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  1. The finish coat of paint should be a FLAT coat. Cammo paint is flat and comes in many earth colors, If it is shiney it will stand out to much. Good luck!
  2. Tell her to go for it! anytime after thr FTF won't be fround upon.
  3. Hey Jacob, I like you Site, good job. Have you made an progress finding folks to cache with? I hope things are going better for you.
  4. I'm going to use the new premium member benifit...."Free gas for GEOCACHES",....you get a free tank of gas for each new cache placed...that will be anounced soon....I'm sure it will..sure it will...sure it will,....Won't it?
  5. I seriously don't think anyone in Japan is out checking their caches, maybe out searching for dead relatives or parts of their homes. Don't ya think?
  6. The originals are junk, replace them with new hardware store O rings before you place them.
  7. You are first to find, no one can take that away from you. Be proud of how you found it....you don't need no stinkin' gps!
  8. Hi Jacob, glad to see you are still with us.What I have done is place 3 or 4 in the same area, people will drive further to visit a cluster of caches rather than one cache off by itself. Good luck!
  9. I have a small plastic trash can that I attached a hinged piece of plywood to the top.I tuned it upside down and painted it light green all over. Then used a lable maker to add "Donot touch ....Fiberoptic Cable" on the sides. It is placed in full view next to a bus stop in town.....Been sitting there for 5 years, with lots of finds, go figure
  10. Jacob...You seem like a nice guy that any family would be proud to have as a member. I checked out your cache, you did a very professional job on the listing. The other posters gave you lots of good advise. The folks that found your cache seem to like it and they have lots of caches under their belts. It is also on two bookmark lists. You might try contacting the list owners as they are likely close to your area. Send them a polite email explaining who you are and that you are 14 and having a hard time getting around to go caching and would like to meet other cachers in the area. They may be able to help or put you in touch with other local cachers, maybe a family with teenage kids. You could also add a note on your cache page asking if other local cachers would like to contact you to go caching. How about starting a caching club at school? If your school has a paper maybe you could write an article telling others about how cool caching is. Good luck and happy caching, Post again and let us all know how you are doing. Wiseye
  11. Write the CO and ask if you can adopt it. All other answers are just going around the CO.
  12. The PN 60 is a great GPS It is by far the best and most up to date GPS I've owned. I've had 6 over the years. Amazon had it on sale for $266 two weeks ago. Shop for price. Good Luck!
  13. Somehow it appears to be the most ignored cache in the area.
  14. I would likely cito it as trash. It shows total disregard for those buried, their families and for fellow caches. It puts us all in a bad light. I would post a note saying it was citoed and let the buffalo chips fall where they may.
  15. WOW, I'm impressed! I grew up in NYC, lived there for 41 yrs, untill I retired from FDNY and moved to FL. I know what that walk would take. When I clicked on the Map all I got was code, I'd love to see it. Good luck in your caching,
  16. It nice to see a young person of your age enjoying themself caching. You have been given some very good input to your question. I'd much rather be known as someone who put out a few really good hides with excellant coords. rather than as someone who puts out a whole lot of not so great hides. Find good locations, water tight containers and spot on coords. Don't just copy the same not so great hides that others put out. Be creative, a few really interesting caches add much more to the game than 100 more film cans in uninteresting places. You can do it! Good luck with your caching!
  17. I'll have to try that. It also helps if the CO puts a shorter log in, some make it as long as they can.
  18. Tieing it up with a short lenght of rope is a much better idea, trees don't like being bolted. Hang it from a branch. Good luck.
  19. Can you contact the school or teacher involved?
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