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  1. I am not on the right computer to check but I think THIS may do what you want.
  2. The problem with 5 gallon buckets is that when properly closed they are difficult to open.
  3. A letterbox I did a few years ago used a GPS to bring you to a box that held the letterboxing type directions to find the container. You used a GPS to find the directions that led you to the actual cache. That seems to be a good way of making a LBH rather than just place a cache at the listed coords and have a stamp in it.
  4. Since you ponied up and subscribe as a premium member you are in luck. The way to download coordinates in bulk is with Pocket Queries. Markwell has written a tutorial on using Pocket Queries here. And I suggest you get GSAK, well worth the price.
  5. I now know what I am doing wrong, or at least different. I am now using Firefox and right click - properties does not do the same thing as IE. I also was going to try something like uploading to Photobucket if I needed to. Guess I have it figured out now, thanks for the help.
  6. I've done it before but can't figure it out now. I uploaded a picture to a cache page I am working on and want to put it in the description using html. How do I get the url for the picture? When I open the picture on the cache page, it pops up over the page with nothing but a "close" link. Right clicking does nothing either. I managed to accomplish my goal by loading the picture in a reviewer note, where I could then click on "print picture" to open it in it's own window and get the url. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I think I've got the basic idea. Those pictures would be nice though. Thanks, now on to the drawing board.
  8. (cryptex) I just sent you an e-mail with the info you are looking for. It takes A lot of time to make the one I did, But the results are very cool. NYPaddleCacher - The bear is a friend of mine that protects it from Muggles. The whole multi ran about 100 dollars after 'R&D' and the materials needed (not all in cryptex costs). Needed some extra protection in the area to watch over it so people would 'leaf' it alone. I'd like the plans also if possible.
  9. Try this,FizzyCalc, it will do that and lots more.
  10. You have to make sure that the waypoint icon is a closed treasure chest for the geocaching features to work.
  11. I've always loved puzzles, including geocaching puzzles. Some have driven me crazy trying to solve but the feeling of accomplishment after solving a tough puzzle is worth the effort to me. We have one around here, LINK, that I am one of only three finders. Solving that sure felt good.
  12. Are you talking about THIS cache. I went back today after a DNF in the rain a couple days ago. I couldn't believe the damage done to the stone walls in the area. At least the cache owner was responsible and decided to remove he cache before any more damage was done.
  13. Press menu twice, select "System". Press menu, select "Software Version".
  14. As a Vista HCx owner I have been following this topic. Over the past few months I have had what must be the same problem with drifting. The first time I noticed it I was searching for a cache and followed the GPS to a spot and began searching. After 15 minutes or so I suddenly went from showing a few feet away to over 100'. I have had this same sort of thing happen a few more times with anywhere from 70' swing to just recently almost 300'. I saved the track log from that and the track in and out on the same trail are shown over 100' apart at some points. WP1 is where the GPS first sent me to look for stage 1, about 300' away. Today, I went out to do some maintenence on one of my caches. I turned on the Vista and it quickly got a lock. Accuracy was about 60'. So I waited to see if it would settle down and get better accuracy. Instead the accuracy slowly got worse eventually going up to 110'. At this point I switched to the sat page and saw something strange. It was showing 6 or 7 sats locked on but the colors kept flashing to a different color, not on and off like it does when it is searching. The bar stayed a solid color but kept switching colors. Has anyone seen this happen before.
  15. 10.5, if I only do those I haven't found it jumps to 18.9.
  16. You don't have to load maps into the GPSr for it to know where you are, it'll figure that out anyways. The best way to figure out what caches are the closest to you would be to create a Pocket Query for each location and load them to the GPSr, either as GPX file or using POI loader. Can you explain this in more detail? What is a pcoket Query. What is GPX or POI Loader? You are a premium member so on the geocaching website go to "My Account" and then on the right side of the page go to "Build Pocket Queries". Then create a new query and you can go down to "Countries" and select Bermuda. This will give you a GPX file sent to your email address with a list of all the caches in Bermuda. You can then use Garmin Mapsource or some other mapping software to view these. I just got back from Bermuda last week and did a few caches there. If you don't want to rent a scooter get a bus pass and you can travel all over the island. We got a 3 day pass for $28. I had a DNF on This One but it ws a great spot to check out.
  17. Add me to the list. I had one created over 2 hours ago but have not recieved it.
  18. Thats exactly what I do. You can see maps or aerial photos.
  19. Mine is N 42 09.397, W 72 13.986 just about 3.25 miles from home.
  20. As for the maps, you can load both topo and street maps on the same micro SD card. You cannot however view them both at the same time. Using the menu on the map page you must select which map set to have shown.
  21. My bad. I believe the memory card is not used for waypoint only for maps and custom POIs. Must be something else causing your problem.
  22. Do you have a memory card in it? I believe the vista does not have any other type of built in memory for downloading info. Or is the memory card only for loading maps?
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