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  1. Fly46 said: TN Authorities have decided that Geocachers are great allies in the war against terrorism. Geocachers and terrorists look simelar in behavior, equipment, etc... The difference is that cachers are good people. So, they have asked us to look for suspicious people because, well, we know who ISNT a part of our caching group. We know that if we come across someone whether or not they're one of us.


    I think this is the key. We have to be above it all. We need to be watching over our communities. We have to take the time to educate with brochures and presentations in our community... So that we always look like the good guys, because we are.


    Perhaps as part of this geocaching community we need to stop acting stealthly and start wearing a "uniform"; the orange safety vest and yellow trash bag in hand when caching in urban locations. That way we are announcing to the world, we are geocaching, we are picking up trash, we are on neighborhood watch and reporting suspicious activity. Hey we are the good guys. :lostsignal:


    Personally I would hate to see geocaching limited to remote wooded locations, because I am not much of a hiker anymore. So suburban and city park caching is what I'm into.

  2. It is definitely a font size issue.


    Another good web browser is Mozilla's FireFox web browser. It's small and fast (and uses the Gecko rendering software engine).


    Unfortunately MS-Internet Explorer has become the oldest, most out of date browser because Microsoft hasn't done any real updates for a long time, with no plans to update it until the next version of Windows.

  3. Thanks for setting me straight! I guess the only time your travel bug would end up in the hands of a stranger, permanently, would be if it was taken or lost.


    So mainly the TB owner either has their bug return to them or they keep changing it's goal to travel on and on... until it gets lost or stolen.


    Has anyone had a goal of a TB reaching a destination and then change the goal so that the next geocacher that finds it would become the new owner? And if so, is there a way to transfer ownership of a TB tag to someone else? Or is that against the intent of TB's?


    Still trying to figure this cool TB concept all out. I'm very excited about Travel Bugs!!! <_<

  4. It's amazing how many of our English words have devolved and the original meaning is lost. I think it all starts out by mispronouncing the word.


    For example in my neck of the woods, people say “traffic jam, better take a different ROOT” instead of “rout”. So now do people visualize a route as the roots of a tree instead of a pathway that you travel through? And eventually a route dissolves and become a root.


    Another example is “moot”. I hear people say “the point is MUTE”, which can also make sense like roots instead of routes, but the word becomes lost and it's meaning changed all by mispronouncing probably from mishearing.

  5. I've been interested in launching my first Travel Bug (TB). In looking at the goals of other TB's. It seems that most travel around and then come back home. Or some go to a specific person. Or some just keep traveling on and on.


    What happens to a TB that is supposed to end up at some destination? Let's say I launch a TB with a goal of going to NYC. Once it gets there does the next person that finds it in NYC get to keep it? Or do they release it and it just keeps traveling around NYC forever?


    I'm curious about what happens to a TB at the end of a one way journey? And what are the other options?

  6. Has anyone experimented with the round Altoids tins?


    I just bought a tin of 'Tangerine Sours' and it looks like it might be water proof. However the lid just presses on, but it's not like it's going to fall off. There is a little thumbnail indent to "PRESS" to open the lid.


    Whaddaya think?

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