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  1. I have a "hangman" game puzzle cache ready to place. It's an arduino based game with LCD readout. Get the word correct and the LCD will display the final coordinates, get it wrong and you get another word/chance. There is another local cacher with a "reverse geocache" puzzle ready to go too. I had a change to beta test it a week or so ago.
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    Wszelkie aktualizacje na temat nowych Polska Geocoin? Any news on the new Poland Geocoin?
  3. It's a small inexpensive microcontroller - basically a small computer that has inputs that can read data from things like a GPS, switches, temp or light sensors etc and outputs which can control things like servo's, LCD displays, LED's etc. It's programmed with a C like language. In the case of my puzzle cache the Arduino reads data from the GPS and calculates how far the box is from a pre-programmed set of waypoints. Depending on the distance the box will open or display how far away you are. In a nutshell - it's a small computer that allows you to create some fairly cool puzzle caches. Arduino Still a bit unclear on the concept -- seems to be sort of programming language. (It didn't come up when I googled.) Is the novelty that the cache container does novel things when opened or what? Perhaps an interface directly with my GPSr or handheld? Please be gentle, we aren't all techies. Perhaps you can describe HOW this app is actually being used in the referenced caches. (It won't help me with these puzzles, since I'm over 2000 km from them. Still, not looking for you to be a spoiler.)
  4. I am wondering how may Arduino based geocaches are out there. I have a puzzle box built with an Arduino - CacheDuino and know of a couple of others. The Dragon Puzzle by icknay and Pendeli Woodpecker by r10n who is also working on other Arduino based caches. Any others? Cheers Team K1W1
  5. Tłumaczenie za pośrednictwem Google :-) Jestem osoba, która zaprojektowała i wyprodukowała oryginalne Polska GeoCoin z pomocą Chrisa z Landsharkz - www.landsharkz.ca 1. Mimo, że urodził się w Nowej Zelandii, a obecnie mieszkają w Kanada, moje dziedzictwo jest język polski. Mój ojciec urodził się w Polska i jestem dumny z tego dziedzictwa. Odwiedziłam Polska 3 razy. Byłem tam w zeszłym miesiącu w Krakowie, Lublinie, Biadaczka (gdzie umieścił cache) i Warszawa 2. Moneta była bardzo popularna. 450 były produkowane i one wyprzedane. Wciąż mam kontakt z ludźmi mnie z pytaniem, czy mam więcej do sprzedaży. Zrobiłem zachować trochę dla siebie. Osób zwrócił się do mnie mówi mi, że kochają projektu. 3. Z powodu mojego polskiego dziedzictwa Myślałem, że nie powinno być Polska Geocoin, nikt inny nie wykonując jedną więc przyspieszyć, ale produkowanym. Mnie to kosztuje dużo pieniędzy. 4. Ponieważ nie ma dosłownego tłumaczenia "Trackable on Geocaching.com" zdecydowaliśmy się na "obserwują na geocaching.com" 5. Do projektowania Wybrałem rzeczy, które Myślałem, że reprezentowana Polska, orzeł, mapa Polska w kolorach flagi - czerwonym i białym. 6. Przykro mi czytać, że toczygroszek, Thathanka i innych nie podoba mi GeoCoin - jednak będzie kupić niektóre Polska GeoCoins masz zamiar produkować i czekamy na projekt. Dziękuję
  6. Thanks for all the replies and great information. It actually works better than the Lowrance as this way I don't have to load the waypoints into memory. I just need to keep my custom POI's up to date and they will show up where ever I am I'm one happy K1W1
  7. Thank You! That's exactly what I needed to do. It works the way I want it too.
  8. I must be doing something wrong then. The steps I take: create Custom POI's via GSAK export them as gpx files to a directory on my computer (there are 4 files in that directory) start Garmin's POI Loader pick "Garmin Device" pick "find device" - it finds the GPSMap76CX pick "Install new custom POI's onto your device" browse and find the folder containing the 4 gpx files use "Express" mode load POI's to device shows I have loaded 1596 Points of Interest onto the unit Fire up the GPS get a position, go to the map and I don't see any POI's If I click "find" then "Custom POI's" it will show a list of closest and I can view and save them one at a time. I can also press "menu" and select a database (set of POI's) but I can't figure out how to be able to view them on the map (without saving them one at a time) What am I doing wrong? How do I see all the POI's on the map without viewing each one and doing a "save"? Thanks
  9. To view them on the map. e.g. I goto the cabin and want to head out on the snowmobile. I find I have forgotten to load my sled waypoints into the unit and the waypoints loaded are for geocaches 200 miles away. I have a set of 40 custom POI's that are waypoints of the trails, how do I load them so I can view them on the map. Or I have a set of waypoints loaded that are 400 caches close to home. I have a set of 400 based around a town 200 miles away, how do i load them as waypoints so I can see them on the map? With the Lowrance you just delete the current waypoints and load another set from the SD card. So I guess my question is "how can I load a set of (say 400) custom POI's so I can view them on the GPS map? Cheers Steve
  10. My previous GPSr was a Lowrance iFinder. What I was able to do for my waypoints was store different sets on the SD chip in the unit. I'd have a set of the closest 400 caches from home, another set for around the cabin, a set I use when out snowmobiling etc. I am able to delete the waypoints in the units memory and then load another complete set from the SD chip. So I didn't need to load then from the computer before I went out on the sleds for example. I have dozens of sets on the chip and can load and unload them "on the fly" With my Garmin I have figured out that you can save sets of "Custom POI's" on the SD chip. I can delete the current waypoints in the units memory, but can't figure out how to load a new set from the SD chip. I can "find" waypoints from the Custom POI list and save them one at a time, but that would take a month of Sundays to load a whole set like I need when out snowmobiling or caching in a new area. Surley there must be a way to load the whole set into memory in one go?
