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  1. I hid a cache over a year ago and it's still not published........... but then again............ I never got around to listing it .........................
  2. When you are out with a group of experienced cachers who have no trouble recognizing that pile of sticks on the ground, then caching is about the "social experience" and not about the "hunt". Having everyone "find it", generally is of little value. Now with this same group of cachers, when you come across a quality hide, then that same group of cachers will play the "found it line starts over here game". You DON'T want to be the last person hunting for the cache with everyone else sitting and watching with those SEG's. I agree, if you have new cachers in the group, it's important that they learn how to find the caches, but when the hunt is more a social outing, then the hunt takes second chair. The important thing is to have fun - it's a game after all
  3. Just don't say, "Are you looking for what I'm looking for?" while lurking in the bushes of a freeway rest stop. That's NOT funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It did happen to me. I said, "probably not, I'm geocaching", and the guy disappeared into thin air...... Now the funny part is that the people I generally cache with don't know whether to consider themselves lucky or to be disappointed becasue "they aren't good enough".......
  4. Not only is the on-line log, a way for the cache owner to know if there is a problem with the cache but the on-line log is MY record of MY activity. I choose to record all of my activity so that at a later day I can see where I cached. Recently I logged a DNF on a cache that had been archived - I hunted for it, I didn't find it, it was part of MY record of MY activity so I logged the DNF. If I cannot complete a multi because I choose to stop in the middle, I'll log a note, if I cannot complete the multi because of some external factor (muggled out at one of the stages), I'll likely log a DNF with an appropriate explination. Rule of thumb: Log your activity
  5. So if I place a cache, with the intention of logging a "Found It" every day (or maybe twice a day), then that's ok? Stats should be shown in two ways, # of Found It Logs AND Unique Caches Found. No doubt there are legitimate reasons that some caches may be logged more than once but there aren't many.
  6. I've found all of these but be careful. I have also found a fake frog, but it jumped. I found a fake mouse, but it twitched it's nose (today) and I've even found fake poop (yuck) that wasn't . And as for those sprinkler heads - most of them are real
  7. I just wait to log until after the FTF logs... Same here, it's doesn't really matter what order they are in on the cache page, but it is nice to let the FTFer log first.
  8. I'll usually call out - "found it yet", which gives a clear signal that I'm a geocacher too. 99% of the time, people are happy to meet other people on the trail (today was an exception, they guy wouldn't even say hello ). For the most part, caches aren't that hard to find, so the meet and greet adds another enjoyable dimension to this activity. If the cache IS that hard to find, the more hands the better.
  9. Welcome to the burbs. As Markwell said, lots of events here and lots of friendly cachers.
  10. Considering the cache density these days, it may be time to up the limit.
  11. Depends on the cache. If it's a quality 4* cache, you should expect to have to hunt for at least an hour. My longest DNF streak was 13 trips on one cache. When I had to move to another city, I broke down and asked for a hint. (yeah, it was there all the time). Often, if you can't find it, come back another day and it will be an easy find.
  12. Give them the benefit of the doubt and replace it, it could just have been muggled by someone passing by. (innocent until proven guilty)
  13. That is a new feature with the Google Earth upgrade. Caught us too :-)
  14. I had one on a split rail fence, someone drove a car into it and then they removed the fence.
  15. If you feel guilty about using government satellites for free, PM me and I'll give you an address you can send a cash donation to.
  16. I often just call someone I know that will be at home with a computer handy. My other option is to go caching with someone that already has a pda
  17. I placed one over a year ago and forgot to list it guess I better get out there and check on it
  18. Glass breaks and cuts little (and big) fingers. Please don't use glass.
  19. Better quit now while you still can
  20. I'll usually post a note: "Is anyone maintaining this cache". Then, if after a suitable period of time (30 days), if there is no response, I'll log an SBA. This approach also gives the reviewer a sense that due diligence has been done and the cache is usually disabled with a note by the reviewer that the cache will be archived by X date if the cache owner doesn't respond. If you don't have the cojones to admit you logged and SBA, then don't get the reviewer to do you dirty work for you, they have enough to do as it is.
  21. Maryland Geocaching Society If this is anything like our local group, there will be a forum where people post where there are going to hunt and asking if anyone wants to go along.
  22. Based on this description, I'd say a compass. We all should carry one, but we (urban cachers) rarely do.
  23. When I get to less than 100 feet I start looking for likely hiding spots. If it doesn't turn up in the obvious spots, I'll circle around a but and look in the less obvious spots. If that doesn't work, I'll wait for the GPSr to settle down and do a more detailed search in the target area.
  24. White Elephant by human loofa is the biggest one I've seen. The camo is fantastic. Just for fun, a bunch of us DNF"d it
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