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  1. *sigh* This is why I rarely read these forms anymore. People who think their was is the only way.
  2. File/Export/[GPX/GGZ/LOC File...] Then use tags to modify the export Help/Content/Special Tags Once you get the export as you wish it to be then save the export format so you don't have to recreate it each time you load the GPSr
  3. @Blues Crew If you have your computer the next time I see you at an event I can walk you through loading it into GSAK.
  4. Poor choice of words on my part. The reviewers in my area are generally considered to be excellent and I agree with that sentiment. When the reviewer pool needs to expand for what ever reason, a lot of very good people are overlooked because they don't know a reviewer personally. This is not a knock on anyone, it's just how it's done today. Mentoring, and rating of those mentors would simply give GS a way to identify people who may make excellent reviewers.
  5. Just the opposite here. Prolific hiders expect the community to maintain their caches by 'replacing as needed'. This leads to a LOT of drive by caches that will never be archived.
  6. Another excellent idea. Provide a rating system. The rating system on eBay weeds out buyers and sellers that create issues. Provide an incentive for excellent mentors, for example offer a Virtual Reward or short list them for the Volunteer Reviewer Pool. We currently have a reviewer pool based on the 'good ole boys' network. If you're not friends with a reviewer you will likely not be nominated.
  7. Bad idea or and idea needs to be refined? Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  8. If the intent is to 'hook' new players, how about limiting access to caches with a high(ish) favorites percentage or attributes indicating quality; scenic view for example. And conversely, restricting access to caches with recent no-finds or needs maintenance/archived attributes.
  9. If your definition of quality is the ability to get from Point A to Point B while following the rules of the road legally, then no, there no difference between a Ferrari and a Mitsubishi.
  10. I doubt those numbers have anything to do with the cache as a cacher should not be painting trees.
  11. Not necessarily: Put the cipher key on the soccer ball and the cipher in the end zone (err, goal), the (first) cacher will be required to carry the soccer ball to the goal. Make it a timed WIG and you can enforce/encourage the running part.
  12. Expanding on the post by noncentric. Once you've created the bookmark list take following steps: Create a pocket query from the bookmark list. Run the pocket query and there will be an option to sort by "last found" date. Delete the ones that are no longer needed from your bookmark list to keep it manageable. To reiterate what others have said, using GASK makes this a lot easier, but that's not what you asked.
  13. I often start a cache page and then let it percolate awhile. No intention of gaming the system, but I guess that's been working in my favor. On the other hand, our great reviewer generally publishes caches withing 24 hours.
  14. How about to support an organization that gives us may hours of fun for a nominal cost? If the trackable goes missing you can always use the number by etching it into or writing it onto your own tag.
  15. Yes. And I searched a good 20 minutes for it.
  16. If a perfect world maybe, but most of us don't live in Perfect. I just replaced a cache after two no finds only to be notified by someone who hadn't logged yet it that it's still there.
  17. Try Cachetur, it may have the functionality you are looking for. It's a third party website that was introduced at GeoWoodstock 2018.
  18. I agree whole hardheartedly. However: The cache owner isn't doing maintenance for whatever reason Groundspeak isn't proactive in de-listing caches that aren't being maintained (at least in this area) So what are you going to do? Wait until some other cacher replaces it and then go back to log it or just ignore it because it isn't the original cache container? Or are you going to hold your nose, replace it, log it, and move on. I don't have an answer, but I don't like having hundreds of local caches on my map that aren't available to be found either. So I hold my nose, replace it, log it, and move on.
  19. GSAK has a lot of features that can help you simplify your work flow. I'm assuming a couple of things: You both enter corrected coordinates on the cache page (remember this is a two step process, click on submit and then accept - make sure the updates are really there). As you're downloading PQ's and emailing zip files, you're not familiar with the Geocaching.com Access (API) native to GASK You're not familiar with GSAK Macro's The first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the Geocaching.com Access (API). You can use it to directly download the results of the PQ. If you set up two accounts in GSAK, one for you and one for you're wife, it's a pretty simple process to combine the PQ's. Note that when you download the PQ it will have the corrected coordinates, but will not have the corrected coordinates indicator set in GSAK. If you do the download and then do a refresh of that database, it will. Next familiarize yourself with the GSAK macro's, in particular Google_Map_v3. This is a wonderful macro for mapping what's in you're GSAK database. Hold down the shift key for more options as it loads.
  20. They found what was there to be found. Perfectly acceptable.
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