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  1. GeoTour In the Andes of Perú http://www.geocachin...s/andes-of-peru Get to know the real Perú. The people of the Yanamarca Valley and local Peace Corps environment volunteers have teamed up to create the 1st GeoTour in the Southern Hemisphere. It features the archaeology, culture and natural resources of a little-known valley high in the Andes. Come cache the Andes!
  2. Taking Flight GeoTour http://www.geocachin...rs/takingflight Visit the sites along the Taking Flight GeoTour to learn about Manatee County's wild spaces and the amazing birds that live in them. Caches are located in birding hot spots and each one includes a fun educational activity. Find 12 of 15 caches on the tour to earn a custom Taking Flight trackable tag.
  3. This GeoTour is now in its second year and has accumulated 87 Favorite Points! http://www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours/columbusriverwalk
  4. Birthplace of Texas GeoTour http://www.geocachin...hplace-of-texas Washington County is proudly known as the Birthplace of Texas. Filled with history, wildflowers, rolling hills & ice cream, this GeoTour will take you on an adventure through five towns & 80+ miles of beauty. With delicious dining & relaxing lodging, Washington County is a great place to stay. Collect points in the Passport and you win!
  5. Complete the GeoTour and receive this collector's Explore Pensacola GeoTour coin:
  6. Explore Pensacola GeoTour http://www.geocachin...plore-pensacola The Pensacola Bay Area has been loved by explorers since 1559. Embark on your own quest for adventure on our geocaching trails! Become a modern-day Ponce de Leon, and venture down their coastal, cultural, historical and western trails in search of hidden treasure. Who knows what you may discover? Who is going?
  7. Hello Wet Pancake. I'm happy to hear that you like the GeoTours a lot. That makes my day! Your solution (and observation about) the GeoTour attribute is a very good one. We haven't created an Instant Notify Tool yet for GeoTours since there are not so many of these for now. There are currently 32 live in our Global Directory. Take a look: http://www.geocaching.com/geotours We do post on our Facebook wall as GeoTours go live. Those posts are often limited to the region around that GeoTour. So for example, someone in Seattle (like me) might not see the announcement about the recently-launched Birthplace of Texas GeoTour. But those in Texas and neighboring states would. As the volume of GeoTours increase, it will make sense to incorporate something into the more mature Instant Notify Tool.
  8. bigger link, just to make it easier: http://blog.geocachi...d-your-comment/
  9. Some of the logs from the event are below. I sure wish I still lived nearby!
  10. I second that, hydnseek. Thanks, Dick, for placing a Virtual at such a fantastic location and maintaining it all these years.
  11. Thanks for that Facebook link. The group is "closed" - you may get more people joining if it were set up as an "open" group.
  12. First GC meet and greet in Metro Manila: http://coord.info/GC4HPWG An event cache by ariuscheEvent Date: 09/20/2013
  13. Oops. I corrected the link to the event cache page.
  14. Come learn about the forces that shaped South Mountain. Get first hand information about recent discoveries that are causing anthropologists to rethink the prehistory of humans populating North America. (GC4M3B8) The Doctor is out #3 South Mountain An event cache by Smithsonian NMNH When? Saturday November 16th, 2013 11:00am – 2:00pm More info at the cache page: http://coord.info/GC3RRWA The organizers of this event also created the nearby cache called CINMAR South Mountain and it is is part of the Smithsonian NMNH GeoTour.
  15. This is the last weekend to qualify for your Conservation Futures Geocoin. Good luck! http://www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours/conservationfutures
  16. Conservation Futures GeoTour Over 111,000 acres of forests, valleys, parks and shorelines that we see every day exist because of Conservation Futures that protects it from development. King County is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the program with a GeoTour that takes you to 20 properties. http://www.geocachin...ervationfutures King County has just issued this Press Release, below. (link to original)
  17. Well done! The group photos are really impressive. Congratulations!
  18. My personal hope is that geocaches created around Mega events that are good candidates for permanency and positively add to a visitors' travel/tourism experience to that area eventually get included in an official GeoTour.
  19. Thanks for reporting this bug. Let me ask some develop-types who know more than I do to look into that. This malfunction with the download should be fixed at this point. Actually, it's been fixed for a few days...
  20. Thanks for reporting this bug. Let me ask some develop-types who know more than I do to look into that.
  21. 62 towns are currently nominated as Best For Geocaching. Vote often. Vote daily, in fact.
  22. Roland, you surely have a small town you like for geocaching in the contiguous 48....
  23. So Sorry, my Alaskan and Hawaiian friends. Rand McNally's Best of the Road contest rules state the following:
  24. Vote today. And vote every day - that's how your town can win!
  25. Geocaching has partnered with Rand McNally to search for the Best Small Towns in America. http://www.bestoftheroad.com To nominate your town: Type it's name into the big box near the top of the page that says Find Your Town. To see who has been nominated: Click on the "Best For Geocaching" tab. Vote now. And vote regularly - as often as once a day. Also, spread the word. Encourage your friends, family and neighbors to vote to get their favorite towns on the map. Rally the troops – your fellow citizens, elected officials, visitor centers, and social networks – encourage them to let us know why your pick should be on the map. The Best of the Road program kicked off on July 1st and is sure to provide excitement, inspiration, and an increase in travelers interested in visiting America's best small towns. Who: Towns in America with populations under 150,000 What: "Best of the Road 2013" - a competition among towns. There are six categories: Most Beautiful, Most Fun, Most Patriotic, Friendliest, and Best Food, plus a new category this year – Best for Geocaching! When: Voting begins on July 1, 2013 and will end on September, 3rd, 2013. Winners will be announced by mid–October. Where: All the action takes place at http://www.bestoftheroad.com .
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