  11. I sold out in 2007, but did keep a couple of coins for myself. If there is enough interest I could see if Landsharkz will do another (small) run of the coins
  12. BC Parks has good online info on their campgrounds and provincial parks. e.g. http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/r...s/kamloops.html http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/p...coquih_can.html I have emailed you more details but there are a few caches around Lac Le Jeune - 3 being ours (Hope this link works) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gmnearest.a...;lng=-120.47725
  13. I still have a few Poland Geocoins for sale, bronze, silver & copper. 3D eagle on front, map of poland in flag colours on back. Trackable with icon. US$8.00 each and US$3.00 S&H for upto 3 coins (US & Canada) and US$5.00 S&H elsewhere.
  14. We're really happy with what Landsharkz produced from our initial design ideas. Glad people like them. Thanks Team K1W1
  15. I think the actual topo data is from the same source DMTI, they just present it differently. I have a Lowrance with MapCreate Topo Canada - great maps. What areas are you interested in?
  16. His geocaching.com bio shows http://www.creativeworks.ca as a web address. The whois info for this can be found here: http://whois.cira.ca/public?domaine=creati...ks.ca&LANGUE=en check the admin part you may be able to get hold of them there Hope this helps
  17. What did the cache owner say when you emailed them DBC? I've always wondered what their take on the situation was. Did you suggest that they modify the cache rules to something like "take a sunflower seed home and plant it in you garden/window pot - please don't plant it in this park"
  18. Join the club/clique? I think not. It's a closed group and the directors treat the organization as a closed group. A local cacher offered his services when a new director was needed. At their Extraordinary Meeting they spent most of their time badmouthing this individual, and then brought in a new director from within their ranks. I'd rather eat nails than get involved with the BCGA, thank you very much. Unfortunately, the LMGA is a little late on the scene. Yeah I wondered about joinging an association that would have someone like me as a member - but I did. Anyway I was at that meeting and we didn't spend anytime bad mouthing anyone. There were more topics to discuss than time available. There were 2 people nominated for the position who were at the meeting, me being one of them. The LMGA group is obviously a needed group just based on the members and forum traffic, but IMHO it will have to go through more growing pains before it's seen as a voice of geocachers by federal/provincial & municipal groups. I may be wrong, but I think federal & provincial governments want to deal with a legal registered association rather than a loose knit group. K1W1
  19. Why don't you just join the BCGA, get involved in the BCGA and get involved with the whole Parks Canada process within the BCGA?? That, IMHO, would be the path of least resistance.. K1W1
  20. As far as I know, that is not possible. What I do is use the current icons for different cache status, flag buoy= unfound blue X= found diver down= DNF.... Thanks for the reply. I figured out with GSAK can use %ShortName=10 %typ1 %con1 (%Dif/%Ter) for the waypoint name. Equals something like - RoadToRoss T S (1/1) as the waypoint name on the GPS I also use blue/yellow crosses for found/not found etc. Works fine.
  21. Great thread. Question: How do I add custom icons to the iFinder H20? Currently I use GSAK to create my waypoint files (.usr). I'd like to have icons for traditional/multi's/micros/found etc. Thanks
  22. Who is BCGeocacher on geocaching.com? The name doesn't sound familiar.
  23. Nice to see some initial growing pains are out of the way.
  24. I use a magellen 315 for geocaching. I find it tends to "boomerang" when approaching a cache. I.E. if we approach a cache going from east to west the numbers increase. If I stop and wait for a minute or so and give the GPS time to settle the numbers drop - basically as I'm walking the GPS tells me I am slightly further on than I really am, until I give it time to settle. The older rev of the firmware probably doesn't help you either. Once you get the firmware upgraded try give the GPS a chance to settle as you approach the location of the cache. I change to the screen that give the actual long/lat readings as we get close. I've had the 315 for a couple of years and it's a great accurate GPS for the price. I've used it to find 4x4 lakes for fishing, for snowmobiling and geocaching. The only reason I'd upgrade it is to get a GPS with colour and topomaps.
  25. Stores like CDN Tire can buy in bulk, so they probably buy at a wholesale price better than the small business retailer. Is $10.00 worth sound advice from an expert vs buying from a retailer that knows less about the product than you do? You'd be suprised at how little retail markup is - especially in the electronics/computer business. When I sell a computer system I collect more in taxes for the government than I do in profit for me. Pretty sad eh! I recently bought a digital camera, Best Buy had it for $5.00 more than my wholesale cost. That's less than a 2 percent markup.
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