after all.
  7. Hmmm...I've left messages like that. I'm telling the CO that I'm in the area with limited time, and if they get the email later than that, they can ignore it. I wouldn't be offended if someone contacted me with a time limit, and I don't see anything wrong with telling someone else that I'm short of time. If they don't get back to me, I'm not mad about it or anything, I just move on. No big deal. But hey--the forums need another cool thread on how selfish and entitled other cachers are, so by all means--post away.
  8. The 31 Days of August was overboard--didn't do more than a third of them. 2014--good challenges, meh on the art. The Road Trip was kind of fun--got all those, and I liked the art for the souvenirs. This summer is very underwhelming, didn't even bother last weekend. So...I'd say the Road Trip was the sweet spot. Liked the challenges, the amount of time, and thought the souvenirs were decent looking. One year out of four...though I did all for 2 of the years--so perhaps the real sweet spot is having a handful that connect with a combined one at the end. Favorite art was definitely the retro, summery style of 2015.
  9. You know, a person could drive around a state in a weekend to get the all the counties just for the heck of it, for the challenge, then go back a half dozen times over the next few years, spend more time, and see all the stuff. It doesn't have to be an either/or kinda thing.
  10. I took my tin cup trackable all the way from Ohio to California, was going to put it in California's oldest cache, and that morning I left it sitting on the table where we had breakfast, and it was lost, never to be found! I was quite annoyed! At least I took it to an event in Ohio and a number of folks got to discover it before I left!
  11. Buttermilk is on public property, you can visit any day you like. I recovered it, and it was a real thrill!
  12. http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/ That's what I use. Unfortunately, that site and project gc don't always agree on the counties!
  13. One thing you can do is just click on find all nearby benchmarks for geocaches you are going after. That brings up a long list of all types.
  14. Also--in your app, just add this cache as a new waypoint to the closest cache and when it pops up on that cache's map, click on it for "set as target."
  15. First--did you check the box saying it was in place and ready to be reviewed? Second--just give them the coordinates, let them find it and trade, etc., then they can log it online after it's published.
  16. Well, with the classic app, I saved everything to offline lists, no cell coverage needed out in the field. You can sort of do it with the new app, but not with nearly the ease of the old one. I still use the old classic app.
  17. I love finding caches with my phone, but I I always use a real gps to hide caches. I don't necessarily trust the phone for hide coordinates, but love the satellite view for finding them.
  18. Here's an idea of mine if you can find something similar-- http://coord.info/GC2ZNPY
  19. lol! I know--two megas in Denver this year! Should have coordinated them! Luckily for me, I have family there, so I'm combining both with family time.
  20. I do not mind at all if many cachers skip multi caches and mystery caches. I just wonder how you cannot have the same issue for a traditional. The effort for a traditional with a 5km walk is not lower than for multi cache with virtual caches and a 5km walk. Regardless of the T-ratings it happens to me very often that I have to realize at the cache location that I cannot reach it. Sometimes I'm frustrated but about myself. I only meant that if I was finding another cache or two along the way, not being able to finish the multi wouldn't bother me. But if I spent an hour or more on just that, and it excluded all other possible caching, I'd be unhappy. Also--there's a big difference to me when it comes to local vs. vacation caches. If I can go back to the high cache with a tall friend, I might not mind so much, but if I'm on a long trip to somewhere I might never visit again, I will be unhappy. If I'm out of town, I try to limit my multis and field puzzles to fairly easy ones, or ones that have been found very recently.
  21. You need to go on some better journeys. I'm pretty happy with my journeys, but thanks. I love hiking, and I do plenty of it, but when I'm going for a cache, that is in fact the goal of that particular journey. A DNF is one thing, that doesn't bother me overly much, but if I can see the cache, and I can't get it, and the terrain rating isn't right...well, that's going to bug me. If there are other caches along the way, even just one more traditional, it probably wouldn't bug me. But if I spent that much time and failed just short of my goal, it would bug me. But that's just me--and my main point is perfectly valid: it may not be how you feel, but it's the way plenty of people feel, hence the fact that they skip puzzles and multis. That's not a problem really--it's just one aspect of the hobby.
  22. The CO needs to be honest about what you'll find at the end. This kind of thing is why people avoid multis and field puzzles--spending an hour and getting to end only to find an inaccessible cache is exasperating to say the least. No amount of "but it's the journey" can erase that awful feeling that you've wasted your time. For me at least, it would cancel out the fun I had getting there.
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