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  1. I've actually already been back there (a friend wanted to log the caches but didn't want to go into the woods alone) but I didn't log my visit. Maybe I'll wait a bit to see if someone else picks it up. Why would someone question me going back to the cache to pick it up?
  2. I don't have a specific idea, but I feel like I could probably move it to a much more trafficked cache, and I feel bad about how I barely moved it before. I took it from a TB hotel because that was the first cache that I visited But after learning how those work, I'm glad I took it as well.
  3. I picked up someone's trackable the other day from the cache that it started in. It had been there for a few months. It was my first cache and I was worried that I would mess it up, so I dropped it in another cache at the same park the next day. It's still there today (went with a friend and returned to cache so friend could log it) and I feel bad for only moving it less than a mile in the same park. Would it be weird for me to go pick it up and move it somewhere else so that it can go out in the world? Or should I leave it?
  4. Oh, ok, thanks!! I'll make sure to look for that. I didn't know that about rubber ducks! I guess it does give them character Oh no! That really bites about the dragon figurine. Did it travel around for a bit before going missing? I think I'd only get geocoins if I wanted to collect them- they're too fancy to just send out, IMO. I have read the thread through, and I'm super glad I did! I was originally planning to use the chains to attach tags to plushes. Basically everything that we're told NOT to do. The only thing I can't do is put it in a really off grid cache, or a premium members only cache.
  5. Those steel keychain things are a good idea- much less intimidating than going to a hardware store and figuring out what to buy. What do you mean by 'thread locker' ? How do your rubber ducks fare out in the field? Are they working?
  6. I agree! I'm too chicken to get a tattoo, though. I would also probably want to wait until years in the hobby to be sure.
  7. Hi....I realize that this thread is kind of old, but I wanted to see if a few ideas of mine would work? They're not all original by a long shot. I love the idea of trackables moving around and connecting to other people, so I'd rather go for longevity over creativity. I found a TB in my first cache, and moved it the next day because I was afraid I would lose it! I made sure to log it properly each time, or at least I'm pretty sure I did it properly. Idea 1: Plain, non fancy, original rubber ducks. Set up with holes through both wings and also one in the back. The loop for the tag would go through one of the wings and the back. This would make it incapable of functioning as a rubber duck, and hopefully the original, non unique design plus the holes would make it undesirable for anybody's collection. Attached using the metal cable stuff that you guys were using. Idea 2: Locks with no keys. Not combination locks, padlocks that I"ve just kept or thrown away the keys to. This would, in theory, make it unremovable, and I wouldn't have to worry about the cable. Not fancy looking padlocks, just the normal ones. Idea 3: Cheap, regular sized metal spoon with a hole through the spoon part. Attached with the metal cable. I suppose a drawback of this one is size. Some ideas for goals: Do these seem to complicated? If I printed them clearly on a laminated sheet of paper attached to the same loop as the tag, would they hopefully achieve the goals? -Visit all 50 states -Get to California (Starting on east coast) -Get to another country The others would probably just be free to roam.
  8. Geocoins are honestly kind of scary because I have no idea how they work ? But I like the idea of having a tag for myself. I might order a bunch of travel bugs and send some out, knowing they may be lost, keep some so I can send more out later, and keep some for me/first to find prizes/family members/friends/future dog collars (don't have a dog, but am thinking of getting one!). This is a bit off topic, but you seem to be around a lot on the forums: on some other forums I'm on, it's common for people to 'like' or otherwise react to a post to signify that they have seen it, but don't feel the need to reply. This also applies to reading through threads. Is it common to use the 'upvote' button like that on here? Or no? Don't want to seem weird when interacting with posts.
  9. this Forum was getting a lot of threads about people who had never physically seen their TB, logging it. From some other continent. Hundreds or thousands of logs. Oh goodness, that's not fun. What's the point of logging one if you haven't seen it? Is there some kind of benefit, and that's why people do it? (Don't worry, I'm not plotting to do this, just confused/curious) I'm sure you'll be fine, regardless. But here's something to thing about. Your TB has a 6-digit (and letter) "secret" Tracking Code, and it also has a public Reference Number that can be published, so people can visit your TB's page but not log "Discover". What if you have the Reference Number on the front of a shirt (for example), and the secret Tracking Code on the back? I love that idea! And you could wear a hoodie or something, so nobody can see the back unless you want them to. I don't want to make to big a deal about it, nor make things too complicated before you even start. But I thought I'd mention it, to give you some ideas, and get you started on the right foot. If you don't have your secret TB Tracking Code shown in photos, you may not have to come back here asking why you got 1000 "Discovers" from Germany when you were never there. No, always make things complicated! I love complications and learning all the details!! Thank you so much for helping out, and for the word of warning.
  10. Oooooh! That makes much more sense!! I had been thinking of them in the way of other trackable, where you move them around. I'd love to go to an event, but, as you pointed out, the pandemic doesn't exactly like those plans. It might be because this is all new and exciting, or because the idea of connecting to other people in any way is so tempting after months of quarantine, but I'm really excited about trackables. I found one at my first cache, decided that it looked cool, and immediately started googling. I love the idea of being able to know that a thing that you created has been passed through so many people and visited so many different places. I have some ideas of some goals I'd like to set for some trackables I'd like to make. Thanks for the help clarifying for me!
  11. Hi! I'm pretty new to geocaching (less than 10 finds so far) But I'm excited to keep going! I'm diving right off the deep end and already brainstorming/daydreaming about trackables, and I've been checking out the official store. I noticed that there are trackable patches you can get for clothing. I've done some looking, and I now know how to make myself into a trackable with a trackable tattoo, but I'm still not clear on how others can track that trackable? Like if you're wearing your shirt/hat/have your tattoo, how do other people track it? Sorry if this is a kinda dumb question!
